Chapter 269: Chapter 82 [10 feet Telepathy]

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Overall attributes +1!

After Soran acquired the [Minor Divinity], he looked totally different. Although his appearance was still the same as the original one, the temperament of his entire person was somewhat deified. If we wanted to use the eastern way to describe it, he exuded a breath of “harmony between man and nature,” but this breath was obviously the “harmony between man and nature” of the way of the devil. Soran originally had some delicate looks, but now his temperament seemed to have a trace of the demonic charm to it. This is hard to describe with words, but it was a real change.

This change in breath would be easy to attract ordinary mortals!

The strength of the abyss demons were largely due to the divine power they are born with. Basically, the high-grade demons in the abyss had a trace of divinity. The power of divinity could be gradually accumulated, so the struggle between high-grade demons was also very cruel, and even had many beings strengthening their power by plundering the divinity of others. It was almost an endless army of demons. It was inevitably the best targets to plunder divinity. Unfortunately, only a few people managed to succeed in the end.

It would be necessary to mention ancient history here.

It would be the [Lord of the Hells] – Asmodeus, one of the oldest beings in the world!

It was said that when he was born, it was because of the emergence of the source of chaos. Actually, there were barely a few clear records regarding that period of history. It was only known that there were demons within the source of chaos, that were, the first army of demons. It was the oldest demonic legion, many of which were burning in flames. It was the progenitor legion of the current third generation of Tanaric Demons, a terrible creature born from the source of chaos. The demons came across space without any invitation, which severely threatened the most ancient group of gods at that time, the Order of the Ancient Gods, that had only a few records.

The battle lasted for quite a long time.

The Order of the Ancient Gods grew tired of this endless war, so they began to create a creature to help them fight against the demonic army.

Those creatures were angels.

Of course, Soran preferred to call them — “Planetar”!

Among these fighters with such beautiful wings, Asmodeus was the bravest and the most beautiful one. He killed more demons than any other angel or even any God. But as the ages went on, Asmodeus and other Battle Angels began to get stained with some of the characteristics of their enemies. Gradually, their original beautiful appearance became ugly, and the Order of the Ancient Gods and other angels began to fear them!

They were devouring and fusing with the divinity of the primitive demons.

Even though this process was passive, they were still changing day by day. They were getting stronger and stronger day by day. Asmodeus’ power was getting more and more astonishing. Although he was still the servant of the Order of the Ancient Gods, he had begun to use the laws to seek power for himself. His special rights and rewards that he sought from the Order of the Ancient Gods gradually overpowered many other gods.

The demonic divinity was further eroding their bodies, and Asmodeus and the oldest group of divine servants under him were all changing.

Finally, the devil was born!

Asmodeus became the [Lord of the Hells], the ruler of the devils. The only one who could resist the existence of powerful gods by relying solely on divine power and not on Divine Titles!

It was also possible that he was a rare [Greater Divinity] existence.

On a side note, devils inherited some of the divine abilities of primitive demons, so many of them were completely immune to fire damage, while many of the existing demons were not immune to fire damage.

Regarding Asmodeus, there were many legends.

But this was the one that Soran thought was the most likely to have happened. It was because there were some records in the ancient relics, which recorded the image of Asmodeus battling with the source of chaos. It was an age that was not known, a long time that was way before the bloody war within the abyss. Almost none of the existing gods were ones that had survived from that time. Even many so-called Ancient Gods may not have been born during that time. Including the material plane where Soran was on now. It had not appeared in that period, and the gods born from this material plane were even more unlikely to have existed.

Soran entered the realm of demons.

Although he did not realize it now, he did get closer to the devil’s path after he possessed the [Minor Divinity].

The only difference was that he currently also possess a devil’s breath.

The demons were a crazy existence, and the devil was much calmer. If Soran’s power was closer to the demons now, then his inner was closer to the devils. As the main force of the abyss blood war, the demons and devils were almost irreconcilable enemies. But there was no denying that no matter the third generation of Tanari Demons or the devils who had survived to this day, part of their power originated from the oldest primitive demons, the evil power born within the source of chaos!

A demon was still a demon, and the devils only inherited the evil but still maintained the order. (Literacy [Myth].)

The body of the Bear Spirit dissipated.

There was a gem like amber crystal on the ground, and a divine light appeared in Soren’s eyes.

A row of data emerged:

“You’ve acquired [Minor Divinity]!…”

“The Son of Slaughter lineage gained the blessing of divine power!…. You’ve awakened the potential demonic-like abilities!… ”

“You’ve automatically attained [Minor Fire Resistance]!…. You’ve automatically attained [Minor Poison Resistance]!…. You’ve automatically acquired [Minor Electric Resistance]!… You’ve acquired supernatural ability [10 feet Telepathy]!… ”

Soran’s eyes were full of data.

It might have been because the divine power broke through the critical point, but his eyes began to appear dense numbers of 0s and 1s, and then gradually recovered its peacefulness.

Then, he had an additional three basic resistance abilities and supernatural ability.

“Minor Fire Resistance [Personal Ability]: Minor Divinity gives you some resistance to fire damage. From now on, you are immune to any fire damage below 1 point. Any damage with a fire effect will be reduced by 1 point when attacked by spells or spell-like attacks. With the strengthening of divine power, you will gradually improve your resistance to fire, and may eventually be completely immune to fire damage. ” [Prerequisite: Minor Divinity.]

The three minor resistance abilities were the same.

Unlike Soran’s previous cold resistance, this resistance was not a result of his own training, but a side result of Minor Divinity. It could only be strengthened by the improvement of divine power.

Demons had naturally resistant skin!

In the end, it would possible to be immune to any fire, poison or electric damage. However, most of the demons have lost their oldest lineage. Only those who were considered to be of the purest lineage, the [Balors], could be completely immune to fire, poison, and electric damage. At present, there was not much research. The only thing Soran knew was that almost all primitive demons were immune to fire damage. Balors were one of the more orthodox descendants of demons who had luckily survived.

Lastly, a supernatural power added by divine power!

“10 feet Telepathy [Supernatural Ability]: Divine power gives you supernatural telepathy. The range of influence of this ability will gradually increase with divine power. Telepathy can be used in many situations. It can strengthen your ability in various aspects and can be combined with special perception abilities, such as Sixth Sense, Danger Sense, Extreme Sixth Sense, etc. This ability will gradually increase with divinity level.”

This was a pretty decent supernatural ability.

In some ways, it made up for Soran’s lack of [Danger Sense], but the scope of its influence was too small.

According to Soran’s memory, Balors were born with [100 feet Telepathy].

Speaking of which, he really could not understand how Cui Heitan killed the Balor with Challenge Rating of 20, with a single slash at that time. One must understand that he did not have a higher profession level than the Balor at that time. In a normal situation, even if it was standing still to let him chop as much as he wanted, it would also take half a day for him to chop it to death. One must see how long the Berserker Wizard, Gandalf, fought to kill the Balor. After finishing it off, he directly advanced to White-robed Berserker Wizard Gandalf.

The power of divinity would fuse with the body.

Soran’s pupils glowed with blood. This was not the influence of divine power, but the bloodlust desire of the Slaughter Form!

It was not enough to just kill the Bear Spirit to satisfy his bloodlust desire after becoming a Slaughterer. Soran must kill more enemies to avoid entering the frenzied state of Slaughter Form.

Vivian’s petite figure landed on the ground. She seemed worried as she looked at Soran in front of her, who was filled with a murderous aura.

At this moment, Soran saw the real face of the Shaman priest. He was a very skinny natural gnome and was not young. No wonder he was so cunning and would not come out. But in the end, he died under Vivian’s hands, because the strength gap between the two was too obvious. There were a few legendary professions within the indigenous tribe, most of them were spirits that would only appear within the tribe’s boundaries like the Earthbound Spirits.


Soran took a look at the surroundings and said in a deep voice: “Let’s head over and help them!”

Although the spirit and Shaman priest was killed, the battle did not end. There were still many fighting forces within the indigenous tribe. Soran must suppress them as soon as possible, and have the natives surrender. Otherwise, when the battle was over, the pirates under him would probably have lost more than half. Just now, the proportion of the injured in his ranks had nearly reached one third.

These fools!

If you killed them vigorously, they would howl and charge forward. Even the inferior aborigines started to resist them, but they have yet to find out. Then, they would have been made into dumplings by the thousands of ordinary people. [Discipline -3]