Abyss Domination

Chapter 282 - Catch a Soul

Chapter 282: Chapter 95 Catch a Soul

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Soran’s curved sword went through the body of the enemy again.

Although the body of the Earthbound Spirit was not flesh, there was a feeling of passing through jelly. There was no sense of resistance. However, the shadow energy gathered by Shadow Strike still worked on it. At the same time, the additional elemental damage of the legendary curved sword Icingdeath left a hint of white on the enemy.

“Create Undead!”

“Minor Illusion!”

After getting hit several times by Soran, the Earthbound Spirit felt the threat of death. Immediately there was a glow of magic in its eyes, and then its figure was split into five almost identical figures. This was not like the Wizard’s spell which could only copy the movement of the caster. The Earthbound Spirit had created five images that could move separately thus making it harder to differentiate.

“Ke, ge, ge!”

Sounds of bones clicking and moving were heard.

In the small room where Soran didn’t go in to check, a series of strange sounds were heard, followed by the appearance of skeletons. Among which were many different kinds of skeletons, almost all of them were of different races. When the skeletons were woken up, lights were seen glowing from their eyes.

“Move aside big brother!”

Vivian’s voice rang behind Soran. When he heard the voice of the little girl, Soran immediately jumped up to the back without hesitation, and at the same time, he picked up a table and used it to shield himself. Immediately when Soran was shielded, Vivian also raised her hand and shot out a fireball.


A loud explosion was heard.

The whole house shook. It seemed that it may collapse directly. This spell couldn’t be underestimated since it was also a level 3 spell after all. The fireball was like a hand grenade when cast by a high-grade Wizard!

The explosion created a heatwave.

A pit was left in the ground. The fire ignited other things in the room. Some things that were still in good condition were burned directly. But it was just the beginning; Vivian did not stop after the first fireball, she continued to throw out the second fireball, and then the third fireball.

When the little girl finally stopped, the area had become demolished.

The undead summoned by the Earthbound Spirit died completely, and there were only two illusions left which were almost gone.

“I’ll kill it!”

Soran’s eyes glowed and he was ready to kill the enemy.

However, he was stopped by Vivian.

“Big brother!”

“Don’t kill it!” cried the little girl! “I’ll lock its soul. It seems that it still has some wisdom. Maybe there’s a way to get some information about the wizard tower from it! ”

Soran immediately sheathed his sword.

Imprison Soul?!

This was difficult!

Although there were many supernatural powers, powerful gods, and so on in this world, it was still a very mysterious and unknown thing, the realm of the soul. Any magic related to the soul was more than level 5, and any magic that could imprison a soul was more than level 7. Some special soul imprisonment magic could only be used by legendary Wizards. Soran’s weakened state also needed a level 5 Restoration spell for healing.

Vivian is really powerful now. She’s probably a legendary Sorcerer and a low-grade Wizard. But when did she learn about soul imprisonment spells?

In Soran’s memory, it seemed that Vivian has been sleeping all the time recently. Occasionally, she would read books or exercise her casting ability. She had not been studying magic scrolls so how could she suddenly learn soul related magic?

“Hold Undead!”

Vivian’s action seemed to be very careful. She still used the spell “Hold Undead” again in the face of the furious Earthbound Spirit. This time, the enemy could not resist it and was held in place rigidly.

The little girl patted her white hands, and her expression relaxed a lot. She then said in a crisp voice, “It’s alright now! It can’t move for the time being. Now we just have to find something that it has used before it died. ”

Something it used before?

Soran frowned at her words, then walked toward the direction where he found the skeleton. He looked around, picked up the skeleton, and finally threw a metal alcohol bottle to the little girl.

After looking around, he asked, “Would that be fine? It’s around his remains!”

Halflings liked to drink.

Aladdin was a great example. He liked his alcohol.

Vivian caught it and checked it with a glow of magic. She then said happily, “It’ll work! This is something he used previously!”

Vivian began to cast the spell at full speed. This time, the spell was very long; it took nearly half a minute. There were many devil words in the spell. Soran couldn’t understand them at all, but he could see the effect of the magic; a soul mark appeared on the alcohol bottle. Some demonic force began to work, turning the spirit into another form, and then forcing it into the alcohol bottle.


Vivian clapped her hands then said, “Too bad I still don’t know how to imprison it, or else we could use some gem and imprison its soul.”

“You can question it now.”

The little girl picked up the battle, and then snapped her fingers. A translucent soul appeared in the room. It was a halfling with a long beard. He looked dazed and demented. When he was summoned out by Vivian, he began to stay in place, and after a while, he suddenly said, “master!…”

“It’s my fault! Master!… Please don’t punish me!…Please!…no punishment!… What had happened?… Where’s the master?…”

“Run!… Everyone run!…”