Chapter 270: Chapter 83 Captive Slaves

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The sky started to get brighter.

There was a lot of crying within the indigenous tribe. Many houses had been swept away. The ground was in a mess, and there were many bloodstains that were not dried and bodies around. The strong smell of blood attracted many dangerous beasts, but they were still smart not to approach after seeing the village in front of them. Heaps of hides, belongings, and swords were collected, all piled up in front of the chieftain’s residence in the center, and there were a lot of gold and silverwares among them. Native people like to use gold and silver to show their status.

At the empty space in the middle, there was a heap of black human heads.

All the weapons were collected, and the captured natives were separated into women, children, and adult men. Then, their arms were tied together with ropes one by one. There were not many old people amongst the indigenous people, because their average life expectancy was less than 40 years old. Most of the indigenous people were adults, and the children who have passed the age of 14 here were also considered adults. Last night’s battle did not make them forget, the blood on the ground filled the indigenous people with fear, especially their gazes at Soran, which seemed to be looking at a terrifying existence!

After killing the spirit, the battle soon ended.

There were basically no accidents. Ordinary indigenous fighters could not resist Soran’s attack. Although he was just in the field of high-grade professions, he was not uncertain about the odds against legendary creatures. The number of captives had not yet been counted, but there should be around 800 to 900 at the beginning. After all, there were only a few people who escaped last night. Those Drow Warriors quickly controlled the situation. After all, Drows were also a race that heavily depended on slaves.

“Sure enough!”

Soran looked at the busy man in front of him and said to himself: “The capabilities of the Drows are really better than the pirates.”

Whether it was discipline during battles or the process of capturing slaves, Drow Warriors were utterly superior to Soran’s elite pirates. The Drows’ society was supported by slaves, so they were also adept at how to control slaves. But the best way to enslave other races in the world was the Mind Flayers. That kind of creature was born to control the other races. Drows were more proficient at Dark Arts, but for Soran, their capabilities were much better than pirates.

“Your Excellency!”

A one-eyed pirate came to Soran’s face, leaned over slightly and said respectfully: “We have finished tabulating.”

Soran looked at him and asked: “How’re the casualties?”

The cyclops turned his head and looked at the back. He felt guilty and said in a low voice: “Twenty-six people died and forty-two were injured. The rest were basically minor injuries. For those who could not be saved, I have already sent them on their way.”

So many casualties?!

Soran’s expression was not very pleasant. He turned around and looked at the Drows. Dark Blade-Andri was collecting his companions’ body. Three drow warriors were killed in battle. Most of the others were injured. The gap between the two was too far. This was the difference between disciplined and undisciplined fighting. Nearly 30 elite pirates have died. If they were replaced with other pirates, their morale might have been lost. Looking back at the Drows, there were only three dead, and only ten wounded.

It seemed that in a large-scale battle, the strength of the pirates was not so good.

“Fire the signal and have them come over!”

Soran looked at the cyclops in front of him and said in a deep voice: “Ship these slaves back, first the children and women, then the adults. Let the people in the camp come to take care of it. If there are any strange motives, just kill them! ”

Indigenous tribes did not have much wealth.

All the spoils roughly add up to the value of 10,000 to 20,000 Gold Dehrals. This also included the value of their accumulated fur goods, which could only be exchanged for money when they were transported to the south coast, where they were considered common household goods. Most of the aborigines captured were ordinary people, but there were also a small number of professions. These people were strictly guarded, and the name was only about 50 to 60 of them. As for the original chiefs and nobles, they had already been slaughtered by Soran a long time ago.

These indigenous people of high status must not be left alive. They must all be killed to have better control!

The pirates started to get busy.

One by one, the ferocious pirates kicked and shoved the indigenous slaves. Last night, they had just killed a lot of their pirate brothers, and naturally, their temper was not very good now. Soran had no sympathy either. He just warned them not to break the slaves, because these were the important assets that he needed. A long rope tied up the wrists of the indigenous slaves, and one by one, they were dragged along like animals. The warships had stopped in the river ahead, and the slaves would soon be transported back to the camp.

“Light ’em up!”

Soran looked at the ruined village and said in a deep voice: “Have them all burned to dust!”

A raging fire broke out.

Many indigenous people howled at the sight of it. Their former home turned into a sea of fire. Now they did not even have a place they belong to anymore. Seeing their tribe completely burned to ashes by the fire, many indigenous people were angry, but even more of them turned numb as if they had lost hope and have let the pirates take control of them as they boarded the ship. They were homeless, their tribe had been destroyed, and they were now slaves and goods. They lost a place where they belonged, they have no hope, no more choices, and no courage to even resist.

A thick plume of smoke rose.

Soran looked at the burning village before him, then turned around to see a line of slaves tied up with ropes. A smile appeared on his face.

He finally had a foothold on the Outer Islands!

This island was his territory. Unless he actively challenged other aboriginal tribes, their chances of attacking Soran would be greatly reduced. At this time, he finally had the time to develop slowly, and the slaves of nearly a thousand people would also provide him with a large amount of labor. The progress of the construction of the camp would be greatly accelerated.

“It’s a pity… These arable lands…”

Standing on a high slope, Soran looked at the cultivated land near the tribe. He could not help but go on: “These arable lands are matured after years of cultivation, and there are specially dug ditches. Although the area is not very large, it is also valuable. It’s a pity that the place where we developed is not here. The rivers here are not very convenient to connect to the sea though. We can only give up all these cultivated land.”

Arable land could be reclaimed.

However, the location of the natural port was difficult to be changed by manpower. Soran could not change his plans for such little land.

His powers could not be stretched, because the Outer Islands were still very dangerous!