Abyss Domination

Chapter 256 - Killing Scouts

Chapter 256: Chapter 69 Killing Scouts

In the dim night, Soran’s figure flew out, traversing in the dense tropical jungle, and advancing towards a distant place at a high speed. He was used to this terrain. When he came to the Outer Islands to complete a legendary level mission, Soran also fought with the top tracker of the indigenous people here. This group of guys had a very strong tracking ability. They could track their targets through footprints, smells, environment, etc.. Furthermore, with Soran exchanging with them, they had improved many of their tracking skills.


Soran stepped gently on a big tree with his toes, and then slowly landed on the ground.

There were a lot of messy footprints in front of him. Although many footprints were covered with weeds, the traces left after high-speed moving and changing positions were still very obvious. Soran used his hands to remove the grass and searched around. He saw traces of something dragging away, which was like traces that were left behind by someone’s heel. He found a little dark red bloodstain, but not too much, and it seemed that the battle would soon be over. Soran’s mind could already imagine the situation at that time. The pirate scouts he sent were suddenly attacked, and most of them were killed before they could even react. Then one of them managed to successfully escape, and the other scouts were dragged away.

“Seems like they were all masters!”

A cold light appeared in Soran’s eyes, and a cruel expression appeared on his face. He slowly said: “Kill these scouts first. It seems like all of them are elites within the indigenous tribe!”

Fighting in a jungle was not the same as fighting on flat ground.

The most common technique used in the jungle were encounter battles and ambush battles. Even a level four profession might die in the hands of a lower level profession who was proficient in tracking and hiding because there were simply too many environments for an ambush and many natural traps that could be used. Many brilliant trackers could kill other professions above level 5 here. The most dangerous ability of these indigenous people was to track, hide, and set traps. Then they would use darts, concealed weapons and more.

However, this time, they might not be so lucky because Rogues were also proficient in these areas!

Soran went along the tracks on the grass rapidly. His tracking abilities were not that refined, but he could still find the tracks left behind for a few days. Brilliant Rangers could even track the traces left behind a few days back and even distinguish what kind of enemies left behind such traces. Therefore, Soran had always treated tracking skills with great importance. As he sped along the grass, he could be sure that none of the elite indigenous people had returned to the tribe because they would not know the number of Soran’s men without getting closer to the camp.

— “Shadowveil!”

After surmounting a stream, Soran gradually disappeared into the night.

He heard some movements.

It was a scream!

It seemed like not all of the pirate scouts sent out during the day were killed by them, and one or two of them were brought here alive. Soran’s eyes revealed a shred of killing intent, and his whole body was shrouded in a shadow. He approached the mountain wall in front of him where the cries came from. Many parts of the Outer Islands were like the terrains of the Irish coastline. The landform structure here was different from that of the southern mainland. Soran saw a natural cave in front of him. It seemed that the enemy was quite familiar with the nearby terrain. It should have been a long time since anyone came to this cave.

It was quite dark inside, and the cave was not very deep.

Soran heard a slight scream again and saw a faint flame in the cave. It seemed like there was a corner in the cave.

He did not brazenly sneak inside.

Soran used his hand to touch the ground and looked around carefully. The Darkvision allowed him to see as clearly at night as during the day. Soon, he found a rather clever alarm trap. The indigenous people were very cunning. Their living environments were also very crude. For someone like this kind of guy who could easily kill the pirate scouts sent by Soran, it was impossible not to have any defense at night.

Soran’s trap skills were not enough!

At a glance, he felt that he might not be able to remove the trap successfully without making any noise. And even if he was lucky enough to tear it down, it would take too long. Having seen Soran reaching for the edge of the cave, he then climbed on the edge bit by bit to enter the cave while dangling in the air. Just nice, a centimeter or two away from the alarm trap.

If he touched the trap, the people inside would be alarmed immediately!

The screams continued.

There were broken stones within the cave. Soran had to move carefully. He heard the common language and the indigenous language, but he was unable to hear what they were saying because the screams in the cave were interrupting.

The other party seemed to be torturing them!

Soran couldn’t afford to be careless. His figure came closer and closer in the dark. As he turned a corner, the situation in front appeared in his eyes. He saw five indigenous people smeared with oil paint. The skin of these indigenous people was darker, but they were not like black people. But more like a mixture of black people and native Americans. The bone structure of these people was relatively thick, obviously larger than the skeletal frames of the mainland people. They were interrogating a pirate scout. The tortured pirate was a little bloody and even mutilated. His appearance was completely indistinguishable. His breath was very weak, and he seemed to not be able to last for long.

There was a different indigenous person beside him. It was obvious because there was no oil paint on him.

A cold light appeared in Soran’s eyes!

He recognized that this indigenous person was one of the slaves that had escaped from him. Because he knew the common language, he was helping to translate the words that were gotten out from the interrogation and told them the information in the indigenous language.

One, two, three, four, five.

Soran’s eyes were filled with killing intent. He quietly crept over and approached the enemy who had been asking questions. He seemed like the indigenous head of his enemies.

— “Backstab!”

— “Shadow Strike!”

A cold light suddenly appeared!

Soran’s figure emerged from the shadows. The legendary Curved Sword, Icingdeath, slashed with a cold light and penetrated the heart of the indigenous leader. The tip of the sword pierced through from his back to the front of his chest. The other party was shocked but his expression had yet to change, and just like that, he died under Soran’s hands with a slash.

A row of data quickly emerged:

“Shadowveil success!”

“Shadow Strike launched!”

“Backstab launched!”

“Backstab was successful. You’ve dealt 116 (+10) Pierce Damage!… You’ve pierced the target’s heart!… You’ve triggered the Test of Death!…. Target’s Test of Death failed!…”

“Target eliminated!”

“Extracting soul energy from the target. Received 3250 Slaughter EXP.”

As the data on the Slaughter EXP emerged.

Soran’s brain immediately gauged the overall strength of the other party. His enemy should be roughly a profession level of 15 or above—a leading figure within the indigenous tribe. His enemy seemed to have more than 100 Hit Points, but he failed to pass the Test of Death because his heart was pierced. That was why he could not struggle for a period of time before he died like some other enemies Soran met in the past.

— “Sword Form: Spinning Strike!”

After killing the enemy’s leader with a single sneak attack Backstab, Soran did not retreat. Quite the opposite, he rushed straight up. Both his hands were in the air, as another Curved Sword appeared. A sharp turn after. The sword light slashed towards the other two enemies in front of him.

Taken by surprise!

This was the most common response towards a sneak attack. Many people entered into an unprepared state which greatly reduced their Evasion and Parry abilities.

This was a situation that tested most of their own abilities.

One of the indigenous people seemingly subconsciously sidestepped, while the other one rolled away, but another aborigine was a little slower and was directly stabbed in the chest by Soran’s Sword. Even his lungs were cut open. The former was an aborigine with Reflex Evasion ability, while the latter did not have any strong Evasion skills. Once he encountered an emergency, he would slow down half a beat.


In the face of Soran, who killed their leader, the indigenous people also responded quickly.

They began to fight back quickly.

However, it was not to unsheathe their weapons but to quickly pull out a pipe. With a few faint cold lights, the needle-like steel darts flew out. They accurately hit Soran’s body, but it did not play the role it should have.

— “Stoneskin!”

Those darts could not break the Stoneskin protecting Soran’s body. These strong anesthetic darts could not work at all.

Dang dang dang!

The darts fell onto the ground. Soran leaped into the air and fiercely chopped towards the gravely wounded enemy.

“You’ve dealt 56 (+10) Slash Damage to the target!…. You’ve dealt 26 Slash Damage to the target!….”

“Extracting soul energy from the target. Received 2150 Slaughter EXP.”

Soran’s blade was too fast!

Almost at the same time, when the Icingdeath in his right hand cleaved onto the enemy, the Curved Sword in the left hand slashed the abdomen of the other party immediately. Soran, who had mastered the [Greater Dual-wielding] could almost achieve the effect of “Ambidexterity”, and the Curved Sword controlled by both hands could fight independently. When he killed the aborigine in front of him, his left hand almost immediately backhanded and slashed horizontally, and directly blocked the attack from the side. Then he lunged forward with his right hand and slashed the enemy’s arm.

Then, fresh blood spurted and three fingers that were cut fell onto the ground.


Both of Soran’s swords turned into a cold flash and turned to cut off half of his palms. At the same time, a twisted shadow emerged around him, and then he saw two heads landing in succession.

— “Conjure Shadows!”

— “Sword Form: Behead!”

Soran’s glare was cold without any signs of hesitation. When the shadow conjured in front of him caught the enemy, he fiercely slashed the enemy’s head with his sword.


A headless corpse fell to the ground. Soran’s body was full of blood. There was only one enemy left in front of him.