Abyss Domination

Chapter 272 - Shadow Tower

Chapter 272: Chapter 85 Shadow Tower

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A day’s time passed quickly.

In order to transport these indigenous slaves back, Soran mobilized three large ships. Fearing that the indigenous captives would resist, they could only transport about 100 people in batches. In this way, it basically went back and forth several times, and the total number of captives was 1056. As long as they could be controlled, the progress of Soran’s construction would be greatly accelerated, and the trouble of transporting slaves from the Port Tylon could be avoided.

Batches of people were sent back.

By the time Soran finished his work, it was already dark, and there was a sudden increase of more than a thousand people in the camp. Both the need for space and food became tense. Fortunately, there were still a lot of rations within the aboriginal tribe. It should be no problem for Soran to support them for about two or three months. Because of the large number of indigenous captives, Soran had to have them kept under strict supervision. All the captives were divided into three different areas and kept under supervision at night by 50 to 60 people in each place.

Even the Drows were assigned to guard the indigenous captives.

These people were troublesome to their bones!

If they could be subdued, it would be the best. If they could not be subdued, Soran was ready to kill all of them. At least he could get tens of thousands of Slaughter EXP.

Manpower was really important in the relatively barren era!

Logically speaking, there should not be any problems with Soran’s strict arrangement.

Because throughout the night, he almost did not even sleep much, but just closed his eyes for about three hours. There were only 300 Pirates and 30 Drows in the camp, but the number of slave captives had reached more than 1300. In this case, it was difficult for Soran to rest at ease. He was even ready to use cruel means to suppress the resistance of the captives. But the real problem was not the captive indigenous people, nor the slaves they brought.

But Soran’s own men!

His men were missing.

It was not just one that was missing. In the middle of the night, three people suddenly disappeared. The pirate who was responsible for keeping watch on the fenced tower smacked his chest and ensured that no one came in or out at night, and no one was near the fence. But just like that, three of Soran’s men still went missing. They disappeared completely for no reason, leaving no traces. The pirate subordinate who was in charge of handing over the shift to them said that the three men only had half-assed fighting skills and had completely disappeared from the camp.

“How could it be?”

Soran sat in the hall in the middle of the night, frowned and listened to the cyclops report. He murmured: “How could three fine living grown adults suddenly disappear?”

They were pirates who had experienced many battles. At least they had second-grade strength.

Gone so strangely!

I’m afraid it’s not possible by conventional means at all.

“Keep looking!”

Soran looked at his men in front of him and said in a deep voice: “Search the whole camp. I don’t believe that the three living people will disappear for no reason!”

The cyclops below nodded, and then the pirates set up their torches.

Groups of people began to circle in the camp. The sudden movement also made the captives a little restless, but no one was reckless. The notion of slavery etched within the lower class indigenous people was still relatively high. One by one, pirate subordinates were scattered all over the camp. Some people searched outside the fence, but there were still no traces. Half an hour later, many people had returned to their original places, but they could not find any traces, and there were also no traces heading outside.

As for the footprints within the camp, it was too messy to trace!

Time went on, bit by bit.

Since no one was found, Soran would naturally have to let his subordinates take a rest. But he seemed to have some pressure on his heart. He kept feeling that something was wrong.

Soran could not sleep in this situation, so he sat in the hall until there was a little light in the sky, but at this time, Soran suddenly heard a little commotion and noise coming from the outside, and then some people were exclaiming and screaming. Originally, he had been sitting in the chair, but almost in the blink of an eye, the afterimage of Soran’s figure could be seen. He rushed to the place where the commotion happened at an amazing speed. In front of his eyes, he saw a group of patrolling pirates. These pirates clung to a man with all hands. In front of them, there were subordinates shouting and waving swords, as if they were blocking something from approaching.

The scent of blood!

Soran frowned and made a leap, with his toes tapping on the wall of the house, his entire body flew like an eagle and landed in front of the group of pirate subordinates. Soran was shocked by what he saw in front of him, and then a cold sword light appeared in the palm of his hand. Without hesitation, he chopped towards the vague shadow.


The space in front of Soran was like a distorted picture. Under the shadow of the house, there was a gray crack. There were three to five distorted shadows and two disfigured corpses in it. From the features, scars, clothes and so on, these corpses were almost certainly the pirates under Soran.

Shadow cracks!

The spatial channel connecting the shadow plane had appeared for some reason. With the supernatural spatial ability, it might have directly sucked in people nearby into the shadow plane. Most of these shadow cracks would appear wherever there was a strong connection with the material plane, and there were supernatural forces to maintain the operation of these cracks. Most of the time, they would appear at a specific time, and then when an energy shift occurred, these shadow cracks would gradually disappear.

“Back off!”

Soran gave a stern warning to the men around him. Then he jumped up and went straight through the shadow cracks.

— “Sword Form: Spinning Strike!”

The Curved Sword in his hand slashed through forming lines of cold light, avoiding the distorted shadow nearby. Then kicked the bodies of two pirates, kicking them into the air from the shadow plane to the material plane.


Two corpses landed.

The space of shadow crack seemed to be closing gradually because the sky had begun to lighten, Soran’s eyes appeared a row of data, but he had no energy to check at this time. At the moment, what appeared in front of him had already shocked his mind. His entire body could not help being stupefied for a moment. Then he regained his composure, and suddenly he fiercely stamped his foot to return to the material plane from the shadow plane through the crack that was gradually closing.

At the moment of returning to the material plane, Soran looked deeply ahead of him.

It was a tower that went straight up into the sky!

A nearly intact Wizard Tower, with a gray stone wall, was no more than three kilometers away. Its location and direction were similar to those of the mutant plants found in Soran’s memory.

The only difference was in the material plane, it was a ruin, while in the shadow plane it was a complete Wizard Tower!