Abyss Domination

Chapter 259 - Drow Warrior!

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Port Tylon.

In a pub near the harbor, the half-elf first mate was sitting in front of the bar, waiting. Next to him was a prostitute who was coquettishly stroking her hair. But he had no interest to even take a look at her. There was a sign hanging outside the pub. The sign had a Great White Shark and many people were waiting outside. Many of them look so fierce that ordinary people passing did not dare come near. About ten minutes later, a skinny looking man came in. He took a look around, then turned to enter the pub.

“How was it?”

The half-elf first mate looked at the skinny man coming in and said in a deep voice: “Have you found the people I need?”

The skinny man quickly lowered his head and replied: “Because it’s near the end of the year, and many people have left, Dwarfs are rarer in this period of time. Maybe it’s because of the incident in the City of Wealth. Now the entire coastal area is a bit depressed.”

The half-elf first mate frowned at his words and said in a stern voice: “I don’t give a damn for your reasons. You have to find the people I need, or else, I will throw you into the sea to feed the fishes.”

After hearing those words, the skinny man had cold sweat trickling down his forehead and quickly replied: “I will have it done as soon as possible. Done as soon as possible.”

“But, if it’s making bricks, many people can do it, but it’s hard to find a master. I heard that some slaves had recently arrived from the East, including craftsmen who knew how to make porcelain. It seems that these slaves were sent over because of something. Regardless, many people have already received the news recently. Some of them will be sent to the City of Wealth for auction, and the others will be sent to the Principality of Rossard. ”

Hearing this, the half-elf first mate was a little interested and slowly said: “Oriental slave? Porcelain? ”

“Yes.” The skinny man nodded quickly: “Within this bunch of slaves sent from the East, there are many craftsmen who know how to make porcelain. It seems that something major happened there. Many oriental people have been reduced to slaves. Since these people even know how to make such exquisite porcelain, there is no doubt that they would be able to make simple bricks and tiles that could meet his Excellency’s requirements. ”

Porcelain? Slaves?

The half-elf first mate raised his hand and brushed his chin as if he was thinking about something, and slowly said: “Seems like they would be of some use. Where are they located? You still have to find me dwarves who can build the furnace. You know his Excellency Throat Cutter’s temper. If he’s unhappy because things are going too slow, I’m afraid Port Tylon would lose some heads again.”

The skinny man nodded quickly, then said a few more words and left.

When he left, the half-elf first raised his hand and beckoned the scarred man next to him. Then he said: “Go to Snake Island and gather the people to prepare a batch of clippers. Those craftsmen would useful for his Excellency. Let’s go and grab them.”

They were pirates.

Pirates would spend money to buy things because of their moral integrity. But it was their profession’s virtue to rob.

Scar Face nodded and left quickly.

The half-elf first mate nodded with satisfaction and then began to think about how to take down that batch of slaves with the fastest speed and the least amount of casualties. His Excellency, Throat Cutter needed a lot of manpower recently. These batch of Oriental slaves also seemed valuable enough for them to rob.

On the other side.

After leaving the pub, the skinny man quickly slipped into the alley. He went in through the back door of some place, and then came to a room. Outside the room stood a powerful Amazonian female fighter guard. Inside was a woman with a scar on her face holding a dagger. She looked at the skinny man coming in and asked: “How was it?”

“Seems like they have taken the bait.” The skinny man quickly replied with his head lowered.

The Amazonian woman with a scar on the side of her face revealed a smile on her face, playfully went: “Very good! These goods are secretly controlled by Ashrod. As long as the subordinates of Throat Cutter snatched the goods, their conflicts would soon get fiercer and worsen. Ashrod has long felt threatened and was dissatisfied with the rise of the Throat Cutter. Now there would be some action, wouldn’t it? ”

The skinny man nodded quickly, then hesitated for a moment and said: “But!… That batch of cargo shouldn’t be only transporting slaves right?… Some of the things are quite valuable. I’m afraid they would profit in the end!… And since we have divulged their information, I’m afraid Ashrod would be able to guess what happened!”

The Amazonian woman took a contemptuous look at him and slowly said: “It’s just fifty to sixty thousand Gold Derahls worth of goods. If that was enough to make two pirate kings fight each other, it’s worth paying that price. The man thought that with the support of the Naga Siren royal family behind him, he could run rampant on the sea. He did things without telling the Sea Temple, and that wasn’t only once or twice. Now we just need to sit back and wait to reap the benefits.”

The skinny man stopped talking, but his expression was inexplicably worried.

Instigating a conflict between the two pirate kings on the south coast would bear some risks. As long as either side knew, his outcome would be very miserable.

Now he just hoped that when they fought, no one would be in the mood to pay any attention to him.

Outer Islands.

Soran returned to the camp in the early hours of the day. Vivian did not seem to have slept all night. Only after she felt him coming back, had she drowsily closed her eyes. The little girl was worried that he was met with danger. Because of casting the ‘Limited Wish Spell’, both of them had a telepathic ability. She was ready to teleport over at any time if Soran was in danger. Now that Soran was back, she was naturally relieved. The little girl who had been very sleepy during this period soon fell asleep.

Speaking of which, It was enviable. The little girl was sleeping most of the time every day, but her strength was growing faster than Soran.

It was as if even if she was sleeping, she was also able to improve her combat power!

Soon after Soran came back, he got busy. On one hand, he strengthened the defense not only for hidden sentries. On the other hand, he also researched on how to eradicate the indigenous tribes.

When dealing with the indigenous tribes, there were two most troublesome issues.

The first was the spirits they believed in. Most of them had a legendary level of combat power, and there was not just one spirit. If the tribe maintained their progenating ancestor’s belief, the number of spirits might be more. Among them, the most powerful one would be higher than legendary. Other spirits were souls of the high-ranking fighters in the tribe who were directly converted into spirits after their deaths. These sorts of existences were similar to [War Spirit]. It was common in totemism areas, especially in the extreme north region and icy land regions.

Spirits and Ascendeds were similar, both of them had minor divine power!

It was not easy to deal with spirits.

It was not easy to deal with anything related to the power possessed by the Gods. Even if Soran and Vivian worked together, it would be more troublesome if they wanted to deal with the spirits that were prayed to by an indigenous tribe for many generations.

The second was the mastery of the indigenous people in the use of poisons and drugs. Whether it was darts that would make people faint or the Antiaris’ poison and liquid that were smeared onto their weapons. These things were quite dangerous and troublesome. Furthermore, these drugs took effect very quickly. Once a person was hit, they would fall to the ground poisoned.

Even Soran had a headache dealing with them. Let alone, other pirates.

This was the most troublesome thing in the Outer Islands. There were too many things that were poisonous here. If one didn’t know a little about drugs, they could easily find things here that could be made into poison.

Soran frowned and contemplated while tapping his fingers on the table.

At this time, the dark sky had already started to brighten.

Since Soran ordered the ban on alcohol to be lifted to let the pirates celebrate the new year, the whole encampment was full of jubilation. No matter how fierce the pirates were, they were all human beings. Humans would have some other emotions. It was not necessary to decorate for the new year, but the bonfire must be set up. It was also necessary to have big bowls of wine and large pieces of meat. Pirates that knew how to hunt went hunting for some meat today and some of them were going to get some seafood.

Many of the pirates were born as fishermen and sailors.

Recently, the following pirate subordinates had found out Soran’s eating habits. They knew that his Excellency Throat Cutter liked seafood more. Things like sea cucumbers, shark’s fin, and lobsters. Even the king crabs, which few people usually eat, his Excellency liked it. Many types of seafood had a strong fishy smell. Spices were very expensive seasonings in this era. Many people directly boiled their fished seafood and ate without any seasonings.

A group of pirates was going to go to the sea. They were going to catch some rare seafood to pay homage to Soran.

But at this time.

A ship suddenly appeared in the distance. It did not look like a warship, and there was no flag on it. The leader under Soran’s command still understood its importance. When he saw the ship coming closer in the distance, he immediately sent his minions back to report. Then they sent out a clipper, rowing towards the ship in the distance, ready to enquire the other party’s identity.

But it seemed like they did not have to ask!

As soon as the pirate leader approached, he recognized who that person was. He had features that were too obvious. Such as black skin, long silver hair, and scarlet pupils.


Strictly speaking, it should have been a mixed-blood, half Drow.

On the bow stood the Drow Warrior who had been released by Soran. Behind him was a whole group of Drow Warriors. Although their equipment looked a little poor and many of them were still damaged, their aura was much stronger than that of the pirates. The pirate leader in front was stunned, but he did not stop them to investigate. Just like that, the Drows landed on the shores.

This day.

After waiting for nearly more than a month, Soran finally got a response from the Drows.

However, the time had been much later than he had estimated!