Abyss Domination

Chapter 291 - Assassination (2)

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No one knew when the assassin appeared.

Even Soran didn’t notice the enemy. The enemy was more capable than Soran estimated. Until the moment the enemy stabbed him, Soran then only realized that someone had attacked him. His powerful Evade capability and amazing physical quality made him want to avoid the sneak attack from behind, but it was too late because he did not have the ability of [Danger Sense].

After the knife was in his back, there was no chance of evading it!

At this moment, Soran’s mind flashed countless thoughts, but finally the will to survive dominated the body. When the enemy stabbed him in the back, he activated the spell Stoneskin instantly, but the blade still stabbed the heart through the muscle layers. Soran could only activate the “Slaughter Form” at that moment. Then at the next moment, his body began to undergo amazing changes. His galloping heartbeat squeezed out blood. In less than a millisecond, his whole body became better, and then he entered the form of “Son of Slaughter”.

The tip of the blade had pierced his heart.

Soran’s body stiffened for a while, and the feeling of his heart pierced was so painful that part of his continued strength dissipated. However, the additional ability to turn into the Son of Slaughter had been activated. It seemed that the assassin targeting Soran was a legendary Assassin because only a legendary Assassin could get close to Soran. But as an Assassin, his strength was not high. His knife should have come out from the chest through the heart. However, because of Stoneskin, the knife was stuck after it pierced Soran’s heart.

The opponent’s strength was at its limits!

Soran’s muscle layers caught the opponent. When the enemy was ready to twist the knife and further injure his heart, Soran pulled out his curved sword and slashed it toward the throat of the enemy. Soran’s counter-attack was very fierce. It made the legendary Assassin hesitate for a moment. In his mind, Soran would die for sure, so there was no need to fight too hard.

That was why the opponent took three steps back and pulled out the knife on Soran’s back.

“Ke, Ke!”

The Assassin let out a sarcastic jeer. He looked like an ordinary sailor, but Soran knew that this was not the real identity of the Assassin. In front of him was an assassin who was proficient in transfiguration. This was a type of unusual basic skills. Compared with the Camouflage that could be removed by magic, camouflage hand-drawn was, of course, more exquisite.

The legendary Assassin looked at Soran, stretched out his tongue, licked his lips and said, “I stabbed your heart and you’re still alive! You must have great vitality! No wonder that man is willing to offer me a big reward! However, how long can you last with that injury? ”

The opponent was filled with killing intent and was looking for Soran’s flaws.

Soran’s pupils turned red, and a stream of blood flowed out from his back. However, the controlled muscles temporarily blocked the bleeding. Soran would not die of excessive blood loss for now. He was now like the Gnoll hunter who was assassinated successfully by himself. Soran had previously stabbed the Gnoll in the heart at the beginning, but because the Vitality of the Gnoll was too high and his Constitution was above 20, he didn’t die directly. The Gnoll only died because of blood loss.

A row of blood-red words appeared:


“You’ve been stabbed in the back!… You’ve received 126 Pierce Damage!… You’ve received 21 Shadow Damage!… Your heart has been damaged!… Test of Death activated!… You’ve passed the Test of Death!… You’ve entered a state of Severe Injury!… You’re losing a lot of blood!… Your remaining Life Force will be depleted soon!…”


One Backstab.

Even with Soran’s extraordinary Constitution of 22, plus the 2 bonus points as he was in the Slaughter Form, and the protective effect of Stoneskin, he still couldn’t reduce the enemy’s damage. The knife directly put him into a state of serious injury. Even if he temporarily passed the Test of Death, his injured heart would soon enter a state of near-death, and eventually die directly!

“I can’t die here!”

This was the only thought in Soran’s mind, and his will to survive was kicking in. Soran had suppressed the pain of the body and the fear of death. His brain was running at full speed; in a short time, he had found a chance to survive, and at the same time, a chance to fight back his opponent.

The Sea temple!

As long as he could run to the Sea temple, the Naga Siren priest could cure his wounds. Although this kind of fatal injury was very frightening, a Restoration skill would pull Soran back from the gates of hell. The heart injury could be treated completely, and the bleeding would become nothing. As long as Soran ran to the Sea temple, he would not die even if his heart was destroyed, because Greater Restoration could regenerate the heart. The Naga Siren priest would never allow him to die since both sides were on the same front. If Soran were to die here, the Naga Siren priest would end up alone and in danger.


I must escape.

Only a high-grade priest could treat his wounds!

But where was the chance to escape? How could the enemy allow Soran to escape? The chance of him running away was quite low! Furthermore, the Sea temple was quite far away!

“Fear!” [Instant Cast]

“Conjure Shadow!”

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

Soran launched several abilities in a brief moment, first the spell Fear which was brought about by his weak divinity, conjuring shadows, and then his whole person went into the shadow. But this time Soran wasn’t going to fight back, instead, he was going to run from the enemy’s attack. His figure appeared from a shadow in the distance, and then he immediately drank a bottle of an expensive healing potion as he escaped towards the direction of the Sea temple.

The high-grade healing potion which the Naga Siren priest had given him, would allow him to live longer!