Abyss Domination

Chapter 297 - Chapter 110 Injured Dragon

Chapter 297: Chapter 110 Injured Dragon

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Killing a dragon.

Soran became excited when he thought about this.

For any adventurer, dragon killing was a very meaningful thing. It not only represented a dangerous challenge but also an amazing loot. Although Soran had encountered many dragons in this period of time, they were all dragon subspecies. This time, he would have the chance to kill a pure-blooded dragon species. He would not miss it—no matter what.

White Dragon.

An adult white dragon.

Although the white dragon was weak compared to the other pure-blooded dragon species, it was much stronger than the other dragon subspecies. An adult white dragon also had legendary capabilities. Its icy dragon breath could freeze a person into ice in an instant. As a pure-blooded dragon species. White dragons also had its template. The loot they dropped was three times of the standard, and their Life Force was stronger than most monsters. At the same time, they had extremely tough dragon skin and dangerous dragon claws.

Adult white dragons had Basic Health of 20 and above. In normal circumstances, their Life Force was fairly high.

For a long time, many thought that the white dragon was the weakest of the pure-blood dragon species, but when they faced it, they found that even the weakest dragon, was more dangerous than other creatures. The challenge rating of an adult white dragon was 16. If you had rare grade equipment and one or two legendary equipment, the challenge rating could be reduced to 12. It was very difficult for ordinary weapons to break the dragon skin and scales. That was why a rare grade 1 weapon would be needed to deal damage.

There was a period of decline for the dragons.

For some unknown reason, there was a time when the pure-blood dragon could hardly put out any spells; sometimes they didn’t even master as many spells as the Dragon Disciple. Therefore, during that period, the dragons were easy to kill; roughly from the Silver Age to the age of the Arcane Empire, during this period, the dragon’s ability declined for some reason, and the general challenge rating decreased by about 2 to 5. Then after the period of the Arcane Empire, the dragons became much stronger. At first, an adult white dragon could only cast a “Gust of Wind” spell, and they relied on their claws and teeth to attack; now they could put out “Fog Cloud” and “Wall of Ice”.

The ups and downs of their ability were believed by wizards to be related to the tide of elements generated by the ages, but it was not clear exactly what the reason was. [Note: Wizards believed that the elements of the whole world would move like the seawater, and the flow would affect the energy structure of the elements of the whole world. Therefore, the Dragon species, which was completely dependent on their ability to control the elemental energy of the world, would easily be affected by the element tide. But the time span of this change was more than thousands of years ]

Soran was not sure about the growing process of an adult dragon.

But his experience told him that dragons that lived in special environments knew a few more spells then ordinary dragons.

The information they got from the northern pirates were actually not complete.

Because even these pirates only heard that there was an adult white dragon that flew by, and that the white dragon seemed to be a little hurt. After receiving the news, they sent people to the north to check. Yesterday morning, they learned that there was a white dragon attacking humans near the deepwater port some time ago. The white dragon, which suddenly appeared near the human town, caused great panic and eventually forced the Chamber of Commerce to raise money to hire adventurers to deal with it.

The incident attracted many northern adventurers.

But in the end, they didn’t seem to succeed in killing the white dragon; they only managed to hurt it a little. Half of the adventurers even died because of it. After encountering the adventurer, the white dragon flew to the sea. Then it happened to be seen by some people and the news reached the northern pirates. These pirates were moving in the direction where the white dragon flew. They wanted to take a chance to see if they could find the dragon but didn’t expect that they would encounter Soran.

According to Soran’s thinking.

That white dragon’s nest may be on an island in the sea because dragons did not like to build their nest near civilization. There must be some reason that it appeared in the place called Deepwater Port. However, it seemed that after being injured, the white dragon retreated there to recuperate.

The north had a lot of dragon subspecies.

However, there were not many pure-blood dragons, and the number of white dragons was also relatively rare. They were mainly distributed in the depths of glacial mountains and icy islands. If its nest was near the city, according to the habits of the dragons, it was difficult for it to abandon its nest. If its nest was in the glacier mountains, then the dragon would not fly toward the sea. That was why Soran thought it’s more than 80% likely that its nest was on an island around the north coast.

But there was a problem!

There were many small islands in the north so where would its nest be?

“Ta, Ta, Ta.”

Soran tapped his fingers gently. After listening to the information, he said slowly, “I’m afraid it’s difficult to find its nest without knowing which direction it flew in.”

“This kind of expedition would waste a lot of time and energy!”

“Wait, no.”

“They must know where the dragon nest is! At least they must know roughly where it was!”

Soran frowned and stood up, then said in a deep voice, “Where’s their leader? Bring him here!”

After Soran said this, the pirate minions around him looked at each other worriedly.

After some time, someone with some courage said to Soran, “Your excellency. Their leader was been shot dead by your excellency!”


Soran froze for a moment, then rubbed his forehead a little angrily.

He had no memory of it at all.

“Torture them!”

Soran frowned and thought for a moment, then said in a deep voice, “I don’t believe they would come out here without knowing roughly where the nest was.”

Time was of the essence.

Dragons had a strong ability of regeneration. If they found the white dragon after some time, they would be facing a healed and healthy dragon. The pirates they captured were not strong at all, so if they dared to hunt the dragon, it was because the white dragon was injured. Furthermore, they knew where the dragon was, so they could get to it before it could heal up.