Chapter 268: Overall Attributes +1 (2)

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Sonic Attack.

It was one of the hardest forms of attack to defend against and also the most troublesome style of attack for Rogues.

Regardless if it was the melee professions’ Rage Roar, Warcry, and Fear Roar or the spell casting professions’ Roar, Infrasound Wave, Wail of the Banshee, etc., these attacks were all difficult to defend through conventional means. Unless you were supported with spells that had the ability to defend against sonic attacks, there was only one key factor to decide whether you would be able to defend against these attacks. That was if you had enough Fortitude to pass the Tests of Immunity. As far as sonic attacks were concerned, many of them were like variations of Lion Roar, and had little defensive means.

Even powerful Wizards suffer in this aspect as well!

As soon as he went closer, suddenly there was a Warcry. Without casting spells in advance, It was almost impossible for Spellcasters to only rely on their weak constitution to pass the Test of Immunity.

In actual fact!

Now, even Soran failed to fully pass the Test of Immunity.

The roaring sounds had already made him dizzy and distended. It was like a bombshell had exploded directly beside him, and as if his eardrums were hit by the shockwave, making it bleed. Although he did not pass out, Soran was in a very bad state. He could not even dodge the attacks from the Bear Spirit at all. He got smacked by its paw and flew seven to eight meters away.


Soran’s figure fell to the ground and his chest was slightly sunken. On a conservative account, roughly seven to eight of his ribs were broken. If it was not for the protective energy of Stoneskin on his body, this would have caused nearly 100 damage to his HP. Soran had just recovered a part of his HP by using Vampiric Touch, and it has been reduced again. His whole body had entered into a state of serious injury or worse. However, this attack also sobered him up. Almost without thinking, he activated a legendary item, and at the same time, his whole body dodged the second attack in a languid posture.

— “Summon Earth Elementals!”

— “Conjure Shadows!”

A gate connecting to the Elemental plane soon appeared, followed by a heavy Earth Elemental.


The Earth Elemental smashed its fist on the body of the Bear Spirit which temporarily attracted its attention. At the same time, within the twisted shadows, a human shadow that seems to have appeared directly attacked the Bear Spirit. Soran’s two summoning spells were cast very quickly. One was an ability to summon a legendary item, and the other was the supernatural ability possessed by a shadow dancer. The attack of the two summoned creatures obviously slowed down the Bear Spirit, and gained precious time for Soran.

He finally got rid of the negative state caused by the sonic attack.

Although he was in a state of serious injury, Soran was still full of fighting spirit because the Bear Spirit in front of him has also been cut by him for more than ten times. The shadow erosion effect of Shadowstrike has also caused one to two hundred damage to the enemy. In other words, the injury of the Bear Spirit was nowhere better than that of Soran. The intelligence of the Spirit Creatures was not too high. If it launched its own big moves, it would have also meant that it felt danger.

Soran dare not fight it head-on, but it did not mean he had no other ways.

Only having seen the Curved Sword in Soran’s hand disappearing, and then a beautiful Elven War Bow appeared in the palm of his hand. He took out the quiver and put it on his back. Once he engaged the bow with an arrow, he shot directly at the head of the Bear Spirit. With Soran’s dexterity, it was impossible for the opponent to keep up with him if he tried to keep his distance unless it used its Roar attack again.

——”Turn stone into mud!”

When Soran shot at the Bear Spirit, Vivian’s small figure appeared in the air. She raised her little white hand and pointed at the direction of the Bear Spirit. Then, the hard and solid ground turned into mud. The huge body of the Bear Spirit sank. It took a long time to climb out of it. This level five spell had a lot of uses. The usage depends entirely on how the user wants it to be. Soran used to ask Wizards to help him arrange huge traps with this sort of magic.


Soran shot five to six arrows in succession, and then pulled out the Curved Sword. There was no special arrow in his hand–Only an ordinary steel arrow that could not do much damage to the Bear Spirit. If one wanted to fly a kite, one would need to be able to break through its defense. One would at least need to have more than 20 Blast Arrows, Ice Arrows, Poison Arrows, etc. with them so that they could kill some powerful enemies by flying a kite. Ordinary arrows could only rely on the +2 armor piercing attribute of the Spirit War Bow to cause two to three damage. It would be very difficult to kill the Bear Spirit, and could only be used to exhaust a little HP of the other party.

— “Missile Storm!”

— “Acid Arrow *2!”

— “Fire Bolt *3!”

Vivian was using the Turn Stone into Mud to trap the Bear Spirit and have started to cast it continuously. It seemed that the little girl had much more experience in fighting than before. She actually judged in advance that it was difficult to control the Bear Spirit in front of her using ordinary magic as it was a divine creature. From its appearance, it could be deduced that it had quite a powerful immunity ability. That was why Vivian’s chosen magic was control magic that has a control effect, Turn Stone into Mud. Many of Sorcerer’s magic did not have to be control types to be able to limit their enemy’s mobility.

A deluge of spell attacks descended.

Part of it was offset by the magic resistance of the Bear Spirit, but the other part still managed to seriously injure its body, especially the attack of Acid Arrow and Fire Bolt, which caused quite a shocking amount of damage to it!

Soran’s figure also rushed up at this time.

The shadow was biting and attacking around the Bear Spirit. Since it was a shadow, its health held little weight. Although the Earth Elemental was nearly broken by a slap, it still had a third of its combat power.


Soran, with his hands holding a knife, slashed towards the head of the Bear Spirit where it had already been in a near-death state after being bombarded with Vivian’s spells. Finally, it ended after a round of attacks, and was directly chopped down by Soran’s Behead attack!

A head of a bear landed, but there was no blood gushing out. The body of the Bear Spirit in front of Soran quickly dissipated, just like fireworks, disappearing into the light under the sky.

That was the power of Elementals!

A fairly pure elemental energy, it had been made using this energy with its body in a semi energetic form.

The energy dissipated.

Some of them have condensed and became a crystal-like substance. This was a crystal stone that was created after a highly condensed elemental energy, a rare item. In addition to legendary creatures that would stay, only the elemental plane could find part of it, which was an important material for many Casters.

A row of data emerged:

“You’ve used Behead!”

“Behead successful!… You’ve dealt 49 Slash Damage to the target!…. Target eliminated!… ”

“You’ve received 7500 Slaughter Experience Points.”

“Target was a divine creature!”

“Automatically extracting divine energy from the target!…”

“You’ve acquired 2 divine points.”

Energy full of divinity emerged and gradually integrated into Soran’s body. He originally had 9 divinity points, and now he has accumulated 11 divinity points. It was not known if it was because the Bear Spirit did not have too much wisdom. Because Soran did not feel a strong will within this divine energy. Instead, it was like a kind of confused and hazy pan consciousness. It was as if, through the prayers of many people finally formed a body with a simple consciousness.

This consciousness was quite weak.

Because it did not have much concept of self, compared to the will of the Dread Lord, it could be totally be ignored!

Soran swallowed it without hesitation.

Then, he saw a radiance of divinity in his eyes, followed by a series of data emerging:

“Fusing divine points!”

“Divine fusion successful!…. You’ve acquired 2 divine points!… Currently, you have a total of 11 divine points!…”

“You’ve automatically acquired [Minor Divinity] talents.”

“Minor Divinity [Gifted Ability]: Your body has acquired the power of Minor Divinity. Although this divine power would be nothing to many powerful beings, it would gradually lead you into the realm of transcendence. Due to your own ability, the transformation of your divinity would be inclined to the lower levels, so the effect of your Minor Divinity would be similar to that of other higher grade demons born with divine power. This divine power would gradually strengthen as your divine points increase! ” [Overall Attributes + 1]