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Rip Flower.

It was a type of Man-eating flower. It was a type of dangerous creature that looked like a huge trumpet flower.

There are many strange plants in the jungle, including the man-eating plants, most of which were man-eating flowers and man-eating trees. The common man-eating plants were easier to deal with, and the hardest to deal with were those that were mutated. Because of a great disaster in that year, the Overseas Islands had an invisible energy field in the ground, that was why the creatures here mutated so easily. Although human beings would not have mutated that much, they would have some strange gifted abilities. They could master spell-like abilities like [Psionics].

But it was not the real [Psionics], but a single manifestation of a psionic-like spell.

This sort of energy field would not only affect the indigenous people but also affect these mutated plants. Hence, some abnormal creatures would also possess spell-like abilities.

For example, the Rip Flower in front of them!

It possessed some unique Spell-like Abilities. But in general, it was hard to say. Because most of these mutated creatures all had differences.

“My Lord?”

Adele-Isabella frowned as she looked forward, she softly spoke, “How do we deal with it?”

She thought that the strange plant in front of her was not so easy to deal with because it gave her an ominous vibe—a woman’s intuition. She could not help but say, “My Lord! Why don’t we use oil against it? I remember there were several barrels of oil on the ship, that should be sufficient to burn this kind of creature to death!”

Soran turned to look at her and shook his head. “It’s no use. Fire attacks are too ineffective against this kind of creature. It would require a lot of oil to burn it. More than half of its body and roots are underground. ”

“Cover me!”

Soran bent a little and humphed. He then leaped to the place where the Rip Flower was, and rebounded past it. The mutated creature was relatively slow, but its life force was stronger than that of many flesh and blood creatures. Soran had to be familiar with its combat power because there would be more of them in the depths. The challenge difficulty of the Overseas Islands was no less difficult than that of the Underdark. Nearly a third of which were because of such dangerous creatures. Compared to the monsters and creatures in the Underdark, they were not weaker at all, and some of them were even more dangerous.

Fire attacks were unrealistic.

Unless they got something like asphalt gasoline, would they be able to completely burn the Rip Flower in front of them. Otherwise, he would just be sending his men to their deaths.

With a Creature Level of 16, this was not a joke!

Although the challenge rating of the Rip Flowe was only level C, its creature level was the same as that of the Asian Dragons. The reason why the challenge difficulty was so low was that it belonged to a plant-type enemy and had relatively obvious weaknesses. However, the plant-type enemies had one thing in common, and that was their parts underground being its key weakness. Just beating them above ground was insufficient to kill them.


Soran’s feet stamped on the nearby trees to borrow strength, and then he swung his Curved Sword to split the Rip Flower in front of him.

The part above ground of this kind of man-eating flower was its feeding organ. Inside, there would be a dead pirate.

Soran had thought that the plant would respond, but when he slashed the parts above ground, it suddenly seemed to have been startled. Five or six vines ejected from the ground. Soran’s sword seemed to have slashed onto the toughest cowhide. It was basically like a plant. But it had a bright red liquid that oozed out after cutting its surface. It looked a bit like blood.


Soran cut through the vines with a slash, and fresh blood came out of them.

These vines were unspeakably weird. When they were cut off and dropped onto the ground, they wriggled like the tentacles of a strange animal. It made people’s scalp feel a bit numb when they looked at them.

At this moment!

The flower petals were as tough as cowhide, and the eating organs above the ground opened. Three rows of dense teeth could be seen on the outer and inner positions of the flower petals. Its teeth were a bit like the Great White Sharks, all of which were fine and sharp teeth. It was distributed accordingly in the inner and outer three layers. These teeth were still stained with blood and meat foams. Inside the petals, you could see the extension of the roots within the plant itself. It was just like when you peeled apart the plants, there were veins inside them. However, the flower petals in front of them had veins that were similar blood vessels.

Three rows of sharp teeth could a little bit automatically, and in that huge flower bud was a bunch of unrecognizable meat pieces!

Soran smelt something acidic.

But it was not actual acid. It was just some acidic liquid secreted by the Rip Flower. This liquid would help it decompose and digest most of its prey, and then transfer part of the nutrients it needs to the underground trunk. Although the Rip Flower fed off the land, its staple food was still the flesh and blood of all kinds of living creatures.

Soran slashed it three times in a row, but it didn’t affect the plant much.

The part of the Rip Flower directly above ground had a strong defensive ability. It was like slashing on Dragonskin—It did not cause much damage.

Part of the trunk was attacked.

Although the Rip Flower had no eyes or facial features, it was still able to sense Soran’s position. Then, the huge flower bud suddenly opened, like a big mouth biting towards Soran. It was a pity that he had already been on guard. How could he be so easily bitten? Instead, he took the opportunity to counterattack and cut the root at the bottom. The tough root was not cut into two, but Soran seized the opportunity to slash it several times in a row, which broke off the upper part of the eating organ.


Something very strange happened.

It seemed that sounds were permeating above ground that was coming from a strange activity happening underground. Then, those flying vines could be seen retreating a little bit.

Then, a small pit that was neither too big nor small appeared on the ground under Soran’s feet.

The eating organ on the ground that was broken off looked like a huge Trumpet Flower, but the part with three layers of sharp teeth inside and outside began to wither after being cut off. It was as if it lost enough nutrients all of a sudden. Then the other part underground seemed to dig deeper into the ground. Soran stabbed into the soil with his sword, but he did not feel anything else.

“Let’s go back first!”

Soran frowned as if he was contemplating something. He looked at his data alert and did not receive any Slaughter EXP. It seemed that the Rip Flower was not dead. He backed away for a distance, then said in a deep voice, “Have the rest stay away from here first! The plants here are too strange! ”

“There might be something even more terrifying underground.”