Chapter 267: Chapter 80 All Attributes +1 (Part 1)

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Bear Spirit.

A kind of Spirit that was mainly created from totem worship. Although its external manifestation was a bear, in fact, most of the Spirits were intelligent beasts. They were life forms made up of half energy, which was similar to Saints. However, they were not as powerful as Saints. The creature in front of Soran was a Spirit Bear. The aborigines liked to worship fierce beasts. Maybe it was because their ancestors had some interaction with some beasts. That is why they worshipped some beasts as totems.

The most common totems were wolves, bears, tigers, eagles, snakes, and etc. Soran didn’t know much about totem belief, but he knew that there was a totem belief of indigenous tribes that shouldn’t be easily provoked; that was, the tribe that takes insects as totem belief. This kind of aboriginal tribe was quite difficult to deal with. They may not have a large number of people, and their strength may not seem very strong; however, they were more dangerous than larger tribes. Many legendary professions even fell into their hands.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

The body size of the Spirit Bear was huge, which naturally gave Soran enough opportunities to attack. However, the rare grade 1 curved sword in his hand did not seem to cause any damage to the Spirit Bear; only his curved blade Icingdeath could break the strange energy field of the enemy. Since the opponent was a semi energy lifeform, it had no lethal points. It was also immune to any Backstab ability. The only thing that could work on them was critical hit damage. However, no critical hit could trigger a Test of Death!


Soran turned around to avoid the huge bear’s paw, and said in a deep voice, “go to deal with the shaman priest first! I will deal with the Spirit Bear! ”

Soran didn’t know how powerful the Spirit Bear was.

The bear’s paw created a gust of wind when the bear swung it; this made Soran thought about the legendary eastern thousand-year Black Bear Spirit. But even though the Spirit Bear seemed very difficult to deal with, Soran was most afraid of the shaman priest who hasn’t appeared. His vast combat experience made him realize how much a spellcaster could change the tide of a battle; thus his first thought was to let Vivian deal with the shaman priest.

Even if the opponent may not yet reach a professional level of 15!

The little girl didn’t think too much. Raising her hand she shot out a ball of fire which blew down the door of the house and destroyed half of the wall. Vivian continuously increased several magic defenses on herself, and then carefully flew in. The enemy seemed very cunning and had not shown himself at all. However, there was no fear in the little girl’s heart, because any scheme would be useless in the face of absolute power; It was almost difficult for a legendary spellcaster to lose to a non-legendary spellcaster.


Soran dodged five attacks of the Spirit Bear and was finally forced to a corner. Without any choice, he could only block the bear’s attack with his sword.

Soran’s figure was shot out. Before he landed, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His body slammed into a wall. Even with his extraordinary Constitution of 21, he felt that his viscera were moved. The power of the Spirit Bear exceeds Soran’s estimate. Just then, the bear’s attack had caused serious injury to Soran.


Soran coughed after landing, and a trace of blood seeped from the corner of his mouth. The Spirit Bear did not hesitate at all. After striking Soran with its paws, it rushed over and opened its mouth to attack Soran. The damage of the bear paw caused nearly 50 bruise damage on Soran’s body, which was higher than a frontal slash. Soran estimated that the Spirit Bear’s strength was about 27, maybe even close to 30.

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

“Slaughter form!”

Soran’s figure disappeared instantly, his whole body was hidden in the shadow. The bear’s huge body rushed over. Because of the sudden disappearance of the target, it could not stop the momentum of the forward rush; it directly knocked down the house in front of it. At this time, Soran’s figure also appeared as a distorted shadow. There was only one curved sword left in his hand. As the bear rushed forward with great momentum, Soran appeared behind and was going to stab it in its ass!

Even if the attack wasn’t fatal, it would still cause great damage!

He stabbed the Spirit Bear. With the increased Strength of the Slaughter form and Draconic Strength, Soran was able to stab the whole sword in. However, he didn’t feel like he had stabbed into the gut. Instead, he felt like he had stabbed into a tough muscle layer, which made Soran doubt that the Spirit Bear had internal organs. It seemed that the bear only had the body outline of a bear, but lacked internal organs.


Although he failed to achieve the critical hit effect, Soran’s attack inadvertently enraged the Spirit Bear and also caused a lot of damage to it. The weak spots of Spirits were very special; requiring the ability to Expose Weakness to accurately find it. Though Soran couldn’t get a critical hit, the damage dealt was greater than in other areas.

Even in the Slaughter form, Soran still dare not fight against the Spirit Bear head-on. Because the power of animals was far greater than that of humans. An ordinary brown bear could kill an adult in an instant, while a large adult brown bear could break the back of a bison with its front paw. The power of the Spirit Bear was even more terrifying. There was only one gorilla nicknamed “The Great King Kong” in the whole outer islands that could compete with it in strength! (Literacy [biology] – Silver backed mutant King-Kong.)

Soran pulled out the curved sword.

There was no blood on Soran’s Sword; it seemed that the Spirit Bear had no blood. With a roar of anger, the bear’s paw swept in. Soran dared not face it head-on but dodged it. At the same time, he stretched out his hand and slapped it on the back of the bear.

“Vampiric Touch!”

Spells were still effective since the bear was not a deity.

With the conversion of energy, a Spirit creature could not only be immune to any non-rare grade weapon but also immune to many low-level spell attacks. This was due to the accumulation of spell resistance. If a legendary figure had high enough spell resistance, it could also offset many lower spell effects. The spell Vampiric Touch directly stole the target’s life energy; the Spirit Bear suffered all the damage, while Soran regained some health.

A pure form of life energy flowed into Soran’s body, recovering his body greatly!


Soran could only evade and strike. Fortunately, all creatures with too much power were clumsy and heavy when they moved. The Strength of the Spirit Bear was higher than that of many Giants, but its Dexterity was the level of normal people. Soran could injure it little by little as long as he paid attention not to be blocked in a corner. The damage of the Spirit Bear could reach about 80, which was equivalent to Kai attack of a legendary Sword Saint. Soran could only take three attacks at most.

There was an explosion in the house. Soran could not be distracted to observe the situation there. He could only take a look when he dodged. Vivian seemed to have met with a little trouble, but Soran felt that the little girl was not hurt. It’s just that there were some annoying traps He could feel a trace of anger in the little girl’s heart.

Soran was a level 10 Rogue which means that every time he used Shadowstrike it would leave 10 shadow corrosive damage to the bear.


Another explosion. Soran could not recognize the spell level, but he could feel the elemental energy of the explosion. The explosion was tremendous, the whole roof was lifted, and rubble was all over the sky. There was also a nauseating smell that seemed to have affected Soran.

Soran’s sword once again slashed the back of the bear. When he was ready to pull away after successfully striking. The Spirit Bear suddenly roared.

“Battle Roar of Spirit Bear [Legendary skill]!”

All of a sudden, Soran was stunned by the roar. His vision was blurred, and his eardrum was bleeding. The roar formed a shock wave as it vibrated and spread like ripples.

A sound attack.

This was what Soran hated and feared the most!