Chapter 288: Chapter 101 Cat Girl

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On the second day.

Soran was ready to leave the camp and go north to invite Gloria.

At present, the northern Witch was the only high-grade spellcaster who he had a good relationship with. Furthermore, their relationship was somewhat unclear. No one could tell when it happened—maybe when they encountered the worshippers of the God of Hunting, or slowly over time—But one thing was for sure, Gloria, the Witch of the North, thought highly of Soran.

Soran was a very cold person!

Vivian was a little reluctant for Soran to leave. She was a child after all. However, once she discovered her new toy, she became happy again. It was a lovely cat girl. She was only seven years old this year and only two years younger than Vivian. But because of her race, she looked about the same size as Vivian. This little cat girl was Vivian’s maid. Although she couldn’t do anything now, the little girl still thought that she could train her into a first-class maid.

It was funny though.

It was true for anyone. Even when Soran was near, she would show her teeth. However, after meeting Vivian, she became honest, just like a domestic kitten. Maybe it was because they looked the same size or because Vivian had amazing Charm. Anyway, the Catfolk was obedient when she saw her. Vivian was able to ask her to pose and play with her. The little girl took out all the exquisite dresses she had collected but hasn’t worn, then put them on the Catfolk. She even cleaned her up.

It seemed that Vivian would be happy for some time with the Catfolk around!

But to Soran’s frustration, he thought that after Vivian domesticated the wild Catfolk, he could see how she was different from ordinary people.

But to his surprise, when he got close to the little Catfolk, she immediately showed her teeth and guard.


People were treated differently depending on their Charm.

No wonder so many people chose to be the Sorcerer as their core profession!

Vivian now had a new playmate.

Although she was not a normal human, a Beastfolk; Soran was still happy about it. After all, the little girl was lonely sometimes.

Soran had little time to be with her previously.

Now there were countless things, as well as the coming Avatar Crisis, Soran would not have the free time to be with her. So it made sense to have a Catfolk who was the same age to accompany her.

Indeed, Vivian was happier now because she had a playmate. Although she was a Catfolk, the little girl still named her Lulu. Because the Catfolk still couldn’t talk, she could only meow and shout “Lu ~ Lu ~” in addition to the strange and incomprehensible pronunciation; that’s why Vivian named her Lulu. Lulu was a very fun, obedient and clever Catfolk, and she was also very cute. After washing, she looked very cute, like a delicate doll.

However, Vivian still had some worries.

She was worried that Lilian would scare her! It seemed that Lilian had begun to show interest in her!

Hopefully, she wouldn’t do anything silly.

Soran was out.

But he didn’t bring too many men with him. He brought one ship and controlled the Ghost Ship.

It would take a month to get to and from the north because he had to go to the port Tylon and Shipwreck Bay to deal with some things. Soran was different from other pirate kings. He had a strong command of the sea and a lot of demands on his men. When he would leave, he had to arrange the things to be dealt with. After all, the ability of his subordinates was much worse than that of Soran himself. Otherwise, Adele Isabella, the red-haired pirate, would have come back by now.

It seemed that she had failed.

It was really difficult for a pirate to succeed in persuading an arrogant Wizard to cooperate with a pile of stones.

Traveling by sea was a very boring thing.

The first day went past without any commotion, Soran then brought his men back the same route.

This continued for three days, then he noticed something interesting after hearing his men excited about something.

Fish wave.

The more technical term would be, it was the fishing season!

Many fish here had the habit of migration. The fish they saw were migrating, but Soran didn’t know what fish they were. However, he saw a fish about two meters long, which was similar to the fish with silver scales on its surface. A group of fish was quite eye-catching in the seawater. There were also shrimp-like creatures, which were similar to the lobster Soran saw last time. Soran wondered how much of this sea resources had been developed.

“Look over there!”

The spotter looked and pointed at somewhere; everyone then looked at where he pointed.


Soran had seen a lot of sharks.

The fishing season was harvest time for the indigenous people, as well as for other creatures in the outer islands. However, the Wareshark in the distance seemed to not be fishing, but rather driving the fish to some direction. There were quite a lot of Waresharks. With Soran’s eye power, there were no fewer than hundreds of them, including 350 domesticated sharks. These Waresharks were active in the fishing area, sometimes they made strange cries, or blew some special conch.

They quickly noticed Soran and his men.

However, after a Wareshark on a great white shark approached and observed, he avoided the warship of Soran in front of him. The Wareshark continued doing their thing, and the two sides passed each other peacefully.

Soran watched them silently.

His expression was deep in thought as if he had recalled something.