Abyss Domination

Chapter 278 - Shadows

Chapter 278: Chapter 91 Shadows

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These semi energy lifeforms did not need to feed, nor did they have a fixed nest, or even leave traces of movement. That was why it was impossible to determine their location. Only when these monsters come out could a person notice where they were. Fortunately, these monsters had no intelligence. They acted on instinct and were full of destructive desire and aggression. Otherwise, they would be very difficult to deal with.

A bunch of Shadows appeared.

One of the characteristics of these creatures was that in the grotesque distorted body. There would still be a vaguely humanoid figure. It was said that they were transformed from lost souls; many of whom were creatures that had died in the shadow plane. These kinds of creatures could be found all over the shadow plane, especially in the cities, where they were.

“Fire Bolt!”

“Acid Arrow!”

“Missile Storm!”

Because Soran was in range, Vivian didn’t use AOE spells; killing the Shadows one at a time. At the same time, she used Acid Arrow at the Skeleton Undead. The acid was very corrosive to the skeleton. Although Acid Arrow was only a spell below grade 3, it was very destructive to many creatures.



Soran was very careful about these kinds of situations. He quickly activated the Elemental Stone and activated a piece of equipment he got in the legendary naval battle. The item could temporarily activate Haste, but it could only be used twice, and the duration was relatively short. Rare high-grade items were too rare. There were not many on the whole of the south coast. Soran’s best equipment was still the two pieces of equipment the elder princess of Arrendell gave. It seemed that after dealing with the outer islands, he would have to take time to go to the desert area.

Soran recalls there were three legendary items there; one of them was the ‘Anti-Detection Cloak’.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

His curved sword slashed at the skeleton many times, then he leaped ten meters into the air and slashed at a Shadow.

It was as though he had slashed into rubber.

Soran frowned and pulled back. At the same time, he stepped back. However, at this time, the Shadow had come over; it only touched him a little but Soran was shaken by it.

A row of data appeared:

“You’ve been attacked by a Shadow!…”

“The Shadow had dealt 1 Bruising damage to you!… You’re affected by the corrosive effect of shadow!…there is an additional 14 damage to you!…”

“Shadow Strike!”

As Soran was attacked he also counter attacked. The attack of the Shadow was the same as that of Shadow Strike; both attacks utilize shadow energy to corrode the opponent. The Life Force of a Shadow was not strong. After hitting it several times, it was killed; he gained 3250 Slaughter EXP for that.

Shadow creatures had a bonus 20% of Slaughter EXP.

“Ice Storm!”

As soon as Soran pulled away, Vivian seized the opportunity to cast a spell. the little girl finishes the incantation at full speed, and then there was a howling wind and sharp hail within 40 feet area. This was a level 4 spell; it’s not commonly used, but now was very appropriate. Compared to the blast effect of Fireball, Ice Storm not only kills the enemies but also slightly affects their movement.

“Sword form: Spinning Strike!”

“Sword form: Beheading!”

Soran grasped the opportunity and killed two Shadows around him. After enduring the corrosive shadow energy, he finally killed the Shadows around him.

The battle was easier now.

Vivian’s Ice Storm caused fairly high damage. Soran then turned around and began to harvest the enemies; gaining nearly 20000 killing experience in one go. However, the Skeleton Undead was finally killed by Vivian. Otherwise, the Slaughter EXP it gave should be about 5000.

They quickly looted the enemies.

The Skeleton Undead did not drop anything, but the Shadows dropped three pieces of black crystals.

These were things used in Alchemy.

A kind of crystal containing soul energy and element energy; only a few special creatures would drop this kind of thing. They could directly be traded for equipment with high-grade wizards.

Soran carefully picked it up from the ground.

Recently, he had been too busy to learn Alchemy. Vivian focused on the study of magic and didn’t dabble in Alchemy. Thus the total points they had in Alchemy were probably less than 50.

The two rested for a while then continued on.

This time, however, they were very cautious. Vivian also didn’t dare to run off as this place was more dangerous than the material plane.

There were no monsters after their first encounter.

Soran and Vivian walked about 300 meters, and a broken building appeared in front of them. It was near the periphery of the wizard tower. There were many old buildings nearby. It seemed that there was a group of people living around the wizard tower at the beginning.

“Be careful.”

Soran turned and looked at the little girl, then said, “let’s see what’s here. It seems that no one has been here for a long time. Don’t get close to the wizard tower so as not to touch its defense mechanism. ”

Vivian nodded and with a serious face, she replied, “Big brother! There seems to be a legendary maze ahead! This wizard tower probably belonged to some Arcanist!”

The area in front was foggy.

The space under the wizard tower seemed to be a little twisted, which seemed fake. The [maze lock] was a technique in the period of the Arcane Empire, which could be understood as a rather powerful formation. Only an Arcanist could arrange such a maze. In the period of the Arcane Empire, not all Wizards were Arcanists. An Arcanist required great talent, and only legendary wizards could advance into this class.

Soran nodded slightly then pushed open the door on the left.

The inside was filled with dust.

There seemed to be no monster, but there was also nothing. When Soran was about to leave, he suddenly noticed something. He then squatted down and knocked on the wall with his hand. Then he pulled out his sword and stabbed it in, digging a hole in the wall. There was a very delicate box in the hole of about 30 cm.

“Good thing my Search ability is pretty good!”

Soran knocked on the box then asked Vivian to step back. He was prepared to bring out a tool to open the box.