Abyss Domination

Chapter 277 - Chapter 90 Skeleton Undead

Chapter 277: Chapter 90 Skeleton Undead

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It appeared.

Soran waited for three days, and it has appeared.

He turned around and looked at Vivian behind him. Today, she wore a black princess dress and tied a beautiful bow on her head. After noticing Soran’s look, the little girl smiled sweetly and said in a crisp voice, “Big brother. Don’t worry! ”

“I’ve read a lot of information about the shadow plane, and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Besides, sister Gloria has told me a lot about planes and half-planes previously. She may even know more then you do!”

The Shadow Plane.

A plane that Soran was most familiar with—maybe even more familiar with the material plane.

It was a transition plane, connecting the material plane to other planes. Strictly speaking, it was a large semi-material plane, a space of matter and energy. From the shadow plane, a person could reach the vast majority of the other planes; so, there were many unpredictable dangers in this space—especially around the edges and areas of overlap. A person may be directly sucked into the turbulence of space if not careful. That was why Soran was very attentive every time he entered the shadow plane.

There were many dangerous areas and powerful creatures, and the most common were the Shadow Dragons. There weren’t many types of dragon species in the shadow plane, but the Shadow Dragon was among the most common.

Soran still remembers many Shadow Dragons’ nests, but he wouldn’t be able to beat them. Even with Vivian, it would be difficult, because he remembered all the adult Shadow Dragons.

The surrounding was becoming grayish.

As Soran’s figure passed through the shadow crack, his whole body was stained with a gray color. The shadow plane does not exclude other colors, but any color here would produce a shadow-like gray. This kind of change originated from the structure of the whole plane. Nothing natural could resist it unless magic was used to resist the change. For example, the sky and the sun on the shadow plane would always be gray; even if the sun shines brightly, it would always be bright gray.

That was why this place looks a lot like dusk; thus a favorite place for shadow creatures.


Soran looked back at Vivian, who was looking around. The little girl seemed to be quite interested in the different aspects of this world. She reached out to pull up the weeds on the ground. The color of the grass and trees were grayish-green. It didn’t feel very different from that of the material plane. There were many unknown secrets about the existence and characteristics of the shadow plane, some of which were even unknown to the gods. For example, the buildings here had similarities with the material plane.

Some of these buildings may have been ancient buildings of the material plane.

Astral projection—Something that affects the material plane and makes a copy to the shadow plane.

This was something not understood by common sense, nor could it project everything. So far, no one has been able to understand the secrets. It seemed that a lot of things that could be projected onto the shadow plane were random. However, there seems to be an energy limitation in this projection. For example, a castle hundreds of years ago in the material plane may be projected onto the shadow plane, but a wizard tower built in the material plane would be impossible to be projected onto the shadow plane.

That was because a castle was just an average building, while a wizard tower contained a lot of energy!

Soran had traveled so many times to the shadow plane. The only thing he knew was that most of the buildings projected to the shadow plane were things that have existed for a long time. If it was only a house built this year, it would impossible to project to the shadow plane. However, if the house had existed for hundreds of years, it was likely to be projected to the shadow plane. Therefore, there were many old villages and towns in shadow planes, which have some shadow creatures.

The projected buildings had not much difference from the buildings in the material plane.

They would also age as time went on; that was why the shadow plane also did not have many ancient things.

A wizard tower appeared in front.

Its majesty was different from the current wizard towers. In the period of the Arcane Empire, the wizard tower pursued the height of the towers. The great Arcanists often liked to build their wizard towers so high that they could overlook the earth. The overall structure of the wizard tower was a bit like a lightning rod. The new wizard towers were shorter, rarely would they be more than 300 meters high, so it was easy to identify which period the wizard towers were from.

Soran held back Vivian who was curious about something and said, “There’s a Shadow nearby.”

A Shadow—a half energy lifeform. They appeared for some reason and may have some intelligence, and were said to be transformed from lost souls.

“Shadow [Shadow creature] [Herd creature] (Grade 3).”

Challenge Rating: Level 12 (Monster Level: 14), has spell-like abilities

Highest and Lowest Attributes: 20 and 10 (Total Attribute Points: 90-95)

Specialty: Shadow Characteristic, Half-energy form, Create Soul.”

Difficulty: B+

Soran was familiar with the Shadows but still finds them hard to deal with because these creatures did not take too much physical damage. Shadow creatures were born with more than 20% Concealment ability. If they were semi energy lifeforms, they could even reduce physical damage by 50%. They were very troublesome to deal with ordinary weapons. Although Soran had a legendary curved sword, he didn’t have any ability that could kill them in a single blow. Furthermore, these creatures like to stay together as a herd.

That was why their difficulty was B+, a rather difficult enemy to deal with!


A weak sound was heard from somewhere.

Soran hurried forward to protect Vivian’s small body behind him, and carefully watched the surroundings. There was not much life on the shadow plane, strictly speaking, there was not much life with flesh and blood. Sometimes it’s so barren that even the Shadow Dragon would travel to the material plane to eat a big meal. That was why the creatures here were full of destructiveness and aggression. They were chaotic, filled with hatred and killing. In essence, they were not much better than the creatures at the bottom of the Abyss.

Many lost souls would appear in the shadow plane, thus becoming a semi-energy form!

“Chii Ka!”

The sound got louder and Soran knew where it came from; its from the ground.

From the ground?

Soran’s past experience allowed him to prepare for battle in an instant. He then turned to Vivian and said, “Careful! There are undead ahead, they can smell our life force!”

Undead—a supernatural creature. There was only one kind of undead in the shadow plane, and they were not easy to deal with—

“Skeleton Undead!”

When Soran saw the monster creeping out of a grave-like mound in front of him, his face gradually became stern. Because the skeleton in front of him was a little different. Its height was more than two meters. Although its bones had been twisted and changed into sharp bone blades, it was still a tall and dangerous creature.

The higher level of this undead would be the “Skeleton Demon”; a challenge rating of 12, and a monster level of 20.

Without a priest.

They could not Turn Undead. Soran looked at Vivian. Then, she swiftly floated into the air.

It seemed like Soran would need a priest companion in the future.

After all, whether it was healing or dispelling the dead, the role of priests was very important; forming the core members of the iron triangle. But the question was where would he find a priest of grade 3 and above. The status of such a priest was quite high and difficult to find. The Naga Siren priest was around grade 3 and her social status was very high.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran’s curved swords made a metallic sound upon hitting the bones of the undead. When an undead reached this level, they were not simple skeletons, but a dangerous supernatural entity.

“Ghoul Touch!”

Just as Soran attacked the skeleton several times, a stink suddenly appeared around him, and a faint dark red glow appeared in the eyes of the skeleton in front of him. This made Soran very alert and took a step back. Unfortunately, the opponent was still able to touch him.

Spell-like attack!

A Gifted Ability of high-grade undead.

Soran almost couldn’t react and a row of data appeared in front of him:

“You’ve been affected by the ability Ghoul Touch.”

“Activated Test of Fortitude!… Test of Fortitude passed!… You’re not affected by the additional effect of paralysis!…”

Soran was shaken, he then reactively slashed at the enemy’s leg bone. Fortunately, his Constitution was high thus his Fortitude was high enough. That was why he was immune to the level two spell. Otherwise, he would have been paralyzed by it directly. If that had happened then it would be very dangerous. Unlike Fighters who have a high Constitution, having an even higher level of Fortitude; the Rogue naturally had lower Constitution thus making them less likely to pass such tests.


Vivian’s reaction speed was also very fast. Just as Soran was touched by the skeleton, she began to cast spells quickly. However, the little girl’s talents were even greater as she could even pay attention to the surrounding environment while casting spells. When she saw Shadows appearing around, she immediately shouted out, “brother, be careful! There’s a lot of Shadows around you! “