Chapter 263: Chapter 76 A Drow’s Advice!

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The sky had only begun to brighten.

Soran had already got up. He washed up quickly then went to the training field outside the room to practice. Soran’s progress of sword mastery had entered an experience accumulation period again. Soran was now training the White Raven Sword Style; this was a much more difficult to master than the different sword forms. He had been practicing for several months but still hadn’t made much progress. Under normal circumstances, it would take up to three or five years to master some of the middle and high-end combat skills.

Sword forms were one strike attacks, while the White Raven Sword Style was a combination of attacks.

It’s like the difference between a powerful sword technique and a set of powerful sword techniques which include explosive techniques, techniques which accumulate strength, and the combination and continuity of moves. These things needed special training and their corresponding skills. Soran, for example, couldn’t immediately use Beheading right after he uses Heavy Hack. Only sword saints could use the sword naturally.

After some training, the sky was already quite bright.

He took out a powerful crossbow that could shoot out three successive rounds. He filled it with ammunition rapidly with both hands and then fired it at a target 100 meters away. Soran didn’t need to aim. He raised his hand and shot at the target in front. With his current abilities and attributes, he could still hit the target without too much aiming. Since attributes contributed to the different skills, they were also the hardest to level up.

“Swosh, Swosh, Swosh!”

Three arrow bolts hit the target, they all hit the red center.

However, Soran was not at all proud, for it was only the simplest shooting technique that many people thought was easy. He calmly continued to load the crossbow, then ran from left to right, moving at an amazing speed; at the same time shooting at the target as he tumbled and dodged.

Three arrow bolts hit the target, but this time one of the bolts hit the red circle.

Soran looked at the target in front of him and frowned slightly. He had not mastered any ability in long-range shooting. It was not easy to hit the target at high speed and long-distance; it depended on his great attributes (balance, coordination, hit rate, etc.). But this was nothing. A real expert could shoot at the heart of a moving target while moving at a high speed; that was a real marksman. If according to the standards of normal people, all elves that were proficient with the bow could be considered expert marksman.

Without modern equipment, high-speed shooting could only be mastered during battle.

Soran played with the powerful crossbows in his hand, then filled them up and shot them out into the sky; a bird the size of his palm was shot down.

“Pa, Pa, Pa!”

There was a round of applause in the distance, and then saw the drow that Soran had let go. His name was Dark Blade – Andri. He was the fighting expert among the drows and the leader of the drow warriors. He looked at Soran and bowed slightly. Then he exclaimed, “your skills are amazing!”

That’s rather fake.

Soran knew his shooting level, but his expression did not change. He just smiled and said, “It’s just a little training. Drows are the real masters of shooting!”

Dark Blade let out a slight smile and asked, “Does your excellency like using the crossbow?”

“Yes,” answered Soran with a frown. He didn’t understand why he asked that.

The drow looked at the target in the distance, and then slightly lowered his head and said, “in my opinion, with your abilities, you should not use this heavy and slow crossbow. Only people with insufficient talent use the crossbow; its reload speed is slow, and its power is not greater than the bow. From my point of view, you are far superior to others in Strength, Agility and physical fitness. From the point of view of a shooter, your excellency would be a genius in using the bow! ”

A genius?

Soran couldn’t help but think about what the drow had said. In terms of attributes, he had the attributes to use the bow. However, since he had used the crossbow for some time, and had formed a habit, he never considered switching to the bow and arrow. That was not until Dark Blade put forward this opinion that Soran realized that the use of the bow might be more effective than the crossbow.


Dark Blade turned and ordered, “Bring my elven battle bow here.”

A subordinate behind him quickly left. After a while, he took a dark gold elven battle bow. The curve was very smooth and there were exquisite carvings on it; there also seemed to be some paint on it which Soran was unsure of. All elven weapons were not ordinary; they were at least + 1 rare grade weapons. Bows and arrows made by elves were more sophisticated than those made by humans, and the techniques and materials used were also superior.

“Elven battle bow (+ 2) [Rare grade 2 item]!”

Dark Blade handed the bow to Soran, and slowly said, “Why don’t you give this bow a try! Perhaps you will find the bow more effective than crossbows! ”

Soran reached out to grab the bow.

In the past, he would fill the crossbow with ammunition in advance and then put it away after firing. Soran seldom filled ammunition continuously in the battle, and only used the crossbow as a one-off thing. However, the words of the drow had attracted his attention; he was now interested in testing his killing power with the elven battle bow.

The aid beside quickly brought a quiver filled with arrows.

Soran stood about 120 meters away from the target, then reached for an arrow, and smoothly nocked the arrow. He didn’t use the bow much, but he was not completely unfamiliar with them. The bow and arrow were not as convenient to shoot as the crossbow—after all, a crossbow could be fired after loading it with ammunition. However, the continuity of the bow was undoubtedly much better than that of a crossbow.


An arrow flew out and hit the red mark easily.

Even though his Strength was not high, he had 24 points of Dexterity. That meant that Soran had great balance and coordination; any skill related to Dexterity would be easy for him.

However, one-shot didn’t mean anything.

Soran was only trying out his ability to use the bow. After getting the hang of it, he pulled more arrows and shot continuously.

Five consecutive arrows were fired. Soran fired rapidly—his endurance was quite good. It took him about one second from aiming to shooting, that was to say, he shot out five arrows continuously in five seconds. Almost at the next moment, five arrows shot through the air and hit the red mark in the distance. It seemed that Soran was used to the bow. It may be because of Omnipotent Hands, thus his accuracy was very high.

Soran didn’t stop at all. There were thirty arrows in the quiver and he shot them all. He shot ten arrows at each target, which took about thirty-six seconds. During this period, he did not need to rest, nor did he have any physical problems. Only until he shot all the arrows in the quiver, he felt that his arm was slightly numb. There was no doubt that the role of his Extraordinary Constitution was at play.

The targets in the distance were full of arrows. Soran didn’t miss the target, but only 27 arrows hit the red mark, three of which didn’t hit the red mark.

From an accuracy point of view, this was an amazing result!

The drows were shocked.

Soran, on the other hand, looked at the targets with arrows in the distance and was lost in thought. He seemed to have neglected something before; maybe the crossbow was not a long-range weapon suitable for him.