Abyss Domination

Chapter 286 - Return of Items

Chapter 286: Chapter 99 Return of Items

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Soran had his reasons for not bringing Vivian along.

All the Children of Fear could perceive each other and could find each other when they were at a certain distance. Soran was a little worried about encountering the vampiric demigod, who was now the most powerful Child of Fear and was now a Saint. If they encountered him, they had little chance to win. From this point of view, Vivian was the safest to stay in the outer islands. After all, she was the first Child of Fear, which could be said to be the most wanted target of the vampiric demigod.

With his base now somewhat solid, Soran naturally didn’t want more drama.

As long as the base was established, and the Drows were controlled, he would soon be able to expand his influence. This, in turn, established a base for Vivian to fight the Dread Lord himself. Although the vampiric demigod was a step ahead of them, the two were in a better situation than the vampiric demigod. After all, the followers of the vampiric demigod were vampires. From this point of view, the vampiric demigod had a natural disadvantage; the number of vampires could never be too many since this was not allowed by other forces.

A day went past quickly.

When it was the second day and Soran had woken up, he heard some noise outside. Soran frowned as he walked out and saw the half-elf first mate.

Some of the men he had sent out had come back, but the female red-haired pirate had not come back!

The half-elf first mate brought back a lot of people. Behind them was a line of pirate minions carrying a large number of boxes, and then a group of slaves who were chained together. In addition, there was something that surprised Soran; it was a special cage. There was a very small figure in the cage who had cat ears and a cat tail.


Soran looked at her and asked, “A Catfolk? They are almost extinct, right? Where did you guys find her?”

The half-elf first mate bowed and said, “Your excellency.”

“When we were going back, we got some unexpected news. Then we found that the people your excellency needed were in the hands of another fleet, thus we robbed them. The Catfolk was found accidentally inside; it seemed that she was brought from the east. We were going to give her to the young madam as a toy, who also needs a servant girl. ”

Soran frowned slightly when he heard this.

He glanced at the Catfolk next to him and looked away, then at the other pirates in front of him, mainly the slaves who had been transported. As an adventurer who had traveled to most of the world, Soran could see that the slaves had obvious eastern features; also from their hands, he figured they were eastern craftsmen.

Soran nodded lightly and asked, “What are the results?”

The half-elf first mate hesitated for a moment, and then said in a low voice, “We captured a group of slaves, three large ocean ships, and items worth around 24 thousand Gold Derahls that could quickly be sold. We also got other valuable goods, such as porcelain, tea, silk and so on, which would be hard to sell, are all stored in the warehouse of Snake Island. The value of all the goods plus the three ocean ships should be about 120 thousand Gold Derahls. ”

Soran’s face showed a trace of surprise, and then his face became solemn.

He was surprised by the loot, which was a little too great. Soran put his hands behind his back and walked slightly; he pondered for a moment, looked up and asked, “are these Asrod’s stuff? the pirate king?”

The half-elf first mate let out a cold sweat and answered, “Yes.”

“Who gave you guys this information?” Soran continued to ask.

The half-elf seemed to have shivered, and his voice was a little nervous, “An Amazonian. They secretly sent someone to tell me that the craftsmen your excellency needed were on those ships. ”

Soran shut his eye for a moment then raised his hand and patted the half elf’s shoulders. He then said, “Not bad!”

“Although you were a little reckless… But to bring back so much loot, I must give you some reward. From now on, those three ocean ships will be under your control. Then I will allocate some more men to you. From now on, you will be in charge of the trade between port Tylon and the outer islands. ”

“Don’t disappoint me!”

There was a trace of excitement on the half elf’s face. He knew he had gambled correctly.

At first, he commanded two warships, now he had three more ships under his command. It could be said that his position and the number of men he had, had completely surpassed the red-haired female pirate. However, he hesitated for a moment, and asked, “Your excellency. We robbed the pirate king Ashrod’s cargo ship. Will they retaliate against us? ”

Soran gave a slight hum and said slowly, “it’s possible!”

“But when dealing with the Swamp King, Ashrod had also taken our loot from Devil Island. Sooner or later, we would need to settle this score with him, now I only received a little interest. You had taken some of his things so the other party may retaliate against us. Tell your men to be more alert and disciplined. ”

“When the time comes, we’ll eliminate them!”

The half-elf first mate nodded his head in a dignified manner, and a trace of ambition and excitement appeared in his eyes. If Ashrod, the pirate king, could be killed, the half-elf would also be powerful. He would be under one person but above millions of people.

His men quickly went away.

Soran then sat down and thought for a moment; then he waved for someone and ordered something.

The half-elf first mate had come back, but there was no news about Adele Isabella. It seemed that the development of struvite stones was not very smooth. This time, Soran may need to go out himself since he would be going to the north too. Maybe he could find a wizard who knew alchemy and could process struvite stones into high-quality fertilizer.

On another note.

Since his men robbed the cargo ship of the pirate king Ashrod, he probably would do something about it. However, to deal with his men would surely alert the Sea temple. That was why Soran thought that Ashrod would probably send someone to assassinate him; he must make preparations now.

No one probably thought that Soran would be preparing in advance because his men had robbed Ashrod.