Abyss Domination

Chapter 276 - Shadow Plane

Chapter 276: Chapter 89 Shadow Plane

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Inside the hall.

Soran was lost in thought. After a while, he seemed to have made a decision. He waved his hand and asked for one of his men, then the man went to the place where the slaves were kept. The Drows had very good enslavement skills. Not only do they use all kinds of punishment but they also knew how to give psychological hints. Once an ordinary creature accepts the identity of becoming a slave, they would gradually become obedient. Further training would even make them good slaves.

The prisoners captured last time were all working, and their identities were similar to that of slaves in the tribe. That was because the basic structure of an aboriginal tribe in the outer island was chiefs, priests, nobles, soldiers, peasants, and slaves. However, these aborigines would become lazy from time to time.

Soran walked around the area once and then went to where the shadow cracks appeared.

At the same time, he also pulled up the information regarding this.

“Entered Shadow Plane!”

“You’ve successfully traveled through a plane!… You’ve gained information about plane travel!”

“Your Dexterity had reached 25.”

“You’ve successfully traveled to the Shadow Plane!… You’ve gained part of the information about the legendary skill [Shadow Realm]!…”

This was the data he got when he entered the Shadow Plane.

Soran was familiar with the legendary skill [Shadow Realm], so it was not surprising for him to get the information prompt of the legendary skill. The legendary skill was composed of three parts. That is to say, this information prompt needed to appear three times in total and requiring certain conditions to be met. Once the conditions were met successfully, Soran would be able to master the legendary skill [Shadow Realm]. Previously, he got his first message at earlier stages because someone helped him to open a shadow portal.

At his current state, it would take some time to get three information prompts. Soran had to level the total profession level of Rogue to above15 to get the second information prompt of [Shadow Realm]. As for the requirement of the third information prompt, Soran would have to link his soul to the Shadow Realm somehow.

Any ability related to any realm was difficult! So mastering them would also be very challenging!

As for the other data prompt, that was an information prompt that had appeared earlier.

Attribute was a very important foundation. Generally, anything above 20 would be considered Extraordinary. Among all attributes, only Constitution was the easiest to get a breakthrough. At 20 points, a person would be able to master the first passive ability. Soran chose Rebirth. The other abilities, however, would require the person to have 25 points or more.

Fortunately, after Soran got Minor Divinity his Dexterity was increased to 25.

That was why he got a passive ability.

“Epic Dexterity [Gifted Abilities]: your Dexterity had gone beyond the scope of ordinary people. Whether it’s a sense of balance or coordination ability, it’s a realm that ordinary people can’t achieve, no matter how hard they try; only legends and Saints could compete with your Dexterity. From now on, you will surpass the Dexterity of any mortal. You will gain 1 bonus point in any test related to Dexterity, and your basic Evasion ability would permanently +2. ”

(Note: This is a prerequisite for the ability [Legendary Evasion].)

This was one of the most important passive abilities of a Rogue because it added 1 bonus point and the permanent +2 in Evasion. Many powerful legendary abilities in the future require epic attributes as preconditions. For example, Epic Constitution is the basic condition of many powerful abilities of a Fighter. As a qualified legendary profession, at least one attribute should be increased to more than 25 points.

Half a day went past.

At night, both Soran and Vivian came to the place where the shadow cracks appeared at the beginning. Although they had plans to invite Gloria, Soran was still ready to go first to check. After all, as long as he was not close to the wizard tower, it was relatively simple to deal with the creatures in the shadow plane with his current capabilities. Although these creatures were very difficult to deal with, they give an additional 20% bonus in Slaughter EXP.

As far as cross-plane enemies were concerned, there would be a 10% to 20% Slaughter EXP bonus compared with the same monster of the material plane.

That was why plenty of people liked to train at the Abyss.

Time past slowly.

Soran waited until the early hours of the morning and still did not see the shadow crack reappear. At this time, Vivian, who was sitting next to him, looked sleepy, and her little head was resting on Soran’s leg.

“Seems like it won’t appear today.”

Soran touched the little girl’s head and said, “Vivian, why don’t you go and rest. After it reappears, I’ll call you.”

Shadow cracks did not appear at fixed times.

Many factors affect its appearance, even its position may change. Thus when it did not appear, Soran knew that today may not be the time when it appears. It took a little patience to cross any plane. Previously, when he waited for the entrance of an underground relic to appear, it took a whole month in the desert before the passage of the ancient relic appeared. The reward at the end was, of course, very good.

Vivian gently nodded, then down beside Soran and slept.

Since she didn’t want to go back to rest, Soran couldn’t force her to go back either. He took the cloak off his back and put it on the little girl’s body, then silently watched the shadow in front of him.

One night went past!

Soran waited until morning but the shadow crack still did not reappear. He didn’t worry too much about it as he was still busy in the daytime; ordering his subordinates to supervise the slave work and build the whole camp little by little. Then when night came, he went to the spot where the shadow crack appeared and waited quietly for the night.

Two days went past.

On the third night, while he was patiently waiting, he saw a gradually split in space; into which he could see a grayish world!