Chapter 290: Chapter 103 Assassination (1)

“Where are the stuff from the east?”

Soran turned to ask someone then someone immediately lead him to it.

Soon they saw a pile of carefully placed goods. Without even looking, they knew they were filled with porcelain. On the mainland, exquisite porcelain was sometimes more popular with nobles than silver. At the same time, because porcelain was easy to break and accidents happened during transportation, the price of exquisite porcelain was always high. Although there were some ceramic crafts on the mainland, only the porcelain from the East was the best, and only the authentic eastern porcelain could sell at a high price!

“Why had so many broken?!”

Soran glanced at the stuff, frowned and asked, “The ones here are basically broken.”

Hearing Soran’s words, the pirate leader in the back immediately broke out in a cold sweat and said, “the idiots below accidentally fell when they were transporting the goods; I have hung them up and whipped them for 20 times. If you are not satisfied, I will punish them later. ”

“Forget it,” Soran waved his hands and said, “Since you’ve already punished them, then forget it.”

He looked at the porcelain in front of him, then turned to the box with spices, tea, and silk beside him. All the goods from the East were valuable. He came here not only to sell them but also to bring some gifts to Gloria. In the past, she helped Soran and Vivian a lot. Before, Soran was unable to thank her now that he was one of the pirate kings on the south coast, how could he visit her empty-handed.

The other gifts may not be useful, but spices, tea, and silk from the East were useful for her; witches liked spices and tea very much. Many of these things helped concentration and meditation, which were helpful for witches to learn and understand magic. As for silk, silk was something most women could not refuse.

“Bring all these along, bring them on the ship.”

Soran scanned through everything, then picked out the best and asked his men to bring it along.

This batch of goods was quite high-grade. Soran opened two boxes and looked through them. Then he found a mermaid-like mark in the corner of the box. Of course, it was not a mermaid. It looks more like an eastern human fish. These things were called a “human fish” in the East, which was different from the “Mermaid” in the West. This kind of mark represented a very powerful force in the eastern world. They controlled nearly 60% of the trade in the eastern world. Most of the goods transported from the land through the desert or from the sea route were purchased from the cities under their control.

This organization was rather eerie!

Soran had come into contact with them previously and there were many capable people in the organization.

Besides, these people were not afraid or hated the Drows at all. They were also the very few who would directly trade with the underground Drow, even though the trade was relatively hidden and infrequent.

Soran quickly picked out some good stuff.

He didn’t spend much time on Snake Island. After preparing a gift for Gloria, Soran took his men to port Tylon. Now that he had come back, he had to go see the Naga Siren priest out of courtesy. Otherwise, she would be dissatisfied. That was how it was, If he didn’t go see her, she may think that Soran was arrogant. After all, she was the chief priest of the south coast. In port Tylon and the cities near the land, the influence of the Naga Siren priest was still very strong.

Soran still needed the power of the Sea temple!

It didn’t take much time to get to port Tylon. In the afternoon, Soran arrived at port Tylon with his men.

The approach of the warship didn’t disturb many people, but when some leaders of the Chamber of Commerce heard of Soran’s return, they were already prepared to go greet him. As soon as Soran arrived at port Tylon, he ordered his men to send his gift to the Sea temple. He was ready to stay here for one night and then set out for Shipwreck Bay tomorrow.

Even though Soran initially forced the Naga Siren priest to bow down, now that things had passed, he still needed to ease the relationship if he had the chance. If Soran wanted to stand firm on the south coast, he would have to be good to the Sea Goddess. As long as he was close to the Sea Goddess, she would help him if there were threats to him.

Of course, being on the good side of a goddess was not enough. Soran still had to be strong and powerful.

While the pirate who was bringing the gift had just left, the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce came to give their gifts to Soran. These guys had a lot of ears and eyes and the pirate’s mouth was leaky, so the merchants knew that Soran was coming back. Soran knew what they wanted—a share of the black market trade and safe passage to the outer islands.

All these things were of course off limits!

He could support so many people because he had complete control of the smuggling channels; the profits were quite amazing. With all his men eating and drinking away, it was not easy to sustain his 2000 men. It was not enough to feed these people and horses just by collecting some protection fees. As for the outer island sea trade, Soran couldn’t share it with them. In the future, it would be a gold mine.

Soran, with a smile on his face, dealt with people from all walks of life. He accepted all the gifts but didn’t give any answers to any questions regarding the business routes of the outer islands, or the smuggling trade and so on. His attitude made many people feel helpless. Many could only leave their gifts and return.

A few hours went past.

When Soran had dealt with the heads of the Chamber of Commerce, suddenly a strange figure appeared behind him, and a cold light flashed behind him. A strange short knife pierced his back and hit Soran’s heart directly!

Fresh blood shot out.

Soran’s figure immediately stiffened. He had a painful expression.

The short knife had hit his heart!