Chapter 242: Chapter 55 A Kind Vivian

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Mang Plague?

Soran’s face was not pleasant, and he was not so clear about the diseases in this world. Because professions have strong resistance, especially for non-supernatural diseases, many professions were even completely immune to damage from diseases. In the past and present, Soran’s extraordinary constitution already had 20 points. That is to say, he had a very low probability of contracting diseases and had not paid much attention to the diseases in the world. He was able to ignore most of the diseases. As for the ordinary people and low-level professions, that would be very hard.

The young man’s infection was very serious. Currently, he was getting unconscious with the fever ongoing.

Judging from the state of his illness and pustules on his back, Soran felt that the disease was a bit like smallpox from the legends. He had never seen smallpox himself, nor suffered from similar diseases, but he had learned about smallpox in the past. It was a very serious disease, belonging to a kind of pox virus. After being infected, it would manifest with symptoms like severe blood poisoning (shivering, high fever, fatigue, headache, aching limbs and back, and if the body temperature rose sharply, even convulsion and coma would occur), and the skin would successively have rashes, pimples, blisters, pustules in batches, and finally form scabs and shed them, leaving pox scars.

Smallpox was a type of severe infectious disease, for which if people who were not immune caught the disease, chances of death were over 30%!

Because the virus was prevalent in a large part of history, his memory of smallpox symptoms was still relatively clear. The disease plaguing the young slave in front of him seemed a little like smallpox, but it was concentrated on his back and limbs and did not grow into his face. At the same time, when the disease had blisters, it directly became pustules. Judging from the current situation, his disease was more severe than smallpox, because smallpox had an incubation period, which would only gradually get serious after.


This group of slaves had just been on board for two days. Before they were on board, all the slaves went through a simple inspection, that was because they were afraid that some of them might have been sick and would infect the others.

But it had only two days, the symptoms of his body had begun to have rotting pustules.

The situation seemed pessimistic!

All the people turned their sights onto the Soran that was in front of them. The slave who stopped other people from approaching the infected realized that Soran was the one who decided the fate of his brother. He knelt on the ground and kept kowtowing and pleading: “Your Excellency!… Master!… Please!… Please help my brother!… He would not infect others with his disease!… Please don’t throw him into the sea! ”

Time ticked away.

Soran contemplated for a moment. About half a minute later, he then raised his head impassively and said: “Throw that sick one into the sea! Tell the rest of the people to disinfect the whole place, and the one who took care of him, lock him up alone so that if he was infected, he would not be infecting the others!… Let the slaves clean the inside and prepare some boiled water for them!….. Everyone at the back must be aware that once someone has the same symptoms, let me know immediately!… ”

This disease looked very troublesome.

If it was similar to smallpox, it would be a nightmare!

Soran could not risk the lives of the entire fleet because of a slave. So he thought for a moment and chose to deal with them most rationally.

With his order, the sailors on both sides quickly approached, ready to throw the young man into the sea.


It seemed that the older brother of the slave wanted to push away the sailor, but one of them directly punched his fist down. He seemed to have some fighting experience and was relatively strong. After the impact, he was still standing in front of the unconscious young man. The slaves nearby were watching coldly, and their eyes were even filled with fear and disgust. Although they were just slaves of the lowest status, they did not think about giving up their lives, and it was still better to live than to die.

“Older brother?”

Just then, a clear childish voice sounded in the cabin.

Vivian was wearing a snow-white princess dress and had a ponytail tied with a pink ribbon. Her chest even had a delicate pin. Then she skipped to the bottom of the cabin which smelled bad. Having just came in, the little girl could not help but raised her hand to cover her nose, then after some adjustments, she naturally put down her little hand. She then smiled towards Soran’s position, then trotted and leaped over. She used to live in the slums and had long been adapted to the foul stench and filthy environment.


Like a little angel descending, Vivian lit the dark and smelly cabin with a little more light. The other people could not help staring at her, then saw her arriving at Soran’s side. She raised her little hand and held Soran’s finger, then frowned slightly, and said in a clear childish voice: “Brother? What happened to them? Is that man sick? He looks so pitiful! ”

Soran took Vivian’s little hand and protectively had her take a step back.

Although this little girl was a Child of Fear and there was no possibility of her catching the disease, Soran was still worried. He did not want her too close to the infected slave.


The little girl tilted her head and took a look, then said: “Seems like the illness is very serious? What are they about to do? I heard that they were going to throw him into the sea.”

“Older brother!”

“I seem to be able to cure his illness. Let’s not throw him into the sea?”

When Vivian’s voice was just heard.

The male slave that was protecting the infected from the start knelt and frantically kowtowed desperately asking her to save his younger brother. He was holding on to his last straw and had not thought that the little girl in front of him looked eight or nine years old. After the rest had heard what she said, they too were surprised. Especially those slaves that were locked up in cages, who were looking at Vivian as if a little angel had descended.

Save him?

Soran was stunned by her words.

He looked down at the girl in front of him and said in a low voice, “Vivian! You can cure his illness? ”

Wizard seemed to not have any spells that could cure illnesses. Only the Priests had such spell abilities. There was a level one spell “Disease Suppression”, which could delay the outbreak of the disease for 24 hours, but there were still no other ways to cure it. When the Wizards treated diseases, they also needed other potions to aid in the treatment. Necromancy also had some research on diseases, and many of them did not seem to get sick at all. Soran did not know prior that Vivian could cure diseases.

“Stupid Vivian!”

When Vivian was about to cure the infected slave in front of her, Lilian’s discontented voice rang in her head: “What is this that you are doing? Just let that slave die!…. You want to use your divine power to cure him!… Are you crazy?… Divine power is precious!…. It takes a lot just to convert into cast a level three divine spell ya’know!… ”

“What if we met an enemy later?!….”

“Don’t be rash!…. Idiot!…. That is my divine power!!!… If I had known this earlier, I would not have given you the authority to use divine power!….”

Lilian was furious. Sadly, today was not her turn to control the body.

Vivian’s expression was quite firm, her cute little face hung a sweet smile. On the surface, there seemed to not have many changes. However, in her heart, she quietly replied: “Lilian!… It’s alright!…. They looked quite pitiful!….. And, casting a [Remove Disease] wouldn’t use up that much divine power anyway!…”

A strange light appeared.

There was a spiritual light invisible to the naked eye and a light golden glow that was visible to the naked eye. The former appeared in Soran’s eyes, but the light golden glow that was visible to the naked eye was blocked by the other ordinary people. What Soran saw was that Vivian used an arcane method to cast a grade three divine spell [Remove Disease]. What others saw was a light golden glow on the little girl’s white hands, which revealed a holy breath and power, making them feel awed involuntarily, as if they saw a miracle happening.

The power of spells was that strong!

As Vivian cast a “Remove Disease” spell on the young slave in front of her who was suffering from the disease, the disease on him immediately began to recover rapidly. Especially those pustules that had gradually begun to rot, was almost healing at a visible speed. Although the power of magic could not restore his body to its full state, the disease on him was completely cured, but the body was still very weak because of the damage caused by the disease.

“Thank you!… Thank you!….”

The male slave in front of her was seeing his younger brother gradually waking up, having recovered with a thread of rosiness on his face. He immediately knelt again and kissed the ground under Vivian’s feet. He did not dare to kiss the shoes of the angel-like little girl in front of him, because he was afraid of desecrating her sanctity at the moment. Hence, he could only kiss the ground she had passed by to express his gratitude. The sick young man seemed to have regained his consciousness. He looked at the others in front of him, and then he was pulled by his brother to kowtow several times.

The situation seemed to have been settled.

Vivian’s magic cured the infected slave, and even the air nearby seemed to be purified once.

The little girl smiled cleverly and then led Soran away by his fingers.

She did not know the names of the two slaves either. She just innocently felt that they were pitiful and wanted to help them because Vivian was a very kind little girl.

The two of them left the cabin in no time, and the sailors started to arrange for people to clean up the place.

The slaves were still kept in a small cage, but they just remembered an angel-liked little girl, that very kind and good-hearted little girl.

She was even willing to use mysterious magic to cure a lowly slave!

Although they were not the ones who were cured, with this kind of behavior, they were already won over. Moreover, today was only the first time they had met this little girl.