Abyss Domination

Chapter 264 - Battle Bow +2

Chapter 264: Chapter 77 Battle Bow +2

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Soran needed a range attack method.

In the past, he often worked in a team, but now he mainly fought solo. Since he had too few Spell Slots, it was unrealistic for him to use spells as a range attack method. Soran used to use a crossbow, but now it seemed more suitable for him to use the bow. However, there was also a limitation to this equipment. That was, to use the bow, one must carry the quiver on their back. In case of close-quarters combat, the person would have to carry the bow and quiver on their backs.

Under those circumstances, the movement would be hindered; imagine jumping and flipping around with a bow and quiver on your back.

In a certain aspect, the crossbow was more convenient!

However, Soran didn’t have these concerns, because he had a piece of equipment that he had never had before, and that was the Master Battler Gloves. As long as he had this equipment, he would be able to switch weapons at any time; thus it would make using the make as easy as the crossbow. Soran would be able to take out and put back the bow at any time, and then take out his curved sword for close combat. That was to say that this equipment would solve the problem that Soran would have with the bow, and also perfectly solve the problem that the bow would have when in close-quarter combat.

Soran had discovered a new method of combat, but he was not in a hurry to change his combat style.

The reason was simple.

Using the bow would require great skill and supported by a variety of abilities. Only having high attributes and not any special ability; maybe he would be able to deal with ordinary people, but it would be difficult to hit a high-grade profession. If Soran wanted to use the bow in battle, then he would at least need to master the abilities Precise Shot, Mobile Shooting, and Eagle Eye.


Soran returned the bow to the drow in front of him and nodded slightly, “your opinion was very helpful. It would be really useful to me.”

Dark Blade bowed slightly, but instead of reaching for the elven bow, he bowed his head and said, “it’s my pleasure! Your excellency, I think this bow would be more suitable for you to use. In the future, you will surely unleash its full potential!”

“Your excellency must keep it!”

Soran smiled slightly and kept it without much thought.

A rare grade 2 battle bow.

It was even an elven battle bow. Although it was worth less than legendary equipment, it was rarer. At present, short bows, longbows and so on because there was not enough special wood to make them, most of them were + 1 rare grade items. A rare grade 2 long-ranged weapon was relatively rare, and a grade 3 long-range weapon was even rarer than other ones. The best bow Soran had ever seen was a + 3 Bow of Piercing. He had heard of a legendary crossbow before but had never seen it in person.

Item type: Elven Battle Bow [+2]

Item grade: [Rare (Grade 2)]

Description: This is an elven battle bow with a certain history. It is made of wood from ancient war trees. It has far more toughness and durability than other battle bows. The surface of the battle bow is carved with strange patterns, which is a sign of enchantment. Unfortunately, the maker didn’t complete the enchantment process. Its history has long been lost and it has a repair on it.

Requirements: Strength above 12 [Strength requirement +2]

Effects: Tough Bow, Continues shooting, +2 Penetration, +1 Armor Piercing.

Seems like this elven battle bow has some history.

Soran examined the bow for a bit and was slightly shocked. If this bow had been completed, then it would have its name; unfortunately, something stopped the enchantment process. Soran touched the markings on the bow; because the enchantment process had not been completed, it was only a grade 2 elven battle bow.

“This is a pretty good weapon, it even has armor-piercing abilities.”

Soran looked at the bow and thought to himself, “the power of the bow mainly depended on the arrows. Although there are no burst arrows and ice arrows here, there are a lot of poisonous tools. As long as the aboriginal tribe is destroyed, there would be free access to the poison. There should be no problem with the mass production of poison arrows. ”

The darts used by the aboriginals here were +3 rare grade items.

If they could use their poison quenching skills to make arrows, they might also get + 3 poison arrows. If that was the case, then combining it with the elven battle bow would make it a formidable combination.

This was even more useful than having many spells!

By this time, the sky was already bright, and many people had woken up. As soon as Soran wanted to say something, he saw a one-eyed pirate coming outside. The pirate cautiously went to Soran’s side and said respectfully, “Your excellency, it’s ready!”

“Good,” Soran nodded.

He looked at the drow warrior leader and said, “We attack tonight, prepare your men!”

So soon?

Dark Blade’s expression was somewhat hesitant but still nodded and said, “Yes. I’ll make arrangements.”

Soran smiled contentedly, then waved his hand to one of his subordinates, gave orders, then said a few words to the one-eyed pirate; immediately the two men ran in different directions. Soon there was movement in the camp, and all the elite pirates under the pirate leaders gathered; they did not enter the jungle, but all went to the port and boarded the warships outside. This island had a river that led to the sea. This was a path to the tribes.

Inside the room, when Soran came in, Vivian was already waiting for him. When she saw him come in, the little girl smiled sweetly. She said in a cute voice, “brother! Let’s go! Get rid of all those natives! ”

Vivian wore a black princess dress today.

For some reason, the little girl only wore black and white princess dresses lately.

Perhaps it was because he had gotten used to the girl’s clothes, Soran did not feel strange. He nodded slightly and said, “Have you remembered everything I told you? The top priority of a spellcaster is self-preservation. Remember not to be impulsive! Our goal is those Spirits, as long as we kill them, we can deal with other aborigines later. ”

The Spirits were the key.

For both Soran and Vivian, killing Spirits could improve their divine power. As long as the Spirit was killed, the threat of the indigenous people would be reduced by half. Dealing with them in the future would be much easier. Moreover, Soran had accumulated 9 divinity. As long as he killed any Spirit with divinity, he would be able to accumulate 10 divinity and gain the blessing of [Minor Divinity]. At that time, all of Soran’s attributes would +1, which was equivalent to an additional 6 points of total attribute gain.

This would be a huge increase in battle capabilities!

After listening to Soran’s orders, Vivian nodded her head, and then said happily, “Big brother! When are we going to leave? ”

“I can’t wait to show my powers!”

For some reason.

Soran felt that the little girl was much more belligerent than before, but he liked the change. Soon the Avatar Crisis would occur, the pressure on Soran would also increase, especially when their future enemies were likely to be gods. By then he may not be able to protect Vivian at all times, so it was certainly right to let the little girl be more confident. Fighting required courage. Without the courage to kill, she could never be in battle.

Soran nodded gently and said, “We leave soon, we’ll go from the sea!”