Abyss Domination

Chapter 266 - Surprise attack!

Chapter 266: Chapter 79 Surprise attack!

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Soran returned to his men.

At this time, there was a great difference between the drows and pirates. In terms of fighting capabilities, there wasn’t a huge gap. However, after more than an hour’s wait, the discipline they showed was different. The drows were still silent and without expression, but the pirates were already a little restless. If they hadn’t feared Soran so much, they might have already attacked.

The former reminded Soran of the Underdark. At that time, he realized the cruelty of the drow and the strict discipline of the drow army. But these pirates were already impatient after waiting for more than an hour. They were too undisciplined in the past. Seeing the current situation, Soran immediately had the thought to train them well in the future.

“Let’s move.”

As soon as Soran appeared, the rowdy pirates quickly calmed down.

When he gave the order to move forward, the men immediately began to approach the aboriginal tribe. Vivian cast Fly and Invisibility on herself and flew to the front of the group. Soran didn’t know her capabilities were so great. Soran was envious. Even though the little girl had been sleeping all the time, she still could control her spells so well. On the other hand, Soran could only master the spell Fly.

The drows were still silent, they moved with the group without any noise.

The pirates, on the other hand, made little noises from time to time, and murmured about the bad road; but they were immediately reprimanded by their leaders.

Dark Blade shook his head after seeing this—he didn’t have high hopes for the upcoming battle.

He had made plans to retreat if things don’t turn out well. After all, there were not many warriors in the tribe. The elite and valuable drow warriors should not be used here.

Right now he only hoped that the surprise attack would succeed and that the Throat Cutter would be able to kill some Spirits!

The group got closer and closer.

With a glimmer of light in front of her, Vivian also gradually lowered her flight. The pirates were better, after all, they had seen the little girl fly; the drow warriors, however, were a little scared. The little girl which seemed weak had powers beyond their comprehension.


The first spell she cast was Haste, a team buff spell. It could speed up the movement speed of the people inside the target area.

“Draconic Strength!”

She cast this spell on Soran giving him tremendous fighting power.

The little girl didn’t spend too many Spell Slots on buffs. After finishing a few simple spells, she immediately began to prepare protective spells for herself, and then she nodded her little head towards Soran. Their priority was to kill the shaman priest; they could not give the spellcaster a chance, or they would suffer severe losses.

Soran easily opened the wooden bars of the aboriginal tribe, and then a group of men quietly infiltrated the tribe. The watchman on the sentry tower had been killed by Vivian’s Disintegrate spell, and another one was hit by Soran’s Dire Charm. Because of the spell Haste, the drow warriors were able to enter the tribe quickly. During this period, some of the low-grade aborigines were awakened but their throats were cut before they had the chance to alert others.

No pity, no mercy.

In the blink of an eye, there were now more than ten corpses.

“Don’t bother with the rest!”

Soran looked around at his men and said in a deep voice, “Dark Blade! You and your men raid the chief in the middle of the tribe. I’ll kill the shaman priest, and then I’ll join you! ”

Without knowing when the Spirits would appear, Soran could only kill the shaman priest first.

Soran’s figure escaped directly into the shadow, and then moved toward the courtyard where they had previously confirmed. Vivian’s figure was flying in mid-air, and she had cast on herself Greater Invisibility. The two quickly approach the position of shaman priest. On the other side, Dark Blade was rushing directly to the center of the tribe. As the drows moved, they alerted some of the aborigines. However, no matter men, women, old or young, as long as anyone stood in their path, the drows would kill them.

The drows had no mercy for the aborigines and neither did the pirates!

Soon there were nearly a hundred more corpses. The drows had come close to the center of the tribe, and the sounds they made had awakened some of the native warriors. But many of them were killed by drows before they could pick up their weapons. It was around two in the morning now. Under normal circumstances, most people would be sleeping well. Even when they heard some noise, most of them would not wake up.


The call had awakened the whole village, but it was already too late.

With the drows ability to see at night, they had complete control of the battlefield. Although they were only 30 of them, the number of people they killed in the battle was twice that of the pirates. These were the creatures of the Underdark; not showing the slightest mercy when slaughtering.

“Follow me!”

Dark Blade felt a chance to win and said in a deep voice, “come with me, Rangers! Shoot the guards in front, kill the chieftain of the natives!… ”

The elite pirates had begun to fight with the gradually reacting enemies. The pirates would yell while they fight. Although their momentum was quite amazing, they had alerted more aborigines. Casualties began to appear on their own side. Seven or eight pirates had died, and more than ten were injured in varying degrees. However, the drows only had three injured and no deaths. This was mainly because of their night vision capabilities, making them more adapted to the current battle situation.

The aboriginal fighters were not together. Although they lived in the center of the tribe, they were in separate houses with their wives and children.

Some of the older children had even killed one or two pirates.

On another side.

Soran and Vivian approached the yard of the shaman priest. Just when they reached the yard, the little girl frowned and whispered, “Brother! There’s a weird aura here! I don’t like it! ”

Just as Soran was about to say something, al of a sudden, the house in front of them vibrated, and then a huge thing appeared in front of them. It was a huge brown bear about five meters long. Although it had the appearance of a brown bear, it didn’t have the aura of a living creature. After it appeared, it growled quietly. Then it leaped towards Soran and attacked him with its paws.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran would not be hit so easily. He dodged the attack, and then he swung a pair of swords toward the huge brown bear in front of him. But what surprised him was that Icingdeath in his right hand broke the defense of the bear, but the curved sword in his left hand seemed to have hit a tough energy field and almost no harm was done.

Soran had a stern expression and thought, “A Spirit Bear?!”