Abyss Domination

Chapter 262 - Everyone having thoughts of their own!

Chapter 262: Chapter 75 Everyone having thoughts of their own!

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The sky gradually got darker.

Dark Blade-Andri’s face was not very pleasant when he came out of the hall. The Drow Warriors he had brought here had all been settled in another residence, and someone had been waiting for him when he got back. These Drows did not seem to be completely at ease towards Soran. They were still armed after settling down and were just waiting quietly for their leader’s return. Drows were intelligent creatures who held everything with suspicions. They could hardly trust other people within a short amount of time.

“How was it?”

A younger-looking Drow Warrior stood up and asked: “Lord Dark Blade! What did his Excellency say?”

Dark Blade-Andri looked at the others and noticed that they also wanted to know what his Excellency had asked for. At last, he sighed helplessly: “He hoped that we can serve him and fight for him. As long as we could do this, our clan could get a continuous flow of supplies, and he even promised to let us move over and live here.”

The remark had silenced many of them.

At first glance, it was a very good condition. But when they thought about it carefully, it was riddled with an annexing suspicion. It was highly likely that the Drows did not want to be controlled by a human being, and the limit that they could accept at present was just cooperation. Unless Soran’s power was so strong that they could not resist or refuse, and was an existence that could easily wipe them out. Before they came here, the female priests had made a decision. The women were a little disgusted and did not trust human beings. Otherwise, the one leading them would not have been a male Drow.

Male Drows were born inferior to the females!

“Lord Dark Blade!” A young Drow Warrior hesitated for a moment and said, “Didn’t we just think of this before we came? After all, there is no free food in the world. He will need us to fork out something! If it’s just fighting for him, it doesn’t matter to us. After all, it isn’t the first time that we have dealt with the indigenous people. ”

What did the Outer Islands have the most?

Indigenous people.

It was not the first time this group of Drows had fought with the indigenous people. The living environment in the Outer Islands was a little better. There would be large and small indigenous tribes in the surrounding areas where there was abundant food and resources. They have already mastered many ways to deal with the indigenous people while living in a cruel environment here. After all, they were Drows. They were equally dangerous and evil creatures. Even if they had given up their belief in the Spider Queen, it was in a Drow’s nature that they were still a little cunning and cruel!

“I know.”

Dark Blade – Andri looked at the others and said: “But his Excellency wants to directly attack and completely eradicate the indigenous tribes!”

This sentence caused a stir.

The other Drow Warriors could not help but widen their eyes and murmured: “Lord Dark Blade, didn’t you tell his Excellency what the indigenous tribes had? Those Spirits are very difficult to deal with, and they do not have a body of flesh and blood. We had already suffered greatly when we encountered them previously. With these pirates in the camp, it is impossible to defeat the Spirits, unless there is a very powerful Spellcaster! ”

The Drows had also fought against the indigenous spirits.

But they had undoubtedly failed, not only because their strength was not enough, but also because the number of enemies was too much. When they had lost the power of the Wizards and Priests, just relying on a group of powerful melee fighters was too difficult to kill the living Spirits in an energy form.


The Spirits were immune to any attack from non-Extraordinary Weapons!

If it was a Spirit with half-divine power, it was immune to any extraordinary weapons below grade three. The immunity ability was similar to that of a Demigod Lich, but it was not as powerful as the Physical Damage Reduction ability of the Demigod Lich. After all, the body of the Lich was a skeleton. In the whole camp, if anyone encountered a Demigod Spirit, there were no weapons that could hurt it except for Soran’s legendary Curved Sword, Icingdeath. It could be imagined how passive the Drow Warriors were, with such simple equipment at that time. When they were facing the Spirit, it was almost one-sided.

Many times, there were no ways under these circumstances.

It was like when you did not have dragon-slaying equipment. Sometimes when you fought with a Giant Dragon, you would not even be able to break the defense of it!

“I told him.”

Dark Blade-Andri looked at the others and said in a deep voice: “But his Excellency’s attitude is quite firm, and I dare not refuse him blatantly. After all, you know the current situation of our clan. It’s not a wise choice to offend a pirate king! But fortunately, the indigenous tribes here are much smaller and weaker than the ones we met. The population is estimated to be only over a thousand. According to the customs of the indigenous people who become warriors when they participated in the hunt, their fighting force should be about 300!”

Indigenous warriors would not participate in farming or manual labor. Other than hunting and fighting, the rest of their things were all supported by the lower indigenous people.

The leader of Drow Warrior looked at the others and said: “His Excellency said that he was able to deal with the spirit, so our task is to help the pirates deal with the indigenous people.”

A brief silence.

An older looking Drow Warrior stood up and said in a deep voice: “If his Excellency can deal with the Spirits, we are not afraid of the indigenous people. According to my calculations, it’s almost time for the migration of antelopes and zebras. This period of time is the hunting season of all the indigenous tribes. Next year’s supply of meat during spring would depend on this time’s hunt. So they should not launch an attack for the time being. Maybe we can choose a good time to launch a surprise attack on them. If we are lucky, the casualties will be reduced a lot!”

The Outer Islands were similar to Africa.

Many of the islands here were scattered, but there were also connected islands. Because it used to be a continental shelf, the animals in the jungle also had the habit of migrating from north to south. When migration occurs, the number of herds would be quite large, and sometimes they would even encounter the migrating elephants. This was the hunting season of the indigenous tribes, and most of their meat in the coming year would come from this. The indigenous people would air-dry their salted meat for a period of time until the next autumn’s fishing season.

The fishing period would be the migration of fish schools. Sturgeon, swordfish, striped fish, etc. would all go to the warmer areas to breed in autumn every year, and then return to the areas nearer to the north after spring next year. During this period, the number of fish schools was quite striking. You could see a large number of fish on the migration route with your naked eyes. Simply put, we could catch dozens of fat fish just by throwing a big net down, and because fishermen did not hunt much, these fishes were very clumsy and could be forked with fish spears.

In a way, the Outer Islands were rich in resources!

(Literacy [Geography]: As a whole, the Outer Islands looked like a long and narrow island connecting zone, with its length reaching the same scale as the continental shelf, but its less than a tenth in width. The edge of the Gulf Islands would extend to the far north, and eventually reached the vast glaciers that stretch for thousands of miles.)

On the other side, Soran walked back and forth in the hall, then looked up at his men in front of him, and said, “Pay attention to the Drows. Notify me if there are any movements.”

“Yes.” A scarred face man immediately answered and left.

Just like how the Drows could not fully trust Soran, Soran did not fully trust them either. Because it was not the first time he had dealt with the Drows, and he knew a lot about the cunning nature of this kind of intelligent creatures. If you wanted to control the Drows, you either use power or benefits or else, they would betray you easily.

Soran closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then said: “Not a single female Drow appeared, and no Spellcasters were seen.”

“Is it because the Drow clan had already declined into this state, or were they still not determined to cooperate with me completely? If it is just involving them, they would not be worth much at all. A Drow Clan that has lost their Spellcasters’ inheritance has no future. If it is the latter, then they were still feeling disgusted with themselves. I’m afraid if they cooperate, it would only be because there is no other choice!”

“We need to have great power just to tame them completely, right?”

This group of Drows was of high value. If Soran’s plan included them, he could achieve twice the result with half the effort. Besides, Drows were naturally suitable for doing things that should not be seen. Many of Soran’s means were not necessarily doable by the pirates, but these Drows could do it.

He had to get these Drows into his hands!