Chapter 289: Chapter 102 Soran’s Pet

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It was a rather boring 7 days for Soran.

People would dream to have this kind of boredom because if it was not boring, it meant that they had encountered some sea monsters. Encountering sea monsters were a disaster in the boundless sea, and also an important reason for blocking the trade routes of the outer islands. It turned out that Soran’s first decision to be closer to the Sea temple was right. With the support of the Sea Goddess behind him, he didn’t have to worry about his warships and other fleets encountering deep-sea creatures.

The only regret was that he had not yet been able to make effective contact with the Waresharks and Naga Siren tribe.

So, there was no talk of deep-sea trading.

If the trade of the outer islands was enough to make someone take risks, then deep-sea trading was enough to make someone change their faith.

Too bad deep-sea creatures were very repulsive of land creatures.

Their seven-day trip passed quickly.

Soran encountered a storm on the fifth day, but it was not serious enough to affect their course. Around the morning of the seventh day, Soran returned to the south sea, but his first stop was not port Tylon but Snake Island. Snake Island was used as a storage base, with about 200 pirates stationed long term. These pirates were pretty weak and a leader was responsible for the security here. The real elite had been brought to the outer islands by Soran.

But this did not mean that the defenses on Snake Island were little, on the contrary, its defenses were better than any other island.

That was because there was a large mutant tiger shark here.

Soran first used the blessing of the Sea Goddess to dominate the giant tiger shark. He didn’t know whether it was because it had killed too many people or because it ate too many people; it had now obviously developed in the direction of giant sea creatures. Furthermore, because of the domination effect of the blessing of the Sea Goddess, it had a feeling of obedience toward Soran. This domination was more powerful than its former master’s, and because of the improvement of its wisdom, it could now easily distinguish between friendly and foe.

It was now transforming into a magical creature.

The giant tiger shark had grown more than half compared to previously. At this pace, it would eventually grow to the size of a warship. At that time, it would be able to directly overturn a warship like the giant octopus. Because of a magical creature’s unique perception ability and some hidden spiritual connection; when Soran just returned to the area around Snake Island, the giant tiger shark came close, and then rose out of the sea to meet him.

It even swam around the warship as it seemed joyful.

Soran stood on the deck and watched the tiger shark swimming near the warship. He smiled a little bit. After a while, he asked his men behind him, “Are there any sheep left on the ship?”

A pirate behind him turned and trotted to the cabin and asked, then ran back and said, “Your Excellency! There are three sheep, half a deer, and some other things

“Good,” Soran nodded and continued, “Throw all the sheep down.”

Soon, two powerful pirates came up with a sheep. When they saw Soran nodding, they came to the deck. The two pirates looked at the giant tiger shark swimming near the warship with awe and a little fear. Then they threw the two animals down. Tiger sharks had a very powerful blood tracking ability. It swam over immediately after smelling the blood in the water. Then it swallowed both sheep with its mouth open, and quietly followed the warship.

This giant tiger shark was free-range. In the south sea, which was rich in fish resources, there was no need for Soran to specially feed it.

Feeding was only to build up their relationship.

The tiger shark followed Soran to the Snake Island, then gradually dived into the sea and swam towards the outer sea. Now it was also a sea monster of great power, roaming in the deep seas around the Snake Island. Some time ago, some of Soran’s subordinates saw the tiger shark fighting with a big octopus. At that time, the pirate leader under him ordered someone to help it. That’s why Soran promoted him to be the manager of the Snake Island.

Soon, some of the pirates here would brag about what they had seen and heard in the tavern in port Tylon.

Without question.

Pirates were also a group of people who liked to brag, especially when they drank too much or had the attention of a barmaid.

Snake Island had some changes as well.

First of all, it had much more land now. Since it was the transfer station and warehouse of Soran, it was necessary to have enough space here. At present, Snake Island was the hub of smuggling in the south sea. Whether it was to port Tylon, the City of Wealth, or Shipwreck Bay, Snake Island was the place they couldn’t avoid. Maritime smuggling was the main interest of the south because there were too many checkpoints on land; there were always guard officials and nobles who exploit the trade. Therefore, the sea route could save a lot of costs and avoid most taxes.

Soran had just arrived at Snake Island, and immediately a pirate leader in charge came to meet him. Soran didn’t remember the name of this man at all, but he clearly remembered his physical characteristics, because the pirate leader only had one ear. Snake Island had had constructions several times now. There were now open roads on both sides, leading directly to the camp. Some of the snakes had been cleared; now the poisonous snakes mainly inhabit the south of the island.

Soran looked at the pirate leader and ordered, “Bring me to the warehouse.”

The pirate leader immediately nodded and replied, “Yes, your excellency, please follow me.”

A group of people quickly walked toward the warehouse. In front of them, a pirate guard opened the door of the warehouse. Then, they saw that it was full of things—all kinds of goods. It was easy for pirates to hoard goods because not all the goods they plundered could be sold out. Only the good things could be sold by black market merchants, the other goods may be overstocked for a period of time.