Abyss Domination

Chapter 253 - Foundation

Chapter 253: Chapter 66 Foundation

Time passed.

In a blink of an eye, almost five days had passed since Soran came here. At this time, the camp was completely different. Outside the camp was a row of five-meter high fences. Every 100 meters, there was a simple archer tower, they were like those sentry towers that could be climbed up using a ladder. The camp had four gates in the North, South, East and West directions. The East was where Soran lived, the West was where the other pirates lived, the South was where a large number of resources were stored, and the North was where a large number of slaves were held.

The camp was segmented into a square. There were specially dug drainage channels on both sides of the road, and even built toilets on all sides.

This was something the other pirates could not understand!

Because this era itself was dirty and messy. Even in the developed cities in the coastal areas, there were few special toilets, and many people had to go to the Hutong to settle their stools. But this was a very important thing for Soran. Although he used to live in the slums, the first order he gave when he had the conditions to plan directly, was to build toilets. From today onwards, everyone was not allowed to settle themselves anywhere in the camp. If anyone wanted to settle it, they had to use a toilet. Whoever dared to randomly pee in the camp would be castrated.

Environmental hygiene was the top priority.

Because the climate of the Outer Islands easily bred mosquitoes, if there was a disease and it spread, Soran would have a big problem in his hands. Besides, no one would like to accidentally step on other people’s excrement and urine on their territory. Although Soran was not mysophobic, this was still quite important.

Looking down from the sky now, the camp was not a very regulated square—it was a bit like a Greek town village. In the center was a large plaza, convenient for gathering people. The four sides were separated by two crossing streets. The ground was flat. Although it was all dirt road, ditches have been dug around the road, and several wells have been drilled nearby to drain the sewage. Many houses were being built in the camp, but most of them were not finished yet. The only one done was the warehouse—finished first because of their fear of rain!

The warehouse had to be completed as quickly as possible. It was more important than the house where Soran lived because many of the materials could not get wet.

Food reserves were enough for more than three months of consumption, but it was better to store the food in the warehouse. The Bacon was still fine, but the other things would get moldy very quickly if they got wet.

The two crosses were still standing where slaves were working.

The corpses were almost a pile of white bones. The whole process seemed very cruel. Many slaves were too scared to look towards this side, even until today. The two stakes here would be erected for another two days. In the last seven days, it had attracted a lot of vultures and crows. These scavenging birds were brazenly eating the corpses, which was a scalp-numbing sight to behold for many of them. There was no doubt that their cruel torture was effective.

At least for this period of time, the slaves would be very honest. This was also because Soran had told the pirate subordinates not to lash at them too much, and to give them enough food. The slaves had to work hard every day, but at least they were able to fill themselves. And yesterday, because of his Excellency Throat Cutter’s impromptu fishing, the sharks caught could not be finished because there was too much meat and just took the fins and so on. Then, these slaves all ate a full meal of fish soup to their fill.

Although primitive and barren with many dangerous things and annoying mosquitoes, the resources here were rich. Some slaves caught a kind of fat vole when they worked. The indigenous slaves directly ate it raw, and the other slaves could eat it by fire when they brought it back. On the contrary, they ate better here than in the past. From time to time, they would have some meat and fish. The main reason was that the nearby sea area had not been developed much, and large crabs could be found on the beach.

In some ways, it was a little bit like beating up a roe deer in the northwest.

Slaves had nothing, so they didn’t make very unimaginable demands. While they worked hard, they could satisfy their stomachs at the same time, and occasionally have a bit of meat. Many people could still restrain their thoughts. After all, Soran had told them clearly and definitely that the consequence of escaping and being caught was very miserable. Even after death, they could not be easily relieved. Moreover, some of the slaves believed what Vivian had said, that Soran would free some of the hard-working people when the time was right.

Inside the big tent in the middle, Soran frowned. He was daubing and correcting on a piece of white paper. He looked up at the sky and murmured: “If I’ve calculated the time properly, don’t you think they should all be back at Port Tylon by now? It is estimated that it will take half a month to go back and forth. Next January, you should be able to bring back what you need, and then we can start on the next step of the plan.”

“The end of December! It seems like the new year is coming, right?”

Soran went out of the tent and silently calculated for a while. Then he found that it was just a few more days till the new year.

The new year in this world did not have festive celebration customs, but there was still a tradition of getting ready for the new year. Soran came in the middle of December, and now it was late December, and the new year was just a few days away. The new year was still fine. The most important thing in this world was the [Harvest Ritual], which was the biggest celebration of the year. And this celebration was commonly used by most Gods. In the South, they offered and prayed to the Grain Goddess. In the North, the Goddess of Winter. And on the coastal areas, the Sea Goddess.

Even the Drows prayed to the Spider Queen for a year of rich harvest at the annual [Harvest Ritual]. After all, it was the most basic and important thing for any race to fill their stomachs.

Soran looked outside and subsequently, walked towards the sea.

He let his pirate leaders sail away two ships, but part of the warships remained outside. The cargo ship of the Chamber of Commerce had also returned. Soran ordered a large number of resources, which they would use for three months. He had them delivered part of it every half a month. The most important resource were slaves. Soran could not develop without the labor force. He could only assign his pirates to do work for a short period of time. Any longer and they would most certainly protest.

Currently, most of them knew that the base camp had just been established, and no one could avoid hard work. They had to wait until the camp had established, then these pirates would not be so diligent.

On the other side.

Vivian’s little figure squatted beside a mud pit. She played with a pile of mud on her white little hands, just like kneading clay figurines, and kneaded it into various shapes with her little hands. The little girl squatted beside the puddle and seemed to play for a long time. Even the snow-white princess’s skirt was stained with a little mud. After about ten minutes, she squeezed the mud into a square shape. Then she raised her little hand and began casting.

—- “Turn mud into stone!”

A weak magic glow emerged, and the mud in front of her gradually turned into rock, but it did not seem firm. It looked like it had already eroded.

The little girl’s expression seemed to be a little annoyed. She kicked the mud away and murmured, “It’s so hard!”

“Why are all spells above level five so difficult?”

“Level four spells were so easy, but how can the difficulty after entering level five be increased so much? Lillian? Why do you think we can’t master this spell for so long?”

A brief silence.

Then Lillian’s voice sounded as if everything was expected to be that way: “The spells I use don’t need to be learned so troublesomely! Those who need to learn spells are not real geniuses! Mm-hmm!… That’s it!….”

Needless to say.

Vivian also knew that she was asking for nothing.

The little girl got up and snapped her fingers. Then there was a weak magic glow. Then she became clean. Vivian clapped her hands, raised her hand to tidy up her skirt, and then she planned to go back to sleep. But just then, she heard a sound coming from the bushes in the distance, and then a figure rushed out of it. It was an ugly man with a tattoo on his face, full piercings on his ears and a scar on his skull.

He was a pirate.

There were many strange people under Soran, but there were only less than a handful of people who could be considered decent looking.

He was a sentinel sent out to keep an eye on the surroundings.

Vivian didn’t look panicked at all. Although she was just a little girl who was about to be nine years old, she was quite calm. The little girl approached bit by bit, and at the same time, she also paid attention to the movement nearby. She saw a dart on the back of the pirate sentry in front of her. It was a weapon as thin as a needle. Most of it was smeared with quite powerful poisons. If it did not have the Antiaris effect, then it would have been those that could paralyze people to death quickly. The little girl very carefully approached, at the same time, she had cast several spells on her body.

There was a movement of grass in the distance.

But no one came out. When Vivian walked over, the pirate was not completely unconscious but said in a somewhat intermittent voice: “My… My lady!… In… Indigenous people! ”

Having said that, he passed out.

It seemed that the drugs on the darts were nerve anesthetics and not the Antiaris poison.

These things were very troublesome.

It was a must to strongly resist against a compulsory Test of Physical Immunity. Maybe Soran was more likely to pass, but the other pirates would find it hard to resist.

Vivian stuck her finger out to probe his nose. After she was sure he was not dead, she ran towards the camp.

The indigenous people had appeared!

She had to tell her older brother quickly because the indigenous people were very exclusive, and were likely to launch an attack!