Chapter 287: Chapter 100 Orderly

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After the half-elf first mate came back, he also brought back a lot more men.

Soran went out to check the goods they had brought back. Then he ordered his men to supervise the slave work. After dealing with these things, he went back to the room and sat down. Soran closed his eyes for a moment and began to write and draw with a quill pen. As a Rogue, his fingers were quite stable. Even if he didn’t use any tools in drawing, the straight lines he drew were the same as the tools he used. About 30 minutes later, Soran finished the first drawing, and at a glance, it was a building plan.

The drawing had a simple structure of the whole camp, as well as various internal and external layouts. Furthermore, the drawing included a sewer ditch, building a master plan, different measurements, fence, sentry towers and so on. After drawing all these, Soran began to write other parts, which were the arrangement and precautions of some buildings. Among them, the strict requirements, such as sewer, toilet distribution, and sanitation treatment, as well as the division and construction of roads, etc.—he wrote them all in detail. It was easy to accumulate water in the rainy season in the outer islands. If the town were built according to his requirements, and there were proper sewer systems, then there would be no flooding.

Sewers were something very simple. Mainly needed to spread it out reasonably, and digging them to the correct depth.

The Romans put a lot of focus on it.

But there were still some cities in the world which don’t pay attention to it.

That was why many cities were filthy, messy and stinking. Although Soran wasn’t a germaphobe, he did not want his territory to become like that, especially pirates who liked to drink and defecate everywhere. So in terms of hygiene, he was quite demanding—urinating in random places was not allowed. This was an outer island where the environment was even more primitive and desolate than the mainland. If one didn’t pay attention to hygiene, it would be easy to breed epidemics. The pirates were better. They had a strong physique, but the slaves were not so strong. In the case of infectious diseases, many of the slaves would die. [Note: doctors and medicine are currently missing.]

After finishing the master plan, Soran started drawing the buildings.

It was not that kind of beautiful house or his own residence, but the kind of simple brick and tile house, which was very common in the countryside. The simple house was about 50 square meters, a single-story building. In front of the house were a drainage ditch and roads. He wanted to build more than 300 houses. There were three rows of houses, each row had about 100. These houses were mainly built near the west gate and the south gate, and the north gate also had a wooden house for holding slaves.

After drawing the buildings, he continued to draw the roads.

Not only the roads around the camp, but also the road distribution outside the camp. He wanted a road directly connecting the natural port. The length of the road would be about five kilometers. This quality of the road was not so important in the current situation, as long as the road was flat and not filled with potholes. When there were enough manpower and material resources, Soran would make the road better. Soran even drew the route of the road, avoiding some areas of potential danger.

When that was done, he got another blank paper.

Soran didn’t draw anything this time; instead, he wrote a letter, a letter to the Drow priest.

After writing the letter, Soran asked someone to bring Dark Blade in and then gave the letter to him to arrange someone to take it back. At the same time, he also ordered some materials to be sent to the drows, mainly daily goods. This time, the first mate had brought back three ships of materials, enough to support their consumption for more than half a year. Soran’s calculation was very accurate; as he would be back roughly a month later.

By then it would be around February, which was the time for farming; they then would be able to have wheat.

By then, they would be independent.

As the leader of a force, Soran could not come and go as freely as before. He took out the drawings he had prepared first. One of them was handed over to the first mate, who would be responsible for the construction planning of the whole camp, and the other was handed over to the one-eyed pirate to supervise the slaves. Finally, Soran went to another place where the slaves were kept; he wanted to check on the craftsmen.


Soran opened the door and immediately smelled a strong stinky smell.

He gestured for the doors to be opened for ventilation then slowly walked toward the eastern craftsmen. “Does anyone speak the common language?”

All the slaves looked at each other.

As a Wizard, Soran was a failure, because he mastered very little language.

It seemed that the slaves in front of him did not know much common language. They often used desert language and Eastern dialect. In theory, people who could speak many languages were well-informed. After all, this was an era in which many civilians could not write their own names. Literacy in this era was a sign of identity. Literate people could find a relatively easy job in the city and be able to support themselves. Even though most of the slaves in front of them were born as craftsmen, their written language was limited to their own language; they do not know much about the common language.

“No one knows the common language?”

Soran frowned then asked his men, “Anyone know the eastern language? I recall someone went to the east!”

There was a moment of silence.

Then he saw that there was an old man. The 40-year-old man stood up. He looked at Soran with some fear, then lowered his head and said, “Your Excellency. I can speak the common language. ”

“Huh?” Soran glanced at him then said, “Good. You are their foreman from today on. According to the custom of the mainland, you would become my property. But I am a very generous and kind person. As long as you work hard for me, I will give you corresponding freedom. ”

“From now on, I’ll ask my men to build a kiln for you people. Your job would be to make bricks, the more the better!”

“After you’ve made 1 million bricks, I’ll grant some of you your freedom.”

Soran paused, he looked at the middle-aged man who was a little surprised and said, “translate what I said to them! I’ll deploy a group of people for you. If I don’t see satisfactory progress when I come back, your head will hang on the flagpole outside! ”

The middle-aged man was somewhat excited in the beginning but soon got scared and nodded obediently.

People with skills in the world were valuable, thus Soran would be more tolerant towards them. After the middle-aged man in front of him translated what he had said, Soran gave some orders and left. The slaves were swiftly mobilized, and a group of capable pirates was in charge of overseeing them. Maybe because Soran was very orderly, his subordinates gradually became strict too. Although there was not much discipline, they were much better than before.

After Soran had delegated work, he went to see the captured aborigines. During this period, more than 30 had died, not because of them escaping, but because of the way the Drows controlled slaves. This was a very complicated process, involving punishment, psychological suggestion, enslavement control and so on. There were some things that were not suitable to be talked about, but the general effect was still obvious.

A day past quickly.

Soran gave many orders and made many arrangements on this day. Anyone who saw the plans, even the pirate leader, could feel that Soran was not just building an outer island base. But they didn’t have any dissatisfaction, on the contrary, they seemed a little excited. After all, not everyone likes the vagrant life of pirates. They too wanted a foundation and a guarantee that they could at least leave something to their children.

Even those who were alone would want to settle down sooner or later.

Recently, there had been discussion in the camp that Soran’s arrangement was to build up the outer islands. If Soran could really open up and develop here, then the pirates may even get some land after they retire. In this way, even if they were old and weak in the future, they would have a basic business to support themselves, and maybe they could even be small landlords. Many pirates were forced to enter this life. Although there were many vicious and bloodthirsty pirates among them, there were also many who want to live a stable life.

Soran was subtly changing everything.

Maybe it didn’t seem very impressive, but it was orderly and logical; maybe someday the world would be shocked by it.

Great new power was growing!