Chapter 273: Chapter 86 Vivian’s Advice

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When Soran’s figure came out of the shadow, and the sun had also risen. Then there was some unpredictable energy change and the shadow opening soon disappeared. Soran had some bloodstains on his back which was left by a creature called Shadow. This kind of half energy and half material creature was very difficult to deal with. Although it was a grade 3 creature, it may threaten the life of a higher-grade profession.

These creatures had a natural ability to hide and use energy attacks.

The injury on Soran’s back was nothing. His powerful regenerative ability started to heal the injury. Soran calmly collected his curved sword, and then bent over to look at the two corpses on the ground.

The corpses did not have too many injuries, which meant that they were not killed by the Shadow!

“Evil Spirits? A curse? Or something else?”

Soran’s understanding of the shadow plane was second only to the creatures in the Underdark; thus after looking at the corpses, he knew that the pirates in front of him were not killed by the Shadow. After entering the shadow plane, they explored it, and then found a way out; that was also when they encountered the Shadow.


Soran looked at the others and asked, “can we save the last one?”

Three pirates had disappeared. Two of them died while the other one was covered in blood and unconscious. What happened to them was unknown. Just then, a pirate who had some medical knowledge appeared. He reached for the nose of the unconscious pirate, opened the eyes of the pirate and looked at other features. His face became stern and said, “Your Excellency! He seems to have been cursed! I’m not sure if he will survive! ”

Some pirates knew about magic.

Soran became worried after hearing his words. He turned to look at the others and said in a deep voice, “seal this area off! No one else is allowed to approach this area! ”

The shadow plane had somehow connected to his base camp.

It seems that at this place, there was an incredible power in the shadow plane. This kind of secret was probably related to the ancient period of the Arcane Empire because the tower that Soran saw was higher than Gloria’s wizard tower. The tower seemed to have risen to the sky. This kind of architectural technology was difficult, and it was in the style of the Arcane Empire. The legendary arcanists were quite arrogant. They had the idea of competing with the gods thus building such high towers.

The ancient wizard towers in the material plane had become ruins and relics; Soran didn’t think that he could find a surviving wizard tower from the Arcane Empire in the shadow plane.

This thing was very dangerous!

Because if it was controlled by people, it was a rather terrifying strategic weapon—not far from the atomic bomb. If it wasn’t controlled, it would be very dangerous. It had a very horrible defense program, thus no one could control it. Soran was not naive to think that this wizard tower had been sitting here waiting for his arrival. There were NPCs living in the shadow plane, and although many of them were not smart, it was very easy for them to have found this wizard tower.

Someone must have discovered it years ago, but no one had entered it.

In front of a gold building.

Adele Isabella stood in front of the door with a box. In front of her was a heavy Steel Golem; this was the Alchemy Guild. The spellcasters were still as proud as ever and it was very difficult to meet them. Even a grade 4 profession like her had to spend three days to meet the person Soran said. In the end, it turned out that the other party was too busy with experiments to waste any time to see an irrelevant woman.

The wizards still had some glory.

At this stage, the wizards all over the world were still very powerful. The influence of the Wizard Alliance covered the whole continent, and they maintained their contact with each other in a loose structure. Adele was not pleased, because who would want to wait for someone for three days and not see them; her mood was not good.

She looked at the Steel Golem in front of her and said, “Fine. If your excellency Lucian is busy, please give this box to him for me. I’m sure he’ll be interested in what’s inside. Here’s a letter from my master. ”

The Steel Golem looked at her, nodded its head and took the box.

These alchemy puppets were complex. The wizards had already extended the field of magic to the scope of the soul. All these alchemy lifeforms were creatures with souls. However, they were not complete souls, only soul fragments. They had some wisdom; although most of them couldn’t think for themselves, they were equivalent to intelligent computers with high capability. As for the more advanced puppets, they were complete lifeforms. They had souls that could think and even learn to create, but they were quite mechanized emotionally.

These creatures were most often seen in the [Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus]!

The red-haired pirate let out a sigh.

She looked frustrated. Before she came, she was ready to complete the task perfectly for Soran. But she didn’t expect these results. This was a huge small blow to her confidence. It even made her a little suspicious of her ability.

Her hope now was only for that wizard to have some time to look at the thing she handed over; or else she would have a hard time going back to Soran.

She had never dealt with high-grade spellcasters before.

However, Adele now knew that the high-grade spellcasters were very hard to deal with.

Inside the camp.

Because of the disappearance of the three pirates at night, the pirates showed signs of fear.

Even though Soran ordered the news to be blocked, the subordinates still knew it was something about the shadow plane. For ordinary people, supernatural things were very rare, and things across this material plane were more of legends. The shadow plane was quite strange to the pirates; many of them didn’t know what the shadow plane was at all thus they were scared.

The knowledge of the different planes was a very distant thing because, in addition to the wizards and other spellcasters, many people would have to wait until they were close to the realm of quasi legends before they would come across the other planes.

Soran’s knowledge of the other planes was also very limited!

He had not explored many of the other planes but was quite familiar with the shadow plane.

This was the core plane that connects the material world. Like the spirit world, it overlapped the material plane. They were like two pieces of paper that were overlapped. They are about the same size, but one is on the top and the other is on the bottom; there is a slight difference between the two. The shadow plane belonged to the semi-material plane, which contained a lot of semi energy lifeforms; thus it was more connected with the material plane. The spiritual realm would be an energy plane, in which there were few lifeforms of flesh and blood; many of which were spiritualized existence, that was, complete energy lifeforms. The spiritual realm was also connected much more with the realm of the dead.

Many wizards had spells to allow souls to enter the spirit realm; some may even directly change into a spirit form.

All these spells were somewhat like astral projection!

The material plane, semi-material plane, and soul energy plane were the three core layers of paper. Outside these three layers were the other planes of the multiverse, and all of them were wrapped in an endless ocean of stars. Soran knew very little about star travel, but he knew that if not legendary, it was suicidal to star travel. Most of the time, the astral projection would be used to travel into other stars, instead of traveling with their physical bodies; the different planes were very dangerous.

Soran returned to the hall.

The pirate heads were summoned by him, and then assigned tasks one by one. Soran’s face did not change at all, as if what had happened last night was nothing at all. As the core of the camp, he must be as stable as Mount Tai all the time, so that the people below could do things at ease.

Time passed quickly.

The order in the camp seemed to have been restored; except that there was an area where no one was allowed to approach. Everything else was almost the same as in the past. Slaves were busy working while the pirates were speeding up construction. Some of the aboriginal captives captured yesterday had already begun to work, and there were more guards to guard them.

“Big brother!”

Vivian’s petite figure appeared in the hall, she seemed to have just woken up. She raised her little white hand and rubbed the corner of her eyes, asking, “What happened? Why is that place sealed off? ”

Soran looked at the little girl who had just woken up. A rare smile appeared on his face, and he said simply, “That area is connected to the shadow plane. Last night, three men were missing and I found a shadow crack there early in the morning. Inside, I saw a complete wizard tower. ”

“Vivian! Do you think you could enter the wizard tower?”

The little girl pondered Soran’s words and looked serious. After thinking for a moment, she said seriously, “Big brother! Wizard towers are quite dangerous, especially a complete one. Even the two of us may not be able to crack its defense programs. If it’s a complete wizard tower, I suggest you invite sister Gloria. ”

“I’m afraid only she would be able to unlock the most important things inside.”