Chapter 283: Chapter 96 Tower Spirit 7

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Death memory.

When Soran saw what was in front of him and heard the words it said, he realized what was happening in front of him. Soran had seen such a scene before. When a dead soul was restored to the form of a soul, it was possible to restore part of the memory. At this time it would recall some things. This kind of recollection was mainly concentrated in the period before death because there were few things that the soul could remember. This was somewhat like when a soul enters the Abyss Hell—it would forget some of the things of the material plane.

The soul was similar to money for many beings. The bottomless Abyss and the lower demons in hell were created from the fallen souls of the material plane.

Similar to paper-making, souls would be squeezed together, then crushed into powder. Finally, it would be sent to a machine to create new blank papers.

The Earthbound Spirit slowly became quite.

He seemed to have remembered something, suddenly he began sobbing and crying. After some time, he stopped and looked at Vivian stupidly.

The memory he had was not much because he had died a long time ago.

There was a great difference between souls and undead. Souls were a pure energy form and could become undead, but the undead was not pure. Almost all the undead were close to evil because they were born from a strong obsession, which was often full of aggression and hatred of the living.

The undead was an existence that broke the rules of nature, while souls were a natural part of it.

Vivian forcibly sealed the soul in a tyrannical way, which was equivalent to killing the part that was the undead and sealing the part of the soul in the alcohol bottle. Therefore, the soul in front of them was also transcended. As long as it was removed from the spell sealed in the bottle, its soul would return to the Styx river.

“Big brother!”

Vivian held the alcohol bottle in her hand then looked at the soul and asked, “What’s your name?”

The soul, “…”

Vivian sighed, looked at Soran and said, “he even forgot his name. It looks like it’s really lost itself; I wonder how many things it remembers about the wizard tower. ”

Forgetting one’s name meant that this soul would lose itself soon. The name was an important element which is why Vivian asked for his name first.

Vivian then continued, “Where is this? What’s around here? How do we get to the wizard tower?”

The little girl asked three questions in a row. The soul did not move, which made her a little discouraged. Because it made her feel that she had made the wrong decision at the beginning and that the soul was not useful at all. It did not seem to remember anything, even the memory of death was a mess.

“Give me the bottle.”

Soran began to speak and gestures Vivian to give him the bottle. He then asked, “Where’s the kitchen?”

Compared to Vivian’s question, Soran asked only the simplest question, which seemed useless. The little girl seemed confused and the soul was a little stunned, and then he took Soran to the second room behind her. There were three rooms here: the kitchen, the storage room, and a strange room.

Soran nodded satisfied and followed it.

He seemed to notice the little girl’s puzzled expression, so he explained, “it seems that he was indeed the cook of the wizard tower when he was alive. If the wizard who once owned the tower was not a crazy researcher, and would not be satisfied with food made from magic, then he would surely need a cook. During the period of the Arcane Empire, they pursued luxury and enjoyment. The nearby buildings are all provided for the servants of the Arcanist.”

Vivian was nine years old.

Soran explained so much was in hopes he could teach her.

The soul stopped in the second room.

Then his expression became dull again. Soran thought of something, looked at the surroundings and said, “Prepare some food.”

After hearing what Soran said.

There was a change in the eyes of the stupefied soul and it began to work. He didn’t lift anything, he just repeated the action of making food. In the end, it was as if he had filled a pile of air with a plate. As the chef of the wizard tower, he did most of the things to prepare food, so it was also the easiest thing for his soul to remember. Even if it was almost forgotten, the habit of approaching instinct would still be imprinted in the soul.

Like the souls of guards that would stay guarding even after they forget many things.


Soran smiled and continued, “Bring the food up.”

The crucial moment had arrived.

The house was built on the side of the wizard tower, not directly connected to the wizard tower. It was impossible to build a kitchen beside the wizard tower. An ugly thing just thinking about it. Therefore, there must be a route to the wizard tower, which was quite safe. This route would avoid many [defense mechanisms] and [mazes].

The soul stood still for a while.

Then its expression changed and turned around as if he was holding something.

“Follow it!”

Soran gestured at Vivian, and said in a deep voice, “This should be a safe route. We will follow it and remember the route near the wizard tower!”

According to the normal eating habits of a person, a person would need to eat three meals a day. Even if it was only one meal a day, the soul would have walked this route thousands of times before he died. That was why even if it forgot many of its memories, it would still remember this route.

The two followed the soul closely.

After walking out from the back door, it walked close to the fog.

Soran and Vivian were closely behind it. When it moved, the two also moved. When it stopped, the two did not move. At the same time, Soran used his photographic memory to remember the route and the surrounding environment. Soran was also prepared to fight. However, they did not encounter a fight. The two followed the soul in the fog for about 200 meters. Then they went through a hall, and everything in front of them opened up.

They were at the front of the wizard tower.

At this moment, they were less than 30 meters away from the wizard tower. They could see the aging on the building and a route on the left.

The soul did not stop!

It continued to the path. Because the soul was another form, it passed through the door directly.

Soran followed it closely and was about to check if the door could be opened.

However, Vivian who was behind him pulled at him and said, “Be careful big brother! There’s something behind the door!”

Just as the little girl said this.

With a creak, the heavy door in front of them unexpectedly opened. They saw the soul walking up the steps but still remained in place. Then they saw creatures that seemed to be Constructs. They were huge Diamond Golems, activated at the same time when they noticed Soran’s approach.

“Soul scan!”

It looked like a mechanism of the Construct. Its head was golden, and it seemed to be mixed with pure gold and other substances. Its eyes were two golden gemstones. When it detected Soran’s existence, it emitted two rays of light, which covered the two. At the same time, it said in a metallic voice “no soul mark!… Visitors with no permission!… ”

“According to level 1 alert orders!… anyone with no permission shall be treated as intruders!…”

“Tower Spirit 7 assuming command!…”

“Activate Constructs!… Target 1 danger level E!…Target 2 danger level C!…Mana Armour not needed!… Super Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon charging canceled!…”

“Activate Diamond Golem!…”

“Initiate expel or kill orders!… Diamond Golem charging complete!… Initiate orders!…”

A row of complicated changes was seen.

There seemed to be a little light on the top of the wizard tower and was like something had turned. Then there were heavy and incomparable footsteps. Two Diamond Golems with a height of about three meters and a weight of more than one ton began moving. Their eyes had a great brilliance and they were approaching Soran and Vivian.