Abyss Domination

Chapter 250 - Step by step (1)

Chapter 250: Chapter 63 Step by step (1)

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The others did not believe what the little girl said.

These slaves had not heard of any slave owners who would bestow freedom to their slaves, let alone free all of them. Most of the slaves looked doubtful, and some of them sneered—they thought it was a trick to make them work hard. However, the two slaves who were saved by Vivian were pleasantly surprised. It seemed that they believed what the angel-like little girl said was true.

It did not matter whether these slaves believed or not.

Because the overseers were those fierce and cruel pirates. If these slaves did not work hard, these pirates who were used to fresh blood and cruel means would have some ways to make them obedient. This was the advantage of pirates. They could break a lot of rules when they took action. Their bloodthirsty cruelty could help Soran solve many problems.

In any case, Soran was not a kind and noble person. If the means were crueler, so be it.

Only cruelty would make them obedient for now!

The sentencing at the side was continuing.

The two indigenous escapees were nearly out of breath after a full morning’s sun exposure. Soran thought about it, but he did not let his men drive the nails into their forehead. Instead, he let them die on the stake and had them settled by the attracted scavenger birds. It was possible that a dead person would be reborn into an undead after being nailed into his forehead. Although Soran was not afraid, he hated things that were too troublesome. Those two indigenous slaves did not last long. Their life force was not strong enough. They died on the first day, but their bodies were still erected in the place where the slaves worked.

At most, by tomorrow, there would already be crows, vultures, and various seabirds.

It was noon.

The half-elf first mate was not looking good when he came over and said in a low voice: “Your Excellency! The other escaping slave has disappeared. We couldn’t track him! Your subordinate is incompetent!”

Three escaped, only two were caught.

When Soran heard the other party’s words, he frowned slightly. Then he waved his hand and said: “Forget it. Don’t worry about him anymore. Get the others to prepare the foundation. Then, you will take some people to the City of Wealth. I need some dwarven craftsmen. It’s better if they knew how to burn bricks and build furnaces. Along with people that had construction skills. Get them all here.”

“Don’t worry about the money. There is a sum of money on Snake Island. You can withdraw it and use them at any time!”

The half-elf first mate nodded immediately and replied: “No problem.”

“These sort of builders are easy to find. There are some dwarfs in the City of Wealth too. I will bring them here by all means.”

He had a cold glint in his eyes. He had already messed up once—he would do anything, even kidnapping, to get those men here. Now it was obvious to all the discerning people that his Excellency Throat Cutter was going to build his foundation here. Their future disposition would highly depend on how well they could perform now.

“You’re dismissed.”

Soran slightly nodded and ordered: “When you go down, get Adele over. Get Cyclops over too.”

The half-elf first mate answered and retreated.

After a while.

The figure of the red-haired female pirate appeared outside the tent. After she came in, she bent over slightly, and enquired: “Your Excellency, what can I do for you?”

Soran looked up at her, then handed a white stone to her, and directly ordered: “This is a Struvite stone, a type of valuable fertilizer. After refining it a little, it can be used on crops, which can greatly improve yield. Take this stone to the Alchemy Guild of the Wizard Alliance, and I’m sure they will be interested in it.”

“Just send them these. If they are interested, have them send someone to talk to me!”

Struvite stones?

The expression of the red-haired female pirate was a little puzzled. Although she had quite a bit of knowledge, she did not know much about farming. However, that did not affect her understanding of the intention of the fertilizer. She nodded at once and replied: “I’ll set off now. I’ll ensure that these get sent over!”

“Very well.” Soran nodded slightly and said in a deep voice, “I’ve got three boxes of samples ready. You can send them using the clippers and then help me to purchase these items on the list.”

Speaking of this, Soran took out a list and said, “There is still a sum of money in Port Tylon. You can go and take it out. These must be delivered, and I also need these things to be brought back by next month.”

Adele-Isabella nodded gravely and replied: “Yes, your Excellency! I’ll finish the tasks.”

Soran gently waved his hands.

Before leaving, the red-haired female pirate could not help looking back at him. Then she met a fierce Cyclops and a bald eagle-nosed pirate. The two men gave a slight look at the red-haired female pirate. They did not seem to have much respect for her, but they were more humbled after entering the tent. They bowed their heads and said, “Your Excellency!”

The first one to speak was the eagle-nosed pirate. He bowed slightly and said: “We have three more people who were bitten today. There are too many poisonous insects and snakes here. The men are scared. Your Excellency? Shall we sprinkle the powder we brought here?”

Soran stood up after he heard the news.

He went outside the tent and looked up at the sky. Today’s sun was better. After thinking for a moment, he said: “Let’s scatter it after noon. Round the camp. Let them pay more attention to cleaning up the surrounding first.”

The environment here was quite bad.

There were a lot of poisonous insects and snakes overseas. It would be quite troublesome if they were accidentally bitten. Best case scenario, they just bled or festered. Worst case scenario, they would be poisoned to death. Even when the mosquitoes here bit people, there is a high chance the wound would be infected and worsen. When Soran came here, he had considered all the aspects. He was a man who planned before he moved. There was a lot of insecticide powder, but it was not to deal with these poisonous insects but to deal with more troublesome things. But now there are almost more than ten non-combat casualties. It was better to sprinkle those powder.


Suddenly, there was a scream outside. Then a small pirate leader ran over. He said a few words outside, and someone came in to report: “Your Excellency. A slave dug up a hibernating viper and was bitten. Monkey had him let some blood to expel the poison, but the snake seemed to be very poisonous. There was no hope for the slave to be saved. ”

What the hell!

Who could be so stupid to let a hibernating viper could bite him?

The climate of the Overseas Islands belonged to the tropical rainforest. The winter here was very short. Many poisonous snakes would not hibernate. The temperature here was much higher, and there was no ice nor snow. In such a climate area, mosquitoes and snakes bred easily. Sometimes, this kind of environmental factors could not be dealt with at all. People who had been to primitive forests or other wilderness areas would feel it most deeply.

Soran frowned and rubbed his forehead. Then he said in a deep voice: “Clean up here first!”

“Set a fire!”

“Have them prepare the fire to smoke this place, and then sprinkle the powder.”

It should not rain today.

If it rained, all the sprinkled powder would be wasted.

Soran’s men immediately took the lead, and then slaves and pirates could be seen clearing the grass near the camp. All the weeds and shrubs were cut down and dug up, and the grass was burned on all sides. A cloud of thick smoke rose towards the sky. As the fire spread and powder was sprinkled out, they saw countless insects coming out of the grass. The number was numbing at first glance. Many fierce and cruel pirates who saw them had goosebumps all over their bodies.

“Damn it!”

A strong northerner pirate scolded. He quivered for a while, murmuring: “There are so many insects below! I slept there last night!”

How many insects were there exactly?

It was not so countable anyway. But would be thousands of them.

As long as the place was burnt and the powder has been sprinkled, there would be at least one or two insects crawling out. Soran frowned slightly at the smoke rising from the fire. He took a look at the men next to him and ordered a group of people to go to the perimeter. If there were any indigenous tribes nearby, they might have been found out because of the thick smoke. It was better to arrange sentries. The indigenous tribes were very exclusive. If they found Soran and the others, it was highly likely they would launch attacks.

It took a whole afternoon!

All the pirates and slaves cleaned up all the weeds and shrubs near the camp together. Within 300 meters around the camp, Soran ordered them to burn and dig up all the vegetation. Outside the camp, all the newly turned soil was scattered with a layer of medicinal powder. There were no places to hide in this area, and the field of vision was very wide. At the same time, a lot of logs were piled up in the corner of the camp.

The first step of development and construction needed wood.

Soran planned to build a simple fence first, then use logs to build houses, and then expand further.

As for food and other supplies, he imported them by sea, because as one of the three pirate kings, Soran could mobilize a lot of resources. He did not need to worry about wood. There were many primitive forests nearby. Now that it was his people who were chopping wood, that was why the progress was still so slow.

When Soran chopped the wood himself, exercising his sword skill, progress would soar.

He used to be a jack of all trades.

Logging could train many combat skills, especially those violent sword attacks.