Chapter 245: Chapter 58 Overseas Islands

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Overseas Islands.

The geographical environment of this area was special. It originally belonged to a continent, and then a large part of the tectonic plate collapsed and sunk, finally leading to the current regional geography. From the map, it was a bit like the Spratly Islands near Singapore in the past, just that there were more scattered islands there than on the continental plate. The largest of which was the Amazonian territory, then the indigenous tribal camps, and many islands of various sizes scattered in the sea.

As they entered the area of the Overseas Islands, Soran’s face became solemn.

The environment of this area was a bit like tropical rainforest areas that were full of unknown dangers. Even a team composed of level 3 Adventurers would have been wiped out on some of these islands. There were many unknown and terrifying creatures here, some of them were even very tiny, but they were more dangerous and even stronger than the dragon subspecies.

Furthermore, there was also the Boa that was very hard to deal with. Some could even reach challenge ratings of 15 and above!

That was the same as Dragons.

Soran had not thought of even going onto these small islands to see at all. In some places, even the indigenous people would not easily get close to them. His destination was a large island in the front. If he remembered correctly, there was an island with a diameter of more than 500 square kilometers in the front, and there were other inlaid islands beside it. This was Soran’s first stop, where he would build a camp if it was appropriate.

The places that he had picked all had natural ports!

Two more days passed.

When Soran saw a towering mountain and a cliff standing on the coastline, he finally knew that he had reached his destination. A flock of seagulls appeared in front of him. In the distance, one could see the thick woods. There were lots of bird droppings on the ground. The nearby islands were all the stopover points for migratory birds, so a huge amount of bird droppings had been accumulated here for tens of millions of years. These bird droppings as they were quite precious resources! They were the best fertilizers—after a little refining!

Soran chose this place as his stronghold, of course, it was not only because of its geographical advantages.

“Stop here.”

Soran looked at the others, then turned his eyes to a position on the cliff where there was a metal cross, on which white bones seemed to be seen. This pile of white bones used to be a famous pirate king. He fell into the hands of the enemy and was cruelly sentenced to be directly nailed to death. His ghostly soul was there, but it could only be met at a specific time. He would put forward a very difficult request to others, but if completed, one could get his treasure.

This pirate king’s soul was in the spirit world. It seemed that meeting his soul needed some special requirements!

Soran was not interested in approaching this idea currently even although the difficulty of this task was quasi-legendary, he looked at others and said: “All of you stay here!… Adele-Isabella!… Humpback – Hawk!… The few of you come to the island with me and have a look!….. ”

A small clipper was set down.

Soran soon took a few people to the island, probably because there were barely any outsiders here. When they just set foot on the island, the birds flew all over the sky. There seemed to be some commotion in the distance, but it soon calmed down. This area could be built up like a town, and it was relatively safe. Soran would not be naive enough to think that there were no enemies here. He did not go too deep into the jungle but only went to a flat land south of the cliff, which was a natural flat land. It was a place where the others had found it and built a town there in the end.

There were some white looking stones in the forest. They felt very brittle and would break off when pinched.

Soran picked up a piece and smelled it, then a smile came out on his face. The others also picked up and smelled it curiously, but they immediately threw it away with disgust because of the smell of shit and urine. These pirates could not see the value of these stones, but for Soran, these were the most important fortune—even more valuable than a gold mine. This was an inexhaustible gold mine, but the indigenous people did not know how to use it.

— “Struvite Stones, a type of mineral, also called Guano. The accumulated feces and corpses of birds, bats and seals were a high-quality fertilizer. ” [Geography Literacy]

The knowledge Soran had learned before, emerged in his mind.

This island that was close to the forest, was the accumulation point of struvite stones. Because it was located in the area where migratory birds migrate, it was unknown how many struvite stones have been accumulated over thousands of years. Digging down three feet deep, it was all the raw mineral of high-quality fertilizer.


This was not the only valuable thing on site.

Soran looked around carefully, then tightened his hands on the handle of his sword and gestured to the men behind him. He said in a deep voice, “Pay attention! There may be monsters around here! ”

He moved gradually along the flat ground, and as his eye level rose higher and higher. The terrain became a high slope.

Then a piece of red land appeared.

There were also some active beasts nearby, but they fled immediately after seeing Soran. These beasts felt a sense of danger from them, and even a cheetah ran into the jungle in fear. Soran cut through the soil with his curved sword, then reached out and twisted the red soil. He then put it on his hand and kneaded it. Then he threw it on the ground with a smile on his face.

It was clay!

At first, in his memory, the town built here was made of red bricks. But he did not know what craftsmanship was used. In just three months, they built a brick house and cut out a large surrounding wall. Bricks have appeared since ancient Rome. Since people made pottery, they have tried to make other things out of clay. Soran also had a little knowledge of the craft of porcelain making. The firing requirements of red bricks were not that simple for him.


The key factor was how to increase production. The current world’s construction technology was still quite high, but it was not widely used in mass production. Most of the high-end products were made by the Spellcasters. Soran did not know how those people burned so many bricks in a short time. But it did not matter. That group of people that year started to expand overseas after the Avatar Crisis. Now it was two years ahead of schedule. Even if they lacked some technical advantages, they could still develop a way to scale production first.

“What is his Excellency doing?”

A guy with a big head, who looked a bit like a big-headed doll, but had a fierce and ferocious face stood at the back and whispered, “First he looked at rocks, and now, mud! Do you think his Excellency is thinking that it’s suitable for farming here? The Overseas Island is a wasteland. Even if it needs to be reclaimed, it will still take several years for it to become a fertile land. ”

“Don’t you look at me like that!… Before I became a pirate, I also cultivated land for a good number of years too!…”

The pirate’s appearance was very weird. He noticed that the other people were looking at him strangely. He could not help laughing and said: “Don’t just look at me thinking I’m only good at swiftly cutting heads off. I’m also quite good at farming.”

Soran did not bother about what was happening at the back.

He walked up to the top of the high slope, then looked down at the distant flatlands. He then calculated the size and distance of the area in his heart. It might be because of the powerful computing ability, or maybe because of the data simulation, he built a rough urban model in his head which could accommodate the development of a medium-sized city. One must not look down upon those guilds that have opened up overseas before. There were many professional leveled talents among them. Naturally, the places they have chosen would have had many overall advantages.

On the other side.

The half-elven first mate standing at the bow of the shop suddenly felt something. Then he lowered his head to look into the seawater down below. The people at the side were puzzled and questioned: “Is there anything?”

He stared at the bottom of the sea for a while, then shook his head gently and said, “It’s nothing. It’s just that I think I might have seen something. ”

Time ticked away.

Roughly two hours later, Soran finally finished inspecting the nearby areas and brought the rest of them back.

In his heart, he had already made a decision!

Although he had prepared two other locations, Soran was very satisfied here. The other two places were a bit off remote, and the distance was still a day or two away. If one wanted to expand overseas, they must rely on the resources on the mainland. Hence, the closer you were on the sea route, the better. It was also easier for other materials to be delivered. Whether it was a natural port, had a geographical advantage, or land resources, etc., this location could have been regarded as a first-class place for Overseas Islands.

After all, there was another advantage here. This location was far away from the Amazonian area of activities and was not near the indigenous tribes.

The island was not very large, so there were not many indigenous people moving here.

In a place like the Overseas Islands, generally, the larger the area—the fiercer the competition because it was a large territory. On the contrary, the smaller area had no space for development, let alone competition.

At present, this island was not that big, nor too small and was just enough. It had space for development and was not too eye-catching!

“Get off the boat!”

Soran finally showed a smile on his face and said in a deep voice, “Have all the resources brought down and arrange for people to build a camp on the flatland.”

He was going to encircle this place.