Abyss Domination

Chapter 252 - Chapter 65 Turn Mud into Stone

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The busy construction continued.

The number of pirate subordinates at the back that were in charge of carrying and processing logs had increased to more than 100. Logs were continuously being sent back to the camp, and then the wood was divided by the craftsmen or those skilled individuals. Part of it went directly into the ground to build a fence which was about five meters high with a simple watchtower. Pirates often set up camps on Overseas Islands, so many pirate subordinates could at least do this kind of work.

Soran was busy chopping wood and practicing his sword skills at the same time.

Vivian was bored, and after reading the book for a while, she took out a scroll and looked at it. Then she directly went out of the tent. Many pirates still knew how to respect this lovely little girl. First of all, people who did not respect her were thrown into the sea by Soran to feed the fishes. Secondly, this lovely little girl who looked harmless to people and animals was a terrifying Wizard. Her status was independent of the pirate community. Even the half-elf first mate would answer the little girl’s questions earnestly when he met her.


Vivian tilted her head and looked at the busy slaves and pirate subordinates outside. To be honest, they weren’t very efficient. Although there was alchemy equipment similar to excavators in this world, they were only things that high-end Spellcasters could afford. At present, the construction of the whole camp was done using manual labor. A drainage ditch along the tent was dug out using a hoe. In this case, it could only be imagined that the efficiency of the construction was not that high, and the human resources consumed were also quite considerable.

After looking for a while, the little girl took out a thick book which was as thick as Xinhua dictionary from thin air. Written on it was a row of words that was the title, but it was a little strange. One could roughly read and understand the meaning. On the cover wrote “Guide to Crafting *a Wizard Tower * and the Golem Guardian”. This book wasn’t well preserved from the start. Some of the handwriting on the cover faded. The front parts also had some stains, and it seemed like a book that has been kept for a long time.

A Wizard’s knowledge was very valuable—especially the books required by Wizards. Generally, these books were not printed, but written by hand, word by word.

It was their whole life’s worth of accumulated wealth!

Soran respected knowledgeable people very much. That was why, even though the little girl did not like reading very much, she still cherished the books very much.

She was a good child that listened to her older brother!

Vivian sat down at a random place. Then she closed her little knees and opened the thick and heavy book which was bigger than her little face. She flipped the book rather quickly. In a moment, she turned about a hundred pages, then stopped at one of the pages. She raised a fair little hand to point at one line of words and then turned the back page. There were many words and illustrations there. The little girl frowned for a while, then murmured, “The best material to make a wizard tower, was a stone made of mud through stone spells. These kinds of stones were quite hard. After simple enchantments, their hardness could even be above marbles.”

She continued reading on the second page and murmured: “If you incorporate it with the **** skills left behind by the Arcane Empire, turning mud into stone can make the stone made by magic reach the hardness level of steel. ********This skill requires some special materials. ********* Part of this process is recorded in ******* ”

It was unknown whether it was deliberately erased or inadvertently damaged due to time.

The information regarding how to use spells to turn mud into stone had all become stains that were indecipherable. When Vivian read this, she frowned and said: “Which bastard did this!”

She raised her little hand and kept flipping towards the back. However, she had already reached the inner layout of a Wizard Tower, and it did not mention the overall structural materials of the tower. The little girl was so angry that she threw the thick book directly back into the multi-dimensional belt. Then she held her chin with her little hand and went: “Too bad, my spell slots are not enough. Otherwise, I could have helped big brother build a camp by turning mud into stone.”

“It seems to be recorded in the book that sister Gloria showed me before. This spell transforms the earth according to the casting level and spellcasting score. It looks like 2 cubic feet per point. I wonder how much can I transform?”

“Umm. I’ll try it when I have time.”

The little girl tilted her head and muttered for a while. She then felt a little sleepy and walked towards her tent.

Recently, she had been quite sleepy, but what made her happy was that she was taller.

“Turn Mud into Stone [Level 5 Spell]: the Spellcaster can transform the mud into stone. This transformation process is permanent. Each spellcasting score can transform 2 cubic feet of mud. Many of the building materials, including the structure of the Wizard Tower, are made out of turning mud into stone. This kind of spell effect will change it forever after it is used, and it is impossible to use dispelling magic to revert the effects. ”


Soran took a breath and kept his Curved Sword. He had chopped down a large area of trees nearby. Maybe it was because everything had to start from scratch. He felt like he had returned to an era of slash and burn, logging and farming. The fastest way was to rely on the power of a Wizard, but he had no casters in his hands now. He could only use the simplest way to develop the camp. There was the Wizard’s level five “Turn Mud into Stone” spell, which could directly turn mud into rock.

It was precisely at that time when there was a guild with a huge foundation of Spellcasters, who directly built a wall in a day using magic.

However, spell slots were a huge limitation.

If the Goddess of Magic died, spell slots would be changed into mana. At that time, although the casting ability of the Wizard was weakened, they had more freedom casting. If all the mana was spent on the level five spell “Turn Mud into Stone”, it would only require a small number of Wizards to achieve amazing results. In that year’s development tactics, especially the development of the Outer Planes and the Abyss Hell, a Wizard’s ability to construct could not be ignored.

Soran kept his swords and took a look at the back. The pirates were still busy transporting the logs.

He took a deep breath, and then looked at his data display. He found that there was an extra row of data on it:

“Training successful!”

“You have acquired information on [Sword Form: Horizontal Slash]!….”

“You have mastered [Sword Form: Horizontal Slash] Combat Ability!….”

Sword Form [Horizontal Slash]!

It was a relatively basic sword form fighting skill which was a prerequisite to Sword Form [Waist Chop].

This was the easiest sword form skill to master during logging. The fighting effect was similar to Sword Form [Heavy Hack]. The power has been strengthened to the current standard of Soran, especially after his attributes have been improved. These basic sword form abilities were integrated into his ordinary attacks because this type of skill would not cause too much of a burden on him, and he had enough attributes as the foundation. He could skip the previous requirements of charging and incorporate it into ordinary attacks, as long as it was not used continuously.

There were many types of Sword Forms.

It is usable by most weapons to attack. If a melee profession did not train for combat abilities, they had to train and master enough combat skills.

There are more than one hundred sword forms. A Sword Saint’s legendary advancement was to understand the essence of these basic sword forms!

Soran had no mandatory requirements for sword forms, but mastering more of them would have been an addition to the combat power. In the future, many powerful combat skills needed to be matched with basic sword forms. For example, mastering Sword Form [Horizontal Slash], in the future, the effect of understanding and using Sword Form [Behead] would be very strong, and many sword form skills were related to each other.

The sand was blowing all over the place.

A slightly bent figure was advancing on the edge of the desert. His face did not seem very old, but it was full of vicissitudes and fatigue. His hair looked as though it had not been washed for a long time. There was stubble on his chin and lots of dust in his hair. He was dressed in mottled armor. The position of the shoulder armor was cut by a sword. He wore a bandage on his arm, and a trace of blood was seeping out of it. The original silver bright armor seemed a little dim at the moment. It was unknown how long it had not been well maintained. It looked very broken. He was wearing a long sword around his waist. From time to time, he looked up, into the distance. His palm seemed to position itself on the hilt all the time as if he was ready to fight using the sword at any time.

This was a young Paladin.

In other words, he used to be a Paladin, but now he was just a wandering Fighter.

He seemed to have been walking for very long.

Even the sturdy boots on his feet were worn out, yet he did not stop. It was as if there was something very important waiting for him in front.

The strong wind blew, and soon, his whole body was covered in sand.

The young Fighter shook his clothes to rid the dust onto the ground and went forward silently. His lips were a little dry, and there were bloodstains on the corners of his mouth. However, he did not drink water, because there was not much water on his body. He continued walking like this and kept going forward the entire time. When it was dark, he stopped to camp, ate some hard rations, and did not use a tent. He slept with his clothes in the corner. He constantly held his sword with both hands and even hugged it to sleep.

He walked however long unknowingly.

It was not until a middle-aged man with an old face appeared in front of him that he stopped his steps. He knelt in front of the other party, pierced his sword into the ground, and pressed his palm on his chest. This was the etiquette of the Paladins. The other party seemed to have expected him to come for a long time, but said in a hoarse voice: “After walking so much, what have you understood?”

The young Paladin lifted his head to look up.

There seemed to be a trace of sadness in his eyes, but more of it was perseverance. He slowly said: “There is something called justice. Justice requires power!”