Chapter 284: Chapter 97 Diamond Golem

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Oh no!

Soran was shocked, almost immediately pulling Vivian back, and at the same time gave the alcohol bottle to her. “bring back the ghost, let’s retreat and leave here first.”

Diamond Golems.

There were two of them. It seemed that the defense mechanism here was a little beyond Soran’s expectations. Normally, the Diamond Golem, regarded as the best defense tool of the wizard tower, was the first to be sent out here. Diamond Golems were legendary Constructs, and one of the most difficult Golems to deal with.

Soran had remembered:

Diamond Golem[Puppet Golem](Grade 5)

Challenge Rating: Level 16 (Construct Level: 21), has spell-like abilities

Highest and Lowest Attributes: 25 and 10 (Total Attribute Points: 90-100)

Specialty: Roll Injury, Damage Reduction, Magic Resistance, Poison Gas

Resistance Statistics: Acid Resistance 100, Cold Resistance 100, Thunder Resistance 100, Fire Resistance 125, Smash Resistance 90, Pierce Resistance 90, Slash Resistance 90, Range Attack Resistance 90, Magic Resistance 100.

Damage Immunity: Immune to normal weapons, Immune +1 to rare grade weapon, Immune +2 to rare grade weapon, Immune to poison attack, Immune to Backstab.

Difficulty: A++

Diamond Golem.

The most difficult Golem to deal with under normal circumstances had a physical resistance of about 90 and was immune to most physical attacks below 90. At the same time, the resistance to cold, acid, thunder and fire was over 100, and it also had 100 magic resistance. In short, it meant that any elemental damage below 100 and any spell damage below 100 would not affect at all when thrown on them.

Completely unable to break through their defenses!

This was a Puppet Golem close to the highest level. It could only be made in the hands of a legendary Wizard, and its value was quite expensive because the core material for making them was diamond.

That’s right, these were Golems made out from diamond. Only the most wealthy legendary Wizard would be able to make them.

That was why Soran immediately ran when he noticed them!

According to his current strength, even a single slash with all his strength could only barely break their defense. In those days, many Rogues were helpless when faced with them. They could only use some special terrain to kill them. But now, they certainly couldn’t use the terrain, because the surrounding area was quite open; there also seemed to be more than one enemy.

Soran brought Vivian and ran!

The little girl chanted some devil’s words with the alcohol bottle and then saw that the soul in the room vanished, and a faint magic glow appeared on the bottle. Heavy footsteps sounded behind them. Two Diamond Golems with a weight of more than one ton stepped out. Without looking at them, Soran could guess that their Strength was more than 25. It was conservatively estimated that their other three attributes would be more than 20.

Also, the Golems were quite fast.

You would be surprised to find that these things were fast!


Vivian realized this too. Raising her hand she swiftly cast a Haste spell. Then she continued to cast the spell, “Grease!”

The floor immediately becomes covered with a layer of grease.

Although it doesn’t have any obvious effect, it slightly affected the Golem’s sense of balance at the beginning.


Soran held Vivian up and said in a panic voice, “Turn ground into mud.”

It was unwise to go head-on with a Diamond Golem.

With their current Strength, they had little chance to win. In Gloria’s wizard tower, she only made a batch of Steel Golems. The strength of a Steel Golem was not enough to lift the shoes of a Diamond Golem. Any diamond Golem would be able to break all the Steel Golems made by Gloria.

Going against the best Golems, one could only try to be clever and not face it head-on!

“Let’s go!”

The speed of the Diamond Golem was a little slower, because the ground under their feet suddenly became a mud pit, and their legs went down a little, but soon they climbed out. Soran had already made some distance between them. When they came in front of the fog, he suddenly stopped, closed his eyes for a moment. Then he rushed directly into it.

One step, two steps, three steps!

Soran’s brain was like a high-speed supercomputer. What he saw was not only the fog, gravel, and enemies but also pictures. The picture was the route the soul had lead them through at the beginning. All these things were printed on Soran’s brain like a high-speed camera. With the help of the abilities of “Eidetic Memory”, “Able Learner” and “Sage”, it helped him form a clear path of where he needed to go.

This was a very dangerous moment!

Even though it seemed normal, as Soran passed through the fog bit by bit.

However, if he took a wrong step, it may trigger the defense mechanism of the maze, and then they would be trapped in the array. After which the two Diamond Golems in the back would catch up with them. As for whether they would be able to win in the end, and what they would face after that, these were all things Soran could not predict.

Fortunately, nothing like that happened!

All of Soran’s temporary memories were extracted at a critical moment. Even though he just walked once, he completely remembered the route, and then successfully passed through the edge of the maze without touching any defense mechanism.

The heavy footsteps were now further away.

When Soran returned to the original position of the house, a glimmer of light flashed through the eyes of the two Diamond Golems, and then they turned back to where they came from.

Targets have been expelled!

Their defense perimeter was around the side door; the tower spirit 7 had not given orders to track them down.

Everything soon became quiet once more.

Soran held Vivian’s petite body, took a little breath, and then put her down. He turned to look at the wizard tower behind him, then reached out and stroked the little girl’s head, then said slowly, “Let’s go. Let’s get out of here. ”

“This is not somewhere we can explore yet!”