Abyss Domination

Chapter 271 - Dark Arts

Chapter 271: Chapter 84 Dark Arts

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It was about ten o’clock in the morning.

The first batch of indigenous slaves were transported back to the camp. All the other pirates who did not participate in the battle looked at them curiously and excitedly, watching the slaves being dragged out from the ship group by group. These indigenous slaves were all short, with black skin and rickets. It was unknown if they were born in this way or it was caused by their living habits. The pirates kicked and shoved the indigenous slaves down, and then all of them were locked within the camp’s cages.

These slaves could not start working immediately. Qualified slaves had to be professionally domesticated.

The slaves who were originally transported by Soran were still busy with their work. After seeing the captured slaves, they could not help but show their curiosity and started gloating. But they did not harbor much pity nor had any sympathy because there were not that many people in the world who were full of compassion. Otherwise, Paladins would have became a spiritual symbol. Strictly speaking, this was an era of moral corruption. No matter the aristocracy or the rich, their lives were more luxurious yet cruel. Even the poor in the lower class were not necessarily kind-hearted. Because of their hard lifestyle, many of them were gradually influenced, filled with resentment and extremity, but there was no opportunity for them to be evil.

Otherwise, no one would have used Paladins as their own weapon.

These sorts of situations would always continue to recur. Everytime traces of a devil appeared, their words of provocation would sow hatred in the hearts of these lower class poor people, and would eventually turn into a widespread riot and rebellion. This was always the premonition of the beginning of the turbulent period. When the rebellion and riots happened, it would have been very close to the arrival of the Avatar Crisis.

Vivian’s figure appeared on the deck, and the little girl seemed to be indifferent to everything in front of her.

Although she was a very kind little girl that was compassionate to other people, as long as things involved Soran, her concept of virtue would be that “older brother is always right”. So she just looked at it calmly, and then she turned to enter her room. The other guy in her head was about to start threatening her soon. So much so that the little girl wanted to pull her out and give her a beating on her ass. Just like how if she occasionally made a mistake and Soran would give her a few spanks.


The little girl frowned, raised her little white hand and knocked her own forehead. She said to herself: “What are you being so crazy about! Be quiet! ”

She knocked her own forehead.

At the moment, the little girl looked a little silly yet cute. Anyone that saw her would have laughed.

“Have you felt it yet!? How about now?!”

Lillian’s voice seemed very excited, as if she had found some big secret. In Vivian’s mind, she threateningly said: “Don’t you feel it? You really didn’t feel it? You are an idiot indeed! Hahaha!…. Sure enough, older brother and I are the closest!…. Is it only I can feel it?!… ”

Vivian’s lovely little face was a little angry, as if she was unhappy. She went: “Lillian! What are you so crazy about! If you have something to say, hurry up!… ”

“If that’s the case, I’ll lock you up. You must know, I’m in control of my body now.”

Lillian was finally more well-behaved.

There wasn’t a choice.

Although her strength was stronger between the two of them, Vivian was still the one in control after all. She was born with a stronger control of the body than her, especially after Vivian also began to master the divine power. Lillian seemed to be holding her breath, but she did not dare to openly contradict her, just like a bear child who was completely suppressed by her parents, holding her breath: “An idiot indeed!…. You didn’t even find out that older brother had already integrated the bear spirit’s divinity! ”

“Older brother also seems to have become a child of God too!…”

At last, she finally realized something.

In the past, although Soran also killed the Son of Fear, he only absorbed the divinity, and the divine power was transferred to Vivian. Therefore, neither of the two girls realized the difference in Soran. They just thought that the divine power after killing the Son of Fear was transferred to themselves, but it was not complete. But, after what happened when dealing with the Bear Spirit made Lilian realized something. That there was no divine power transferred, and the divinity was directly integrated with Soran.

“Child of God?”

Vivian thought for a while, then frowned her eyebrows, and murmured: “Older brother is also a Child of God? But why isn’t he like us? Why does it seem like he had no divine power within him?… ”

The room went silent.

Vivian and Lillian seemed to have thought of something else, both of them were in the midst of thinking.

Soran could absorb divinity!

But was he considered a Child of God?

Even Lilian was not so sure about it!

On the other side.

The indigenous people’s grounds had been burned to ashes, and Soran had some of his men watch over the indigenous captives, and ordered the leader of the Drow Warriors. Dark Blade-Andri’s expression was a little hesitant, as if he was not willing to execute Soran’s request, but he could not refuse it either. At last, he could only reply: “Your Excellency! We have sworn to give up our faith in the Queen of Spiders, Lolth, so we have abandoned many skills that were too cruel. I’m afraid your request would put us in a very difficult spot!”

“Is it?” Soran’s face revealed a little amusement, he slowly said: “The Dark Maiden has already fallen for so long. Has your faith still remained intact? Without the magic spells given by the Gods, your decline is almost inevitable! Are you still pedantic on the pursuit of your so-called “good”? Haven’t you seen through the true nature of the world after wandering on the earth for so long?”

“Being “good” needs to be supported with power.”

“If there was no power, goodness would only become a gullible weakness! You people have already declined so much. Do you want to abandon these important skills handed down by the Drows? They may be evil and cruel, but at least they can sustain your group, right? ”

“Look at these indigenous people.”

“If we don’t find a way to make ourselves stronger, it would be hard for us to survive here for a long time!”

Soran’s words were like a devil’s temptation. Dark Blade-Andri’s face revealed a struggling expression. The present Lord was tempting them to fall again and find some evil traditions that have been abandoned. Those bloody, cruel and merciless means were the key to the Drow’s fame in the Underdark. They gave up many cruel means when they were searching for goodness and the surface world. These included extremely cruel criminal law and various means of controlling slavery.


Soran raised his hand and pointed to the indigenous slaves in front of him. His passionately went: “There are nearly a thousand people here. They can work for us, provide us with food, build cities for us, and cultivate some craftsmanship in the future. What we need can be brought to us by these people. Do you still expect the warriors in the community to work? ”

“I’ve been to the Underdark.”

“I know very clearly how evil and cruel the practices were within the Drows, and I hate merciless killing. But those are wills that were forcefully twisted in order to please the Queen of Spiders. We can get rid of the practice of pleasing the Queen of Spiders and find the oldest Dark Art of the Drows! ”

“So that we can establish our foothold here.”

“Maybe you should ask the female priests in your tribe to come and talk to me. I think they will agree with me.”

The Drows were really strong.

If one understood anything about this race, they would find that every family of the Drows were in a cruel internal struggle. Sometimes, even children and brothers killing each other. Then, when one open their eyes to see again, they would find that every family of the Drows were fighting internally, every family in every city were still fighting each other, and the city was still fighting against another city. With this ever ongoing fighting, the Drows could still control the whole Underdark area and become the most powerful force. They could also send elite troops to attack and harass the surface elves from time to time.

One could imagine how strong they were!

Anyone who knew anything about the practices of the Drows could clearly feel that they were a species that spelt death, and the cruel rule under the Queen of Spiders was also quite deathly. But it was just like this that they were constantly deathly, no matter under the Queen of Spiders or Drows themselves, they were getting stronger step by step. When Soran traversed in the Underdark with other people, there was only one intuitive view in his mind. That was, if the Drow families and the Drow cities were united, a powerful and frightening army could be formed in an instant!

In the Underdark, the attack on the surface elves was carried out by a Drow city.

In other words.

Drows fought city by city. Little to none of the Drow cities had alliances that went together. It was unknown what the Queen of Spiders was thinking. In any way, she always encouraged the cruel struggles within the Drows. Maybe she thought that it would have entertained her and made her happy.

Punishment, slavery, and assassination.

The Dark Arts of Drows. These were useful skills that Soran valued. They were much crueler than pirates, more professional than slavers, especially the female priests within the Drows, who were experts in their own wright.

Soran needed those evil means!

Otherwise, it would have taken a long time for him to control these indigenous slaves. Within the entire Underdark, the Drows controlled the slaves only by means of Mind Flayers, which was more skillful than the Beholders whom controlled by magic. Every Drow city had a large number of slave groups whose Dark Arts were a culmination of a long time.

Of course.

Their evil had also manifested in prostitution, chaos, depravity, taboos and so on.

What Dark Blade-Andri was worried about, was that once the door of evil was opened, his people would return to their original lives. Unless there was a strong external force to force them out of the abyss of total depravity. Otherwise, he was afraid that the practices of assassination amongst the Drows would gradually revive.

It would be hard for people to change for the better. But, changing for the worse would just happen almost instantaneously.