Abyss Domination

Chapter 285 - Inviting a Northern Witch

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Under the grey sky.

Soran and Vivian carefully left. In his mind, the wizard tower in front of him was listed as the most difficult challenge at present. It was probably not easier than dealing with the gods and Saints who would be coming to the material plane. The creatures on the first floor of the wizard tower were already the Diamond Golem; so if they had encountered the Mana Armour or other Constructs, Soran would not be surprised.

He had never seen such a difficult wizard tower!

If Soran was not wrong, this tower existed in order to transform into a floating city because only a floating city would need a large number of tower spirits to maintain the operation of the floating fortress. An ordinary wizard tower needs only one spirit. Tower Spirits were a special life form, a bit like the brain of a machine. It was a kind of soul like Construct. Its powers were above level 21, and it could control all areas of the wizard tower, and if necessary, it could replace the wizard to command the operation of the whole wizard tower.

Having tower spirits showed how high of a grade wizard tower was.

For example, Gloria’s wizard tower had no tower spirit. Otherwise, she would not have been attacked by the Hand of Despair at that time. That’s why her wizard tower could only be regarded as an incomplete low-level wizard tower.

Some Shadows were on the open plane.

These kinds of Shadows were not very aggressive. These were Shadows created from wandering souls, perhaps these were the aborigines who died under Soran. The belonging of souls was full of randomness. Although most of them entered into the reincarnation of the Styx River, there were still many souls entering into other spaces through the potential plane barrier. Many of the Elementals were composed of souls from the material potential plane. But in those cases, almost all of their memories would become lost, and only the elemental consciousness remained.

“No need to bother them.”

Soran looked up at the sky and calculated the time in his mind. Then he said, “let’s find the exit to leave, or we’ll be trapped here for a day when it’s dawn.”

Inter-plane teleportation required a mark.

Vivian was lacking in this aspect because she didn’t have enough time to learn this magic.

The two began to look around for shadow cracks. Occasionally, they would attract ghosts nearby, but they were directly eliminated by Soran. These newly born creatures were very fragile and didn’t give too much Slaughter EXP; only 120 Slaughter EXP. They walked around the place. Suddenly, they heard something. Soran immediately went into a state of stealth, and at the same time, he motioned Vivian to cast an ‘Invisibility’ spell on herself.

“Ploof, Plof!”

They didn’t know what the sound was, but it sounded like wings flapping. From the sound, the creatures seemed large and their numbers were great. Otherwise, the sound won’t be so obvious. Soran took Vivian into the corner of the shelter, then the two looked up at the sky at the same time. A shadow appeared on their heads, and then gradually close to the location of the wizard tower.

“Shadow Ravens!”

Soran’s expression was serious. After frowning and looking at it, he explained to Vivian in his arms, “one of the species living in shadow plane which has some wisdom. This is a kind of monster that is difficult to deal with. It lives in some places on the shadow plane and likes to live in groups. Sometimes they even dare to fight with a Shadow Dragon! ”

The Shadow Raven.

In front of the two was a huge bird with a length of eight meters and a wingspan of more than six meters. From the outside, it had little to do with crows. They were a special kind of mutant life. Its origins could not be traced, but they had something to do with the Arcane Empire because there were many taboo experiments at that time, which eventually led to the emergence of many mutant species. Shadow Ravens had sharp beaks and claws. They lived in groups on the shadow plane and were the top predators here.

They were level 16 mutant creatures; a group of these Shadow Ravens could deal with an adult Shadow Dragon!

What he saw, though, was something eerie.

The Shadow Ravens circled the wizard tower, but they dared not get close to the fog. They circled and circled, making a terrible cry, and then they flew back from where they came from. Soran was a little confused by what he had seen, but he still remembered that the Shadow Raven would not come here for no reason. There must be something here that attracted them. In addition, he further confirmed his conjecture that there must be an air defense mechanism near the wizard tower. Maybe it’s a Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon, so these Shadow Ravens flew around the wizard tower but dare not approach it.

“Big brother!”

Vivian stretched out her little white hand and pulled away at Soran, whispering: “I think I saw that thing once in books. It is said that it can be domesticated into a flying mount. But they look so ugly though! ”

Taming the Shadow Ravens?

That may be something doable.

But taming was too time-consuming unless there was some special inheritance. The domestication of these creatures was not worth it. In the orc Kingdom near the northwest, even with tens of millions of orcs, the number of domesticated Wyvern was less than 300. This kind of mount could eat three sheep in one day. Soran hasn’t thought about it yet because the most important thing for him now was to build the two fleets.

The two waited for some time.

They only started moving after the Shadow Ravens flew away.

It took Soran nearly an hour to find the location of the shadow crack, many of which were not fixed unless a wizard establishes a stable portal. The two quickly returned to the material plane. Before leaving Soran took a deep look at the wizard tower, then turned around and walked into the shadow crack. Vivian also looked at the wizard tower for a while, then clenched her fist, as if she had made up her mind about something.

In her mind, Lillian was quiet for the first time. She didn’t shout about breaking the wizard tower.

Maybe Lilian also realized how difficult it was to deal with the wizard tower compared to the Vampiric demi-god! (Note: Lilian has always been talking about killing that vampiric demi-god.)

The scenery in front of the two slowly changed.

The grey surrounding slowly began to become colorful; Soran squinted his eyes for a while before he could adapt to the colorful surroundings. The sky on the shadow plane was gray after all. After a period of time in it, it had a visual impact on them. At this time, it was not dawn. It was maybe around 4 am. Soran gave some orders out and then held Vivian’s hand and went back.

“Big brother.”

The little girl walked behind. After thinking for a while, she looked up and said seriously, “this wizard tower seems to be very powerful! I read a lot of books about the wizard tower, but I had never read about that kind of tower spirit; even the bottom layer was guarded by diamond Golems. If we can control it, I’m afraid no one would be able to threaten us except the gods! ”

It seemed that Vivian had also realized this.

She had read a lot of books after all. Gloria had one wizard tower and had many books there.

Soran did not reply to what she said.

He was not sure whether this wizard tower could fight with the gods, but he was very sure that with the strength of the two of them, even if Vivian was a legendary wizard, the possibility of controlling the wizard tower was less than 10%. Even if they invited Gloria, their success rate was only about 10%.

This wizard tower could be understood as a challenge rating 25 dungeon!

Soran roughly thought about it this way. He was not a very powerful rogue, and Vivian was not a very powerful legendary Sorcerer.

If they were to form a group, the legendary Fighter in charge of being the meat shield was nowhere to be found. The legendary Wizard in charge of the overall control, Vivian, was not competent yet. It was even more difficult to find a legendary Priest in charge of protection and treatment. They were not up to the standard of the wizard tower now, and even if they had enough people, their success rate was only half.

Vivian was right!

This wizard tower may be able to rival the gods!

Soran’s brain kept counting and trying to recall some important information, but he could only think of a few clues. At last, he touched the little girl’s head and said slowly, “Wait until Gloria comes!”

“She’s probably glad to come if she knew about a wizard tower like this.”

It was a must to invite Gloria here.

She was the real professional after all. Having gone through a proper wizard’s training, she was much more powerful than the two of them.


Vivian tilted her head and asked, “When is big brother going to fetch sister Gloria? Could I come as well?”

Soran paused for a moment then went down and said to her, “I’m afraid not this time.”

“I’m going to go directly by sea in two days. I’m going to the north from Shipwreck Bay. I need someone to sit here after I leave. Maybe you need to stay here to frighten those guys.”


“Can you do that for me?”

The little girl was excited, then nodded her head hard and said, “En. Don’t worry, big brother. They are honest and obedient with me around here. ”

She was very happy.

Because she could finally help her brother like a grownup, even though she was just nine.