Chapter 265: Chapter 78 Eliminating Hidden Guards!

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Under the dark skies.

A warship with black sails entered the river of the island from the sea. Soran was very patient and waited until dark to quietly approach the territory of the aboriginal tribes. This time, he didn’t bring many men out. Even with the drow warriors, there were only 121 men in total. Most of the pirate minions stayed in the camp. To achieve a surprise attack, there must be few people and a strong fighting force. Only elite troops could catch them by surprise.

The night was deep.

Soran and his men disembarked 10 kilometers away from the tribe. The distance was just right; it wasn’t too close to alert the enemy nor was it too far. This time, most of Soran’s men were strange looking. They were either scarred on the face, or piercings on their ears; some of them were even covered with strange tattoos. More than 70% of the pirates were fierce-looking. There was no doubt that they were the elites who had survived the countless battles.

Only the strong among the pirates would survive!

After three battles, the pirates who had survived were not weak. Pirates could level up very quickly; after all, they were professionals. All the pirates brought out by Soran this time were grade 2 or above, among which there were some grade 3 small group leaders. These pirates were far superior to ordinary pirates in terms of their combat experience and equipment. All the pirates had their equipment, thus Soran did not have to purchase equipment for them.

The lowest tier equipment they had was at least standard military-grade equipment; some of them even had rare grade 1 equipment.

The drows then disembarked from the ship.

They looked much better than previously because Soran had supplemented them with equipment. Before he came, he prepared a large number of standard military weapons, enough to arm nearly 300 men. It also included some leather armor and inlaid iron armor. Soran didn’t get better full metal armor because the price of this armor would significantly become more expensive as its tier went up. The drows were now equipped with new leather armor, and a third of their weapons had been replaced.

Since Soran had taken one of their +2 elven battle bows. He had to return the favor!

The overall fighting capability of the group this time was pretty strong. The drows had very strong night vision ability, thus fighting in the night was easy for them. After all, the Underdark was also a place of darkness. Then there were the pirates who had no problem-fighting in darkness.


Soran looked at the others behind him, then gave Vivian a look, and said slowly, “we killed their scout last time, they may have buffed up their defenses. I’ll go to see if there are any secret guards.”

After saying this, he nodded and disappeared into the darkness.

Soran’s figure was completely covered by the night. After entering Sneak, he went close to the aboriginal tribe in front, while the men he brought remained nearly three kilometers away.

Taking out hidden guards!

This was a usual job for a Rogue and Soran was very good at it.

There was a glimmer of light ahead, and Soran approached carefully. Instead of entering the tribe, he circled it very carefully. Soon he noticed a slight movement coming from the grass in the southwest. It was a tiring job to be a night guard, thus staying still and not moving was impossible. Soran quietly went over, and then saw a small aborigine among the tall grass.

The locals of the outer islands were short and were often called monkeys by the pirates.

Soran moved close without any expression.

At a distance of about 15 meters, he suddenly began to speed up, but there was no sound. A faint cold light appeared. Soran covered the guard’s nose and mouth while at the same time, stabbing the guard through the heart. A stream of blood rushed out, and the guard was killed.

A row of data appeared:

“Battle ended!”

“You’ve activated Backstab!… Dealt 86 penetrative damage!… You’ve hit the target’s heart!… Activating the Test of Death!… Target failed the test!… Target has been killed!…”

“You’ve gained 1750 Slaughter EXP!…”

Although Soran didn’t scan the guard, according to the Slaughter EXP obtained, he could roughly judge the level of the opponent; somewhere around grade 3. Due to the lack of knowledge of civilization and the lack of Sorcerer lineage, there were few spellcasters among the indigenous people; most of the spellcasting was concentrated on shaman priests. Some could master Psionics. However, they would usually not appear in such small tribes; they usually appeared in tribes that were way larger.

The probability of a Psionics user being born was less than of a Sorcerer!


Soran let go of the corpse and it fell on the grassy ground.

He went into a state of stealth again and moved along the tribe. Since a hidden guard had been found, there must be more than one nearby. Soran moved carefully; After going around without any discovery, he began to expand the scope and continue to search. If there were secret sentries that were not eliminated and discovered their advance, the effect of the night raid would be greatly reduced. They might even suffer severe losses if he didn’t take out the guards.

Soran had great patience.

After three passes, Soran finally found the second hidden guard who was hiding on a big tree near the south. If it wasn’t for his keen hearing, he wouldn’t have found the guard. It took Soran nearly an hour to take out three hidden guards outside the tribe. When he was finally sure there were more hidden guards nearby, he went back to his men.

It was almost 1 am now.

It was the perfect time to launch a surprise attack!