Chapter 281: Chapter 94 Earthbound Spirit

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“Big brother?”

Vivian squinted her eyes and looked carefully at the front, then motioned for Soran to pick her up. In a crisp voice, she said: “brother pick me up, there seems to be a path over there! It’s on the left side of the garden, near the pile of broken stones. It seems that there’s a path there, but I don’t know where it leads to. ”

A path!?

Soran immediately picked up the girl beside him and put her on his shoulder. A pair of little feet stepped on Soran’s left shoulder, while her hands held onto Soran’s head. After looking for some time she whispered, “We could go around from the left. There doesn’t seem to be fog, but I am just not sure where the path would lead us to! ”

The fog in front of them was part of the Labyrinth.

Just as there was often fog in the Eight-trigrams formation, many Labyrinths would have their corresponding deceptive trick. These spells could only be solved by magic, special abilities, and divine power. It seemed that the power here had been weakened a lot. Otherwise, a real Labyrinth would even produce an illusion, not just fog around it. If a Labyrinth prepared by a Lich could render the sky dark, then a Labyrinth prepared by an Arcanist would be more powerful!

“Let’s go.”

Soran didn’t hesitate for too long and said, “We’ll go around and see.”

Soran didn’t want to tackle the Labyrinth head-on because of caution, prudence, steadiness and worry about Vivian’s safety. But if he dared not even explore the side entrance, then that would mean he did not dare to take risks—adventures were bound to have risks. One of the limits Soran holds was to manage the risk within his capabilities, rather than not taking any risk at all. It seemed that the path on the side had been destroyed. Even if there was any danger, it couldn’t be greater than going to it head-on.


Soran put the little Vivian down and then began to pay attention to the surrounding environment. Occasionally tapping the ground with the tip of his foot. He was checking whether there were traps nearby, which shouldn’t be the case, but he thought it was necessary to be more careful. The path passes through the corner of the garden. There was a pile of rubble on the side but no strange plant; there were some small cracks on the ground.

Soran looked around and said softly, “Vivian, look! Don’t you think this path would lead to the back of the mansion?”

This was Soran’s feeling.

From the surrounding environment, it seemed that that was the front yard of the wizard tower. The path which goes around from the side looked like it was going to the back yard or the kitchen. The Arcanists had a large number of servants. Unlike the wizards now, who only used Golem servants. The witches in the Arcane Empire were the ruling class thus they had a certain number of followers as well as a large number of servants.

“Seems like it,” Vivian nodded gently.

There seemed to be two worlds in front.

One the right there was fog and a strange garden; on the left was clear and barren land.

Soran and Vivian walked carefully through the path. When they walked about 300 meters, a well-preserved house appeared in front of them. The house had a very obvious feature, that was, it had a chimney on it.

“Big brother.”

Vivian tucked on Soran’s shirt and whispered, “It looks like a kitchen!”

“Eh,” Soran nodded gently and said, “Be careful, let’s check it out.”

Soran pulled out his curved sword. Then he pushed open the door of the house, which was not rotten, and there was a shower of dust. When Soran and the little girl came into the house, they immediately found that it was covered with dust nearly half a centimeter thick.

“Big brother look!”

After scanning through the room, she pointed at a chair and said, “There seems to be something there!”


Soran moved his steps with great vigilance, then picked up a stone and threw it at the position of the armchair, deflecting it a little bit; they saw a set of a rather small skeleton on the armchair. The height of the skeleton was only about 1.25 meters, but the bones were thick relative to the height of the body; especially the legs and feet. It was a creature easily recognized.

Soran looked at it and said, “It’s the skeleton of a halfling, probably the cook.”


As soon as he said that, there was a sudden chill in the house which was enclosed. The cold wind made them shiver, and then there was a burst of strange and gloomy laughter.


Angered Souls?

Earthbound Spirit?

Soran’s thought about a few monsters, then he protected Vivian behind him and said in a deep voice, “It’s a spirit type enemy! It may be an Earthbound Spirit! ”

“Be careful.”

“They may be watching us from the spirit realm! Let’s wait for them to show themselves!”

An undead type enemy.

The common ones were the skeletal undead which was easy to deal with. The other was the one in front of them, and they were created from ghosts and evil spirits. They belonged to monsters without form or were half energy creatures. This kind of undead was more difficult to deal with, and ordinary physical attacks do not have much effect on them.

“Ke, Ke, Ke!”

Sad strange laughter came from all directions, Soran’s expression did not change, but Vivian seemed to be a little unhappy. She said coldly, “I hate you undead! Get out of here! ”

Then there was a glow of magic.

“Protection from Evil.”

Vivian first cast a level 1 spell ‘Protection from Evil’ then continued to cast other spells.

“Detect Undead!”

An invisible magic glow appeared, covering the whole house in an instant. Then, behind a wall, there appeared a shadow of dark red light. Most of the undead creatures were dark red under Detect Undead, which meant that their evil level was very high. If it were a paladin, the spell would instantly kill the undead.

“Hold Undead!”

Another magic glow appeared. Vivian raised her hand to the undead in the distance, and then a faint light appeared. The undead behind the wall suddenly seemed to have gone crazy and rushed towards Vivian fiercely. The Hold spell failed, so Vivian was regarded as the first target.


Soran pulled out his sword and slashed it toward the Earthbound Spirit.


The legendary curved sword had ice damage and had a special effect on the undead. Although the physical attack was almost ineffective to it, Shadowstrike was useful. Soran’s curved sword hit the Earthbound Spirit and felt like a marshmallow. The blade passed through the body of the opponent directly. Only ice energy and shadow energy hurt the opponent. The damage caused by the physical attack was estimated to be only one or two points.

“Fear [Instant Cast]!”

As a kind of undead, the Earthbound Spirit had a very special ability, that was, it could instantly cast Fear. However, when the Earthbound Spirit in front of him cast the ability, it got shocked. The two people in front of it did not seem to be affected by the ability.

Indeed, the two were not affected by the ability.

Vivian would naturally not get affected as she was a Child of Fear, how could she not be immune to this spell. As for Soran, his resistance to Fear was fairly high; aside from his high level of will, the divinity of Fear he acquired would allow him to resist any fear related spell by non-legendary enemies.

“Human Domination!”

The Earthbound Spirit seemed to have some intelligence. When it knew that Fear could not work, it immediately changed its tactics. It quickly cast a gifted ability [Human Domination], trying to control Soran, who looked like a Fighter; then using him to kill the little girl who it felt was threatening. But it was another miscalculation again because it was not effective against Soran.

Who was it kidding!

Soran had gone through so much, how would he get controlled by this spell!

As long as his will was strong enough, he would be immune to most of the Charm spells, mind control spells, which was very important for the Rogue whose defense was lower than that of the Fighter!

His will was like steel.

This was what Soran depended on to survive!

When he successfully resisted the spell “Human Domination” from the Earthbound Spirit, there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes; immediately he launched toward it and slashed at it.

“Shadow Strike!”