Abyss Domination

Chapter 296 - Seeking Death

Chapter 296: Chapter 109 Seeking Death

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They were a very interesting regional race. Their physical features were a bit like the Siberian race— relatively large physique and lush hair. Most of the men in the north were brave and belligerent. Because of the cold and long-term need for strong liquor, blood circulation, and heating, the people there liked to fight more. Women in the north had fair skin and delicate facial features. Gloria was a representative beauty in the north.

So in the north, there would be both funny and ironic things. The pirates there were a little bit slow. Many of them were notoriously stubborn and brainless, belonging to a group of people who were not easy to deal with. For example, when the pirate army besieged Soran in Snake Island previously, one of them was a pirate warship of northerners. When others saw that the situation was not right, they all surrendered, the northerners were the only ones who fought hard.

Because of this stubbornness, many northern pirates were very weak.

The reason was very simple; they often had in fighting as well. There was almost no strong pirate force on the whole north coast; they were all scattered into small groups. Because the trade on the north coast was mainly concentrated in Arendelle, and Arendelle had quite a powerful navy, many of the pirates in the north would cross borders to live in other waters. Although their overall strength was relatively weak, the individual capability of the northern pirates was better than the pirates of other places.

The pirates trying rob Soran were ordinary northern pirates.

However, they did have a good leading warship, which had a dragon head design. They liked this as this was inherited by the northern pirates to show their force. The Vikings were the only pirate group capable of unifying the north coast. Unfortunately, they were quite exclusive, because their beliefs rejected other northerners. They were also the only group of pirates who dared to attack Arendelle’s sea fleet. For some reason, the elder princess never eliminated them.

Shouts and howls were heard not far away!

After the northern pirate warship appeared in their field of vision, immediately one of Soran’s men ran to ask Soran for orders. He looked at the pirate ship in the distance and said, “lead them in!”

This time Soran brought a lot of elites. These were the men involved in the legendary naval battle. After hearing Soran’s orders, they immediately understood what he meant. The leader gave orders to the others with a strange smile. They turned the ship and acted as though they were going to run. At the same time, they deliberately slowed down a bit, so that the pirates could catch up with them.

Without a doubt, the enemy fell for it.

A man with a beard and a tattoo on his chest stood under the mast of the leading warship and shouted at his men, “don’t fire! Get close to them! They’re not as fast as we are! ”

“Get ready to board them!”

“We’ll take all their goods.”

The most valuable thing was not necessarily the goods on the ship. Sometimes the value of the merchant ship itself was greater than the goods. So if conditions permit, pirates still liked to fight on board to solve the enemy. In this way, they would not destroy the valuable goods on the ship, but also bring back the ship in one piece. This was what Soran’s men were using to attract them and make them feel like they could catch up.

If they won.

Then Soran’s ship would be theirs.

If they lost.

Then their boat would be Soran’s.

The howls and shouts were getting closer and closer. The northern pirates were getting excited, yelling and howling. From time to time, some gave out battle roars. Their faces were full of excitement because they found that there didn’t seem to be many people on the ship. After the two sides could see each other, the northern pirates swung hooks over to Soran’s ship.


The two ships bumped into each other.

Roughly twenty northern pirates rushed up, and there were still thirty pirates getting ready to board the ship.”

“Pa, Pa!”

Soran, who had been sitting at the side clapped his hands at this time. Then immediately a large group of fierce pirates in the cabin, with many scars on their bodies came out. The northern pirates had just come over and found that it was not a merchant ship because the sailor in front of them didn’t show any fear, nor any sense of tension.

Soran’s men even licked their swords out of excitement as though they were tigers licking their fangs.

A massive pirate with an ax weighing nearly 100 pounds rushed over. He was the captain of the ship. He seemed to have some other lineage, as he was roughly two meters tall. He howled excitedly, splitting one of the northern pirates into two with a wave of his ax, and then roared, “Kill these idiots! You’ve come to your death! ”

“Raise the flag!”

“Let these idiots die with peace of mind!”

All of a sudden, the pirates who rushed out of the cabin were extremely fierce. Only one round of attack and the northern pirates were losing. Then a pirate reached out to raise the flag, while the others rushed to the opposite pirate ship. Of course, Soran’s men were not only going to push the northern pirates back; they were going to take their ship.

A black flag was raised!

And there was chaos on the other ship. Some recognized the flag and shouted in shock, “It’s the Throat Cutter! A pirate king of the south!”

Chaos occurred.

The northern pirates seemed to have been scared; then with Soran’s men rushing in, they immediately well apart.

Up until now, Soran had no need to battle. The elite pirates he brought back from the outer islands had crumbled the enemy after two rounds of attack. Some of the enemies had even thrown away their weapons and surrendered. However, this proportion was significantly less than that of the southern pirates who surrendered in battle. Even though they were obviously weaker, a lot of the northern pirates still wanted to fight. This may have had something to do with their traditions. Many people in the north admired the idea of dying in battle, believing that a soul that was killed in battle was nobler than that of ordinary death.

However, the southern pirates would rather live than be killed in battle!


Soran didn’t join the boarding process. His identity was different now, and he couldn’t just rush into the front line. However, he also needed to gain some Slaughter EXP, so after the battle began, he took out the bow Dark Blade gave him. It was really fun shooting with a bow in a naval battle. Soran specially selected the wounded enemy pirates to shoot at; with his great foundation, the chance of hitting this kind of enemy was high.

Of course, he also had the lucky coin, which permanently gave him +1 luck.

Soran killed the pirates one by one. Although he didn’t have a good command of the bow, it didn’t matter to him if he accidentally killed his own men; he could still get Slaughter EXP either way. Fortunately, this did not happen. Soran continued to kill seven or eight pirates, and then shot all the northern pirates who fought to their death.

The battle had ended.

The whole process was less than ten minutes.

Soran now had another warship!

“Bring the men you’ve captured for questioning.”

Soran frowned and looked at the blood on the deck. Then he put his bow away and said, “let’s see if we can find out anything useful. Also, clean the bodies up and the blood on the deck. I don’t want to encounter any more problems after this.”

“Yes, your excellency,” answered the big pirate with the heavy ax politely.

Then when he turned around and shouted to other minions to clean up the body. His expression was quite fierce and arrogant. As the elite pirates under Soran’s command, many of them had a strange temper, but no matter how strange their temper was, these people were respectful in front of Soran.

There were pirates cleaning the ship, collecting the spoils from the corpses, and men checking on the northern warship. Behind the deck were a bunch of captured enemies, and next to them were the elite pirates who were watching over them with strange smiles. There was a ferocious questioner who was torturing them, and sometimes there were screams.

After a few minutes, the pirate doing the questioning came over and whispered something to Soran.

Immediately Soran stood up and said, “Dragon?!”

“You sure he was not lying?”

Standing in front of Soran was an ugly and ferocious pirate. He beat his chest and promised, “Your Excellency! With my many years of experience, I would know if they were lying. Some of our men also heard something similar. These guys came here because of that reason. ”

“Really?” Soran nodded and went into deep thought.

After some time, he looked at his men and said, “Do not leak this information. Even though it’s only an adult White Dragon, this might still be something we should deal with!”