Abyss Domination

Chapter 293 - Chapter 106 Sorry

He did not bother about the corpse on the ground.

Soran walked unsteadily out of the alley, not looking at the potential legendary trophies on the corpse. His vision was blurry and everything he saw seemed to be shaking. There seemed to be some data flashing in front of him, but due to the excessive blood loss, his consciousness was somewhat unclear. Soran’s breathing became more and more difficult, and the Strength in his body was gradually losing. If there was not a strong will to survive, he would have fallen.

A row of data appeared:

“Your health points are below 90%!”

“You’re close to death!… and would die in 30 seconds if bleeding continues!…”

“You’ve gained some data of the ability [Will to Survive]!…”

What Soran saw became more and more blurry.

His Life Force was gradually passing, but he was not willing to die like this. He could not die, nor would he allow himself to die in the hands of such an enemy. How many gods came into the world during the Avatar Crisis? He had so many life and death experiences; he had even battled with gods twice. Thus how would he allow himself to be killed by a mere legendary Assassin!

The injuries to his heart were taking away his Life Force.

Even with his Minor Divinity, he could not slow down this injury. That was because this type of injury was deadly even to a high-grade Demon.

Unless his divinity could overcome his flesh, the flesh was still fatal. Soran’s Life Force was close to the edge of death, his strength was getting weaker and weaker; he got more and more tired, collapsing at any moment. But he was still slowly moving forward, his experience, walking barefoot for thousands of miles to train his will; his concern for Vivian, kept him walking forward.

Then out of nowhere, he heard someone.

Soran suddenly opened his eyes, his pupils bleeding red; in front of him was a woman. Soran couldn’t see her clearly, but he could feel the worry of the woman. This woman seemed to be an Amazon female warrior. She was very alert and was ready to pull out her weapon. However, Soran suddenly sped up his steps and rushed toward her.

As if using his last strength, Soran, after squeezing all his potential, said “I’m sorry” softly. Then touched the Amazon woman with his finger.

“Vampiric Touch!”

With Soran’s fingers touched her body, a vigorous Life Force was transferred from the Amazon woman’s body to Soran’s body. The wound on his back seemed to have healed a lot, even the injury on his heart had somewhat healed. This effect was due to the spell [Spell Control]; Soran controlled the flow of Life Force and transferred it to his heart.

Soran’s breathing became stronger and his vision became clearer.

A trace of life even appeared on his previously pale face. Soran who was close to death, was now back in the state of severe injury because of this spell; even though his pierced heart was still bleeding.

“Vampiric Touch [Minor Divinity]: when you activate this ability, you gather negative energy to erode the enemy’s Life Force and temporarily transferring it to you. Any enemy directly touched by you would lose HP of (divinity point + Spellcasting Score) times 3; maximum absorption of 60 HP. This Life Force would be transferred to you, and your injury will be treated. If the HP absorbed exceeds your maximum HP, your maximum HP would be extended for an hour. The effect of this spell could not be stacked. The opponent may die directly due to the complete consumption of Life Force. This ability will become stronger with higher divinity! ” [Spell available once a day. ]


A cold corpse fell to the ground.

With the healing of some of the injuries on Soran, the Amazon woman in front of him became weaker and weaker. Soon, her whole face seemed to lose luster, her skin became pale and dim, and finally, she stopped breathing completely. [Vampiric Touch] a Necromancer spell and also one of the spells a wizard could use to heal themselves.

Using his current divinity to cast this spell could almost achieve the maximum effect, while the Amazon woman in front of him did not seem to have more than 60 HP.

That was why she died.

Soran said sorry before he touched her because he knew that she would not survive after having her Life Force taken away.

But he did not regret it.

This also seemed to be the first time he killed someone innocent for his survival.

There was no time for him to think so much, Soran’s heart injuries had not fully healed; as long as it was not healed, his Life Force would continue to drain. Soran did not look at the fallen body on the ground and quickly rushed toward the direction of the Sea temple.

There’s still time!

After using [Vampiric Touch] Soran had gained some precious time.

“I must not die!”

“I must not die! Not here!”

There was only one thought left in Soran’s mind, that was, he couldn’t die so easily, because the Avatar Crisis had not come yet, and Vivian’s fate had not changed. If he died here like this, the little girl would struggle to survive the deadly slaughterings.

Soran had nightmares all night. When he opened his eyes the next day, he noticed that his whole body was naked in blue water. In front of him was the resting Naga Siren priest. When she noticed that Soran had woke up, she slowly opened her eyes. Then she raised her hand and threw a golden coin to him, saying in a deep voice, “you owe me a favor!”

“The items on the assassin would be my reward. This gold coin seemed to be a little special. When it’s close to you, it would give out a magical glow. Maybe it would be more useful if you had it.”