Abyss Domination

Chapter 254 - Source of the Slaves

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Inside the tent.

Soran stood in the center with a serious expression. In front of him was a pirate who was an unexpectedly well-dressed man who looked a little refined. He even wore a pair of monocles. But one should not look down on this guy. If you looked at the calluses on his slender hands, you could see that he was good at using short weapons and had very good throwing skills. He was one of the few pirates who could read and study. He was also a doctor among the pirates. He was proficient in various surgical operations and had quite good medical skills.

The man, who looked like a noble tutor, reached out to probe the breath of the comatose man on the ground, then opened his eyelids and looked at him. He then reached out to open his mouth and looked at his tongue, and said: “Your Excellency! He doesn’t seem to be poisoned. It was just a temporary coma. But when he wakes would depend on his constitution. Under normal circumstances, he should be able to wake up tomorrow morning. This man’s constitution is still good.”

Soran nodded when he heard him, then walked around in a circle.

He sent out a large number of scouts, but it seemed that only one of the five could return. If the other four people did not die in the hands of the indigenous people, they should have been caught. The area of this island was quite large, about 500 square kilometers. Due to the tropical rainforest climate, as well as the inlay with other islands, there was a high possibility of having an indigenous tribe here.

Soran sent people to explore the nearby area earlier, and three to five people were injured because of this.

Currently, the boundaries of the exploration of the whole island were mainly concentrated about 10 kilometers around the camp. The most dangerous place was still the remains of those strange plants. Soran didn’t even go explore their secrets so easily. Then the more dangerous place was near the south coast, where there was a high cliff and there were about three groups of ten large Quetzalcoatlus. Then it was near the northwest, through the jungle and a big river, which was another place full of strange flowers and plants.

Unsurprisingly, the indigenous tribes were over there, about 30 kilometers away from Soran. There were several more dangerous areas between them, including some of the more dangerous and fiercer creatures on the Outer Islands.

“Your Excellency?”

A bald and ugly pirate looked up at Soran and said cautiously: “Shall we show these indigenous monkeys what we’ve got?”

Soran turned around and looked at him. Then shook his head and said: “No rush.”

“After all, this is still their territory. These indigenous people were more familiar with the terrain and environment than we are. The most important thing for us is to find out the surrounding environment, make sure there are no such creatures like army ants and flying insects nearby, and then we will have a good fight with them. If we want to turn this place into our territory, we must deal with these indigenous people.”

“It is okay if we don’t make a move, but if we do, we must come out strong!”

We can’t act rashly.

Soran was fully aware of how troublesome the indigenous people were because they were a decentralized tribal system. They were maintained by the same totem beliefs and marriage relations, and there were very troublesome connections between tribes everywhere. He did not want to have endless wars, so once he started fighting with the indigenous people, he had to crush them like thunder. Otherwise, it would be a nightmare for these guys to hide and harass. Half of the slaves were indigenous people, and the main members of the labor force were ordinary people and slaves. Most of the sources of slaves were from wars between tribes.

Indigenous people were mainly considered segregated between soldiers and peasants.

Indigenous people who qualify as professions were selected to train and participate in hunting operations.

These indigenous people were first-class fighters and hunters. They were very dangerous, even more so than many professions. The challenge rating of the whole Outer Islands was raised because of them. This group of people could be regarded as though they were trained fighters since childhood, proficient in Sneak, Archery, Track, and other skills. Most of their tasks were just hunting and fighting.

The wars among the indigenous tribes were cruel and bloody, which occurred frequently in the entire Outer Islands.

Within the structure of an indigenous tribe, the most important role was that of the Shamans and fighting members. Most of the other ordinary people acted as the labor force. The stratum in the tribe was quite strict. It was not only the population that measured the strength of a tribe but also the proportion of soldiers in the population. For the indigenous people, they only needed to conquer and defeat one tribe to capture a large number of slaves. These people were wealth and commodities like gold. That was how the slave trade in the Overseas Islands began. Most of the indigenous slaves were not fighter grade.

They lived a slave-like life when they were young, and were responsible for supporting the whole tribe.

Soran took out a quill pen and drew several circles on the map, which was the area they had explored. Because he was in charge of the camp, and all the capable guys among the pirates had gone out to explore. The five most dangerous places were in the southwest and north of the camp. The first place was the place with strange plants. The second place was the nest of large Quetzalcoatlus. The third place was the swamp area occupied by crocodiles. And, the fourth place was the territory of a group of man-eating bugs, and the last place was the River separating the island in the center.

The river would pass through the whole island and flows from the adjacent inlaid Island over, and then flowed to the sea.

Strictly speaking, this river was the most dangerous place, but it only counted when people fell into it. Because there were a large number of piranhas, they could eat any creature that fell into the water in groups. Even an elephant could be eaten clean in a short time, and even its bones would not be left. This kind of piranha was scattered around in many parts of the Outer Islands, here was one of them. Their numbers were huge, amounting to millions, and were very sensitive to the smell of blood.

A boat was necessary to cross the river!

Even the indigenous people could not swim past, let alone there were still large electric eels in it.

Electric eels were creatures that moved around the land, and could even electrocute an adult man to death. Much less here, It would be even harder to deal with them. The large electric eel was almost as fast as a spell attack, and the electric current generated was quite dangerous. Some special variation electric eel boss could directly electrocute a grade three profession to death.

“Your Excellency.”

The Cyclops pirate at the side looked at Soran and carefully said: “What should we do now? Are we just gonna leave them? I’m afraid that that group of indigenous monkeys would think we are easy prey if we don’t teach us a lesson! ”

The indigenous people were asking for it.

They were very exclusive. If you did not kill until they were scared, they would treat you like a kneaded soft persimmon.

Even the pirates knew that!

Soran raised his head to look at them and said: “Let’s leave them alone for now. Have people prepare enough food and bring out drinks from the ship. New Year’s coming. Let’s finish the year with good wine and meat for the rest, and then we will deal with them. During this period, I will go and investigate their depth personally. Now everyone should not go too far from the camp.”

Because Soran was non-alcoholic, the pirates were banned from alcohol during this period.

The pirate subordinates below had been complaining for a long time, but no one dared to speak out openly for fear of Soran’s authority. There were a lot of drunkards among the pirates. Many people drank secretly during this period, but there were few to no people who drank openly. There were so many drunkards in the pirates that Soran had to take care of them. Otherwise, some of them would have been drunk all day long. Soran was not against them drinking, but he would never allow anyone to drink and cause trouble when he was doing business.

A group of Pirates soon withdrew from the tent.

Although it was not clear why Soran let them celebrate the new year, but the pirates below were exhausted recently. There have been many complaints. Now, letting loose of the wine and meat to celebrate a little just to appease them. After all, the pirates were not soldiers. Their discipline was very low. They obeyed orders were mainly because of respect.

The prohibition was canceled, and soon there was a cheer in the camp.

Many pirate minions secretly took out a small bottle, put it on their lips and took a big drink. This was a pirate’s regular equipment, which contained strong rum. This kind of alcohol had a high alcohol percentage and could be used to disinfect when necessary. It was a habit handed down from the northern pirates. Maybe it was because the new year was coming, and the pirates were much better tempered, and they did not even beat or scold the slaves. A box of resources was moved out, including bacon, vegetables, salted fish and so on.

Soran’s preparation was very mixed. It almost included everything that the pirates have thought to be useless.

A day went by just like that.

Soran watched the rare happy atmosphere in the camp. A smile appeared on his lips but seemed a little cruel.

“Let them enjoy the new year.”

He raised his head and looked into the distance and murmured: “Next year will be the most difficult year. Whether we can stand here or not depends on whether we can kill the indigenous people next year.”

Other dangerous areas and all kinds of wild monsters were all topping one another.

Because monsters had their active areas, if no one provoked them, the monsters of the Outer Islands would not easily run to other places, including the most aggressive and predatory large Quetzalcoatlus, whose hunting range was mostly fixed. So the most troublesome thing was still the indigenous people. As long as they were defeated, they would have time to clean up the other troublesome things.


For Soran, the indigenous people have a greater significance. The slave labor force he needed for development and expansion would eventually have to derive a way from the indigenous people.

If this was the case, then the matter must be carefully planned!