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Soran reached for the gold coin. As if it was unreal, Soran felt a slight electric current when he caught it. Then, as if there was nothing left, the gold coin in his hands became almost the same as other gold Derahl. Soran stood up in the blue pool. He looked at his naked body, then reached out and stroked his back. He could feel the new muscles on his back. Without the numerous guilds during the early days, it was hard to train a high-grade priest now.

On the whole south coast, Soran only knew of one high-grade priest and that was the Naga Siren priest.

He didn’t know what to do during the Avatar Crisis.

It was terrible not to have a high-grade priest to treat casualties! If it was in the past, he would not have been like this. The priest in the team would have used Restoration and he would be able to fight again.

Now? He even had to use ‘Vampiric Touch’ to extend his life and make it to the Sea temple.

In the past, even when Soran was on his own, he could still encounter some priests in other guilds from time to time. After all, priests were the core and were absolutely indispensable. Now it was difficult even to find a grade 2 and above priest.

“I owe you one.”

Soran slowly got out. His things were at the temple and no one seemed to have touched it.

However, it seemed that the legendary Assassin’s body had been searched by the Naga Siren priest. Soran couldn’t say anything about it. After all, he was saved by her. Soran actually felt very terrible, as for the first time, he realized that he needed to find a priest teammate who could perform high-grade divinity. If there was not such a priest around, in case of a strong enemy, it was almost impossible for him not to be injured.

If he had sustained similar injuries, he still had a high chance of dying in the hands of the enemy.

Facing a legendary enemy this time. Soran had some luck, relying on the darts which were very hard to resist. Previously, Soran also capsized a boat and got the opportunity to kill a legendary figure. It could be said that without the +3 dart, Soran’s chances of survival today would be extremely low.

These were the cons of multi-professioning!

Even though Soran had 10 levels in Rogue, he did not notice the enemy at all.

This was the difference between a pure profession and someone that had multi-professioned. A multi-professioned person had no obvious shortcomings, but it could not develop to the limit in a certain field. Soran’s Rogue profession level was only half that of the opponent. His wizard profession had not fully developed, that was why he was in such a passive position this time.

Soran put on his clothes and bowed to the Naga Siren priest before leaving the hall of the Sea temple.

After Soran had left, another figure appeared in the hall; a strange sea creature.

“Your excellency!”

The sea creature looked out of the hall and said in a hoarse voice, “is this the new pirate king who killed the Swamp King? Didn’t he embarrass you some time ago? Why didn’t you take the chance to let him die! Just to control his pirates, so our strength would grow. ”

The priest frowned, glanced at him and said, “The real value is him! But not the trash under him!”


“If he had died, who would help me deal with Ashrod? You?”

As she said this, there was a hint of sarcasm on the face of the Naga Siren priest, who then continued, “Useless. All of you only know how to fight for power. No one would dare to fight with Ashrod. In my opinion, only he could kill that damned Ashrod! ”

The pirate king Ashrod.

At least she couldn’t let Soran die like this until she got rid of the eyesore.

Moreover, on the body of the legendary assassin, the Naga Siren priest also saw a letter. After reading it, the Naga Siren priest became so angry that she was determined to not let Soran die. At the same time, she also determined that she would support Soran. However, this letter could not be shown to Soran yet, since It was something very useful. When preparing to kill Ashrod in the future, the Naga Siren priest believed that as long as the letter was shown to Soran, he would not stop until he killed Ashrod.

Soran left the Sea temple.

Getting so close to death made him feel even more urgent.

He also realized how weak he was. As time went on, the chances of legendary professions appearing would be much higher. Now that someone had sent an assassin to kill Soran, would he encounter another legendary figure soon?

Soran felt that there were too many things to do, but there was not enough time. It seemed that after dealing with the recent affairs and laying the foundation of the outer islands, it was necessary for him to go to the Underdark.

This was somewhere Soran was most familiar with!

It was probably the easiest place in the material plane to level up to legendary.

It was necessary to meet with those Drows!

It was only in the dangerous Underdark that Soran could kill so many creatures and gain a lot of Slaughter EXP to become a legendary figure.

Only after arriving at his warship did he have time to check the data and information; killing the legendary assassin brought him more than 27000 Slaughter EXP. As expected, the enemy was worth a legendary figure. The Slaughter EXP given by him was far higher than that of other enemies. Soran was 5000 Slaughter EXP short from another level.

Basically killing a legendary creature could give a person ten or two thousand Slaughter EXP.

In the whole material plane, if we were to say where legendary creatures were the most concentrated, then the Underdark would be the top. Because there were Beholders, Mind flayer, Drow masters and all kinds of dangerous creatures. Soran’s knowledge of the Underdark made it a little easier to deal with these creatures than with the legendary figures.

The warship quickly began sail.

Although Soran had just walked between life and death, he still calmly made his way to Shipwreck Bay, as if yesterday’s assassination had not happened at all.

As for his tumultous heart, only he would know.