Chapter 257: Chapter 70 Darts +3

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He was facing the last enemy.

Soran still did not hesitate at all. His two swords turned into a cold light—every slash seemingly unable to leave the enemy’s fatal points. He did not need any alive for interrogation. Since Soran had already planned to find out the information on the enemy himself, there was no need to torture them for intelligence from the captives, and more importantly, the two sides were not able to communicate with each other at all.


Fresh blood spurt from the body.

Soran stabbed the skinny aborigine in the abdomen, then fiercely pulled out his sword, opening the guts. Finally, he cut off a head with a slash using his right hand. Since mastering the Sword Form [Behead], Soran had become more and more fond of the Behead attack. As long as his enemy’s head was cut off, they would have died. However, if he slashed the other places, they could still hold on for a while. Of course, it might have also been related to the underlying violence in his heart. As a Rogue, he actually had the blood of a Berserker in his heart.

A row of data emerged.

Soran took a look and realized that his enemies gave him quite a bit of Slaughter EXP!

The lower grades of the indigenous people were similar to that of ordinary people, but the fighter grades of the indigenous people were very strong. Their task was to hunt and fight—basically, the way to gain experience and train their strength. The ordinary work was done by all those on the lower classes of the indigenous people. All of the five enemies were level 3 or above professions. Since there was no Spellcaster among them, the Slaughter EXP given by them was similar to that given by wild monsters of the same level. In total, they gave Soran 21500 Slaughter EXP.

It looked like they were elites!

If he killed more than 20 of these enemies, Soran could easily raise a profession level.

“As expected, Sneak Attack is more suitable for me!”

The key to Soran’s easy victory was two points. One was that the Backstab sneak attack caught the opponent by surprise. These circumstances could easily better the outcome in an instant. The other was having the support of Stoneskin so that he would not be afraid of the opponent’s darts. Because even if Soran had an Extraordinary Constitution of more than 20 points, he did not have a high degree of assurance to be able to resist the toxin on the darts. It must be admitted that these Aborigines have good skills in <Toxicology>, and some of them were even better than the mainland alchemists.

There were very few spellcasters among the aborigines.

But that did not exclude the special existence of Psionics. There were almost no Wizards here. Only Sorcerers and Shamans.

Shamans belonged to a different kind of Priests, and there was a big difference in their magic. Since there were no real Gods in the Outer Islands, Shaman’s spells were more inclined to the elemental type. That is imitations of Divine Spell attacks. In the area where totem belief was widespread, these kinds of Shamans were common, and there was also the ancient Shamanism that simply believed in worshiping the soul of their ancestors.

A survey showed that the more civilized and educated a place was, the more likely the Spellcasters were to appear!

Soran began to clean up the spoils.

The aborigines had nothing of value, and Soran was not looking for gold, silver, or jewelry.

He rummaged over a pile of indigenous corpses, and soon found six Blow Pipes and a small bottle of unknown medicine, which was soaked with steel needles.

Soran tried to appraise the items, and he was scared out of cold sweat when he saw the attributes!

“Item Type: Darts [+3]

Item Grade: [Rare (Grade 3)]

Description: A very special dart from the Outer Islands indigenous scouts. Throughout the thousands of years, although history did not bring civilization and wisdom to the indigenous people, they developed other special skills. This dart was coated with a refined neurotoxin, which can take effect in the blink of an eye after hitting the enemy. The dosage of a dart can anesthetize an elephant in a short time, and few people can successfully resist and be immune against it.

Requirements: None.

Effects: Deal 5-10 points of Poison Damage to the target, and once it hits the target, it would trigger a 20 points Test of Neurotoxin Resistance. Any target that fails will pass out in a short time.”


It was a level 3 extraordinary item?

Soran was horrified when he saw the information regarding the item because he found that he was less than half as likely to pass the test. Fortunately, he activated the Stoneskin technique in advance, otherwise, the boat could capsize in the sewer. Soran took a look at it, then collected the blowpipes, steel needles, and potions. Then he leaned over to see the captured pirate scout. The pirate was exhaling more than he was inhaling. The tendons in his arms and legs were broken. It was almost impossible to save him.

Unless there was a high-grade Priest to cast Restoration, or else, he would still be paralyzed if he forcefully saved him.

The most important thing was that the camp did not have any Priests.

“I have avenged you!”

Soran expressionlessly walked over, held his hands and said: “Let me relieve you from your misery.”

A cold light emerged.

He relieved the pain of the dying pirate and slowly closed his eyes. There was no way to deal with this situation. Many times, after the battle, there were wounded people who needed the others to relieve their suffering. After all, there weren’t a lot of Priests, and it was difficult to extensively spread the priceless divine spells. Otherwise, there would be even more battles and disputes than the current state.

Soran slowly stood up and gave a cold look at the indigenous slave who was killed instantly by his sword.

If it was not for this guy escaping, the indigenous people would not have found them so soon.


Soran crushed the head of the indigenous slave with his foot and then walked out of the cave. Killing these scouts was only the first step. Since Soran had plans to fight the indigenous people, he had no sympathy in his heart.

In the night.

Soran’s figure was advancing at high speed within the jungle. The night was his best camouflage. At the same time, Soran, who had the support of [Darkvision], was even more Drow than a Drow. Some nocturnal predatory beasts began to appear, and Soran carefully avoided them. There were some plants with strange fluorescence on all sides. If there were flying insects close to them, they would be swallowed immediately. There were many kinds of carnivorous plants in the Outer Islands. Even animals could not easily get close to some of these places.

The sound of a river came from the front.

Soran’s speed accelerated, and the island was not very large—about 50 kilometers. The two ends were narrow and the middle was wide. The inner part was a large area of primitive jungle, and then there was a river flowing from the other islands. The width of the river was about 50 meters. There was nothing seemingly strange on the surface. But it would not be the same when people go down. Soran was not in the mood to care about these piranhas, even if they could provide 2 Slaughter EXP each.

Signs of human activity were beginning to become more apparent ahead.

Soran even saw the discarded broken fishing nets by the river. The aborigines did not get all their food from hunting. They also knew how to cultivate lands, but there was not much land to cultivate here. Soran’s figure gradually merged from the darkness. He walked along a muddy road, and soon saw the reclaimed land. Now there were no crops on the land, but there were other crops like corn and wheat stacked at the side of the field.

In the distance—the light of the torches and faint voices of people could be heard.

Soran first made sure that there were no hidden sentries nearby, and then gradually approached closer. He was not sure whether the indigenous people had any special means, that was why he did not get too close.

There was a simple village in front!

Looking at the number of houses, the population should be roughly about 1500. The population of indigenous people was relatively dense because a small number and individuals could not survive in the Outer Islands. On the outskirts were the lower class indigenous people, all living in low sheds, and their surroundings were very messy. In the center was a tall building, and in the distance torches and guards could be seen. The indigenous people belonged to the tribal system, which was similar to those in Africa that could marry more than 100 wives to work. There was also a huge gap between strict internal stratum.

Soran roughly took a look, and then he slipped inside!