Chapter 243: Chapter 56 Enhanced Dual-wielding

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On the leading warship.

Soran held Vivian’s small body and landed on the deck. They were not too concerned about what had just happened. In Soran’s view, it was just Vivian making a move to help a slave, while in Vivian’s view, she only helped a very pitiful man. Neither of them noticed the changes of the slaves, especially those two slaves who were helped by Vivian. The gratitude in their hearts for escaping death had caused them to change a little.

This change was not obvious, but it was like seeds beginning to sprout!

Soran sat on the deck and softly spoke to Vivian about some relatively simple things. Occasionally the little girl would ask him for a tip or two on skills on how to learn magic. Although Vivian was better than Soran in terms of magical talent, she had less experience in fighting with a Spellcaster. It was hard to teach a fighting style because Wizards had no combat style. Their only style was to understand the opponent as much as possible before the battle. They collect their opponent’s information and abilities and then made full preparations for the battle.

There was a saying that went like this.

— “A well-prepared Wizard is near invincible!”

There were different ways of fighting against different enemies. The real test of a Spellcaster’s ability was a unprepared sudden battle. At that moment, it would be the best time to test their luck, experience, knowledge and more. Soran’s view on magic battles was similar to Gloria’s. That was, a Wizard must first have had attained vast amounts of knowledge, including humanities, geography, customs, elements, planes, domains, astrology, consciousness, beliefs, etc. A vast knowledge that could be used as their strongest backing. After their experiences had reached a certain degree, it could be converted into real power!

At that time, a Wizard’s fighting ability would have been formed.

A fixed set of spells were not easily usable. Just like in the current sea environment, more than 70% of the spells had hidden dangers. Testing one’s ability to adapt to their circumstances was a must.

What Soran was giving Vivian now, was the knowledge to adapt to different circumstances!

It was not what spell was easy to use or what spells were effective, but deciding on ways to fight based on a fighting scenario. This was the core concept of a Rogue’s combat and also Soran’s survival skills.

Because a Rogue could not fight a fighter alone. Even using bows and arrows would not win a fight with a Ranger as well.

A wise Rogue’s most obvious characteristic was his ability to adapt to different fighting conditions and eventually finding his fighting style that was most beneficial to him.

The so-called “Prepared Wizard”, also found their most beneficial way to fight!

Vivian sat on Soran’s lap and listened very quietly. From time to time, she would tilt her little head and frown. She still could not understand some other things. After all, she was still too young, but it did not prevent her from remembering them first. Vivian’s memory was not worse than Soran’s. She practically had a photographic memory, and her ability to understand this knowledge was better than Soran’s. At present, she was limited by her age, and her mind and train of thought had not fully matured, occasionally having childish thoughts.

That was normal.

If anyone had a good memory and was able to remember what happened when they were ten, they would have been sure that they were naughty little kids.

Many of the ideas would have been very childish, and the train of thought would have been limited.

It was noon soon.

Adele-Isabella came up with a bowl of sea bass soup. The red-haired female pirate was a little strange recently. She had even thought of making food for Soran.

A group of people quickly finished a simple lunch.

There were not many requirements for sailing on the sea. The most important thing was that the nutrition was balanced and freshwater was sufficient. The vegetables for long-distance sailing were the most important whereas meat could be substituted with fish. Recently, Vivian was getting sleepier, and she did not know why. She could sleep about 16 hours a day, several hours more than normal children of this age. On the surface, the little girl’s consciousness seemed to be a little over exhausted and showed signs of fatigue, but Soran did not know why her consciousness was so taxing.

Wasn’t she inactive recently?

The little girl filled her stomach and went to nap in a huff. Before she left, she murmured something to herself, but Soran did not hear anything.

He did not know how to read lips, and could not decipher what Vivian had murmured to herself.

Therefore, no one would complain about having too much knowledge and skills. Soran could not understand her and assumed she was just senselessly mumbling.

Having settled many of the things.

Soran finally had time to start advancing his own Profession Level. He had accumulated quite a bit of Slaughter EXP. He had held back just for this moment to advance his fighting abilities in a single breath.

“Dual-Wielding [Personal Ability]: During many battles, you gradually learned how to use both hands to fight at the same time. This is a very difficult fighting skill to master. Only those with very flexible hands could train it. However, after mastering this ability, your number of attacks would be faster than others in battle, although it will reduce your Accuracy to hit enemies. [Number of Attacks per Round + 1, Accuracy – 2. ]”(Prerequisite of Enhanced Dual-Wielding)

It seemed like it was not a powerful fighting ability.


Dual-wielding was not very powerful to begin with. It could be used to deal with weaker enemies. But if you dealt with enemies of similar strength, using two weapons at the same time would greatly reduce your chances of attacking the enemy. Soran’s emphasis was not on [Dual-wielding] but on the more advanced skills towards the back [Enhanced Dual-wielding], [Greater Dual-wielding], and [Legendary Dual-wielding].

A row of data emerged:

“Shadow Dancer profession raised to level 3.”

“Acquired 27 (Dexterity Points 22+ (Intelligence 20-10) * 0.5 points of Ability Points. Hit Points raised 14 points (Profession Hit Points 8+ (Constitution 21-10)*0.5 )

“You have acquired Shadow Dancer’s Ability [Conjure Shadow]!…”

“You have acquired a free attribute point.”

“You have acquired an Ability point.”

Under the circumstances where Soran was filled with Slaughter EXP, naturally advancing the Shadow Dancer’s profession level was a priority. Shadow Dancer’s profession level was accounted for within the Rogue’s profession level. But, Shadow Dancer’s profession level would only be advanced until level 10. At that time, the Shadow Dancer would have been at the max level. There were many maximum limits on profession levels to upgrade a profession’s grade. For example, a Wizard upgrading his profession grade [Great Mage] would only be able to reach level 5 at most.

“Conjure Shadow [Extraordinary Ability]: Starting from a profession level 3 Shadow Dancer, he can conjure a shadow to fight together. It is an undead creature’s shadow. The difference between an ordinary shadow and this shadow was that this shadow will not be turned, rebuked or ordered by others. This shadow is a partner of the Shadow Dancer, who can communicate clearly with the Shadow Dancer. For every 3 levels of advancement of the Shadow Dancer, he will gain + 2 Basic Health. (the maximum hit points is 10 points, which is equivalent to ordinary fighters.) ”

Advanced-grade Professions had a strong reproductive ability.

Although a Shadow Dancer’s profession advancement would consume a lot of Slaughter EXP, following the profession level advancement, one would acquire quite a bite of ‘Extraordinary Abilities’.

This [Conjure Shadow] was one of them!

With the total profession level of the Rogue having advanced to level 10, the Slaughter EXP required for advancement suddenly increased to more than 75,000 points, and the Slaughter EXP would only be higher and higher in the future. When the total profession level of Rogue reached 15, it would rise even higher again. The most difficult thing to enter the Legendary Domain was that after the profession level 15, countless people got stuck and could not advance further in their whole life, as more than two million Slaughter EXP was needed to advance into the Legendary Domain. Amongst them, about half of them would be between profession level 15 and 20.

A single free attribute.

Soran still assigned to Dexterity, increasing the Dexterity Points to 23 points. As for the skill points, there was no doubt that they were added to Literacy. He had almost reached the requirements for [Sage], having mastered skills and abilities so quickly, and continuously obtaining various information alert. Soran felt that it was inseparable from his advancing his Literacy.


Soran was most concerned with the advance ability — [Enhanced Dual-wielding]

“Enhanced Dual-wielding [Personal Ability]: As the number of fights increased, you are more comfortable with how to use weapons with both hands. You begin to feel the slight trajectory disparity when weapons move. When you launch an attack, you can continuously attack the enemy until they are unable to even fight back. This ability would continue to improve but it would require more from you. [Number of Attacks per round + 2, Accuracy -1, Dexterity 16 points. ]”

Enhanced Dual-wielding.

Soran undoubtedly added his Ability Points into [Enhanced Dual-wielding]. This ability had Dexterity requirements, and towards the back required a high level of Dexterity mastery. This was only a prerequisite for Dual-wielding. As for the combat power, the increase was not that obvious. Once [Greater Dual-wielding] was mastered, that would be the real outbreak period.

At that time, Soran would not have any Accuracy Penalty. At the same time, during every round, the left hand’s attack speed would +3 and the difference between both hands would reduce.

As for the last [Legendary Dual-wielding], it was also called [Perfect Dual-wielding]

Simply put.

Soran’s master hand could attack several times, and his non-master hand could attack the same number of times. His two hands would become as flexible, and when in battle, his attack speed and accuracy rates would be the same. If he had [Legendary Dual-wielding], it would not be a problem even if there were more than 10 swords in a second. Even blocking bullets with a sword would be like playing!

That would be the most badass moment.


The last [Legendary Dual-wielding] was very hard to master. Any skill with legendary for a start would have a top-rate difficulty.