Abyss Domination

Chapter 241 - Training to the limit!

Chapter 241: Chapter 54 Training to the limit!

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Under the clear blue sky.

Soran looked a little skinny yet full of strength. He stood on the bow of the leading warship holding a curved sword with both hands. He was squatting slightly like a taut bowstring, and with his back against the others, seemingly listening to something. At his back was Adele-Isabella moving at high speeds—the talented red-haired female pirate who also held knives in both hands. She was constantly changing her position around Soran as if she was looking for a slight mistake and an opportunity to attack.

Time was ticking away!

It was like there were no obvious flaws. The red-haired female pirate shouted and leaped towards Soran. At the same time, she waved a pair of knives to strike Soran’s shoulder and had another knife directly slashing at his throat.

Dang dang dang!

Soran made his move in a flash.

The Curved Sword in his hand turned into a cold light, which blocked the attack of Adele-Isabella. At the same time, he twisted his backhand and went back for a chop. The other party had dodged at an extremely reactive speed, and at the same time lashed out to slash Soran’s abdomen. Soran’s actions looked like they couldn’t catch up. Not only did he let the red-haired female pirate scratch his abdomen, but she also cut through his clothes and drew a scar. But he did not hesitate at all and almost immediately after being attacked by the other party, he rolled and dodged. Yet at the same time, he slashed his sword at Adele-Isabella’s ankle.

Dang dang dang.

Continuous parries could be heard. Soran was pushed back three steps and his shoulders had a few more scars.

On the other side of the warship.

A man with a scar on the side of his face watched the battle on the leading warship not far away. His expression was a little surprised and puzzled: “Was his Excellency going easy on that woman? Otherwise, with the skill of his Excellency Throat Cutter, how could his Excellency not even defeat that woman with a bad temper!? I don’t think that woman is much better than us, right? ”

He was a pirate leader.

Soran had picked those who were more talented from the pool of lucky survivors to nurture them. And they all became at least a level of a small-time leader.


The half Elven stood at his side. This half Elven was also watching the fight going on at the leading warship, and said: “His Excellency Throat Cutter did not go easy on Adele-Isabella.”

“How is that possible?!” The scarred face man started questioning: “Just because you think that I’m not as good as you, I don’t understand anything.”

“In any case, I also took part in the battle against Swamp King and killed five enemies myself. The strength of his Excellency Throat Cutter is not something that that red-haired woman can fight against at all. If it was not for going easy on her, I’m afraid that she would have been put down within three moves.”

The half Elven glanced, and still with a very calm voice: “His Excellency did not go easy on her.”

“It was only because his Excellency had been closing his eyes to fight!”

Fighting with his eyes shut?

After hearing the half Elve’s words, the other pirate leaders nearby could not help but quiet down. Then, one by one started looked over. The distance between the two ships was still quite far. The other people only saw Soran fighting with the red-haired female pirate, but they could not see that Soran had been fighting with his eyes closed. Only the first mate, who was a half Elven, had a sharper vision and saw that Soran had not opened his eyes from the beginning to the end.

“He had his eyes shut while fighting!…”

A fierce baldheaded pirate scratched his scalp with a hook, and said inconceivably, “His Excellency Throat Cutter was already so powerful with his eyes closed!… What kind of fighting skills is he training?!…”

No one answered.

Because the others also had no idea why Soran had shut his eyes and was fighting against Adele-Isabella.

Yet another round of exchange.

When Adele-Isabella’s series of attacks ended, both of them could not help but distanced themselves. The red-haired female pirate noticed that Soran made a hand gesture, so she immediately stopped her attacks and stood in front of Soran waiting quietly. They already had this kind of combat training three times. The man in front of her wanted to fight with her with his eyes closed. At first, she thought he was joking, but she only knew that he was serious afterward.

After all, he did have the ability to shut his eyes and fight with her.


Soran breathed deeply and opened his eyes. He saw the red-haired female pirate in front of him and nodded slightly: “We will end here first for today.”

Having said that, he picked up a towel and wiped the sweat and bloodstains off his body.

The fight was real!

Soran’s body had scars left on it, but it was just that the wounds were not that serious. He was someone that believed in real fighting experiences. Only training in real scenarios would one gain and grow the most. Even the wounds on the body were minor. After all, he also had a strong regenerative ability. The fleet needed five to six days to reach the coastal islands. He was not ready to waste away this period of time. Every day without fail, he would have an exchange with the red-haired female pirate, to train his other abilities.

Because Soran had gained a lot of information on his abilities during this period!

A row of data emerged:

“Fighting Experience!”

“You have successfully unlocked a unique fighting ability!…. You have learned something from the fights!…”

“After much training, you have mastered a new fighting skill, you have acquired a part of the information on [Sword Form: Spinning Strike]!…”

“After much training, your fighting skills have leveled!”

“You have acquired a part of the information on [Dual-wielding Defence].”

“After fighting on the sea time and time again, your fighting abilities on the sea has risen. The ability to balance and resist against the ship’s turbulence has risen!”

“You have acquired a part of the information on [Sea Combat].”

“After training time and time again, you have acquired a unique fighting skill.”

“You have acquired the [Dual-Wielding] skill!…”

“After self-training, you have mastered a unique fighting skill.”

“You have acquired a part of the information on [Blind-fight] skill.”

A total of five streams of data emerged.

Maybe it was because Soran was leaning towards being better prepared recently. So, the information on the skills came out all at once today.

Among them, the most important one was the [Dual-wielding] skill. Soran had already received the information twice. To master this dual-wielding skill, he had already spent quite an amount of effort. Followed by [Sword Form: Spinning Strike]’s information, this alert appeared because Soran was conscientiously observing Adele-Isabella’s fight and learned it while she was using the Spinning Strike skill. According to the current progression, it should not take that long to finish learning it.

After that was the [Dual-wielding Defense] skill. This skill’s notification already appeared once during the battle of the Swamp King.

Soran’s objective for the current training was to master the [Blind-fight] skill. And to master this Blind-fight skill, he had already shut his eyes during the battles. This had already lowered his ability to gauge his opponent and was unable to confirm their position. He had no choice but to switch to a more defensive form of fighting and gauge their positions from his opponent’s attacks. Then, launch a counter-attack. Unexpectedly, as a result, it ended up training the [Dual-wielding Defense] fighting skill. Before Soran got the information for [Blind-fight], he had gotten the information for that first.

“I finally mastered [Dual-wielding].”

Soran looked at his own data and let out a long sigh and said: “I’ve mastered [Dual-wielding], next I should be raising my profession levels to further strengthen my skills and abilities.”

Skill points were all very precious.

If time permitted, it was still better to train by himself and attain those basic skills that were fairly simple. Then, use the skill points to advance them. If not, it would be a pitiful waste of those skill points to be used on these basic skills. After all, these skills could have been attained through the increase in the number of battles. It might have been due to the cumulative fighting experience or maybe, Soran’s accumulation had already reached a certain extent. Recently, the rate at which he had received information alerts were faster than before. Regarding some of these basic skills training, the outcome had been quite decent.


There was a bit of commotion going on on the cargo ship next to him. Followed by the sailors shouting and more disruptive noises. Soran frowned upon hearing them. Then, he jumped lightly and landed on the deck across the sea directly.

There seemed to be something wrong here!

Soran could only give up advancing his profession level for now and come over to take a look. After all, no fights were happening for now.

“What happened?”

He landed on the deck and saw a sailor in front, then said in a grave tone: “What has happened? Why is there so much noise!”

Having heard Soran’s deep voice, the sailor on board the ship was so afraid, he shrank a little.

Throat Cutter’s name was now even able to stop the children’s cries in areas on the South Coast. When he saw Soran, he was a little afraid. At least a sailor at the side that was braver replied: “Your Excellency Throat Cutter!… Down there… There is a slave who’s sick down there!…. We are afraid that it might have been an infectious disease!…”

“We were going to throw him into the sea. But some slaves were frantically protecting him, not letting us near.”


When Soran heard that word, he was astonished!

When sailing out to sea, diseases were not funny. Sometimes even professions could not withstand them. In the case of sailing at sea, infectious diseases were like nightmares, which might eventually spread to the people on the entire ship. So in such a case, the other people usually threw the infected person into the sea, especially if the infected person was a slave. To prevent all the slaves from being infected, they might even put the infected slaves to death.

The medical skills in this world did not amount to anything!

The doctors specialized mainly in sword injuries. Treatments for diseases other than divine spells were only Druids who were a little more proficient in herbal medicines.

Here, the most common treatment for illnesses was hard resistance. If one could resist it, one would survive. If one could not resist it, then there were no other options. Although Priests could cure most of the diseases, ordinary people could not afford to pay for their exuberant fees. Even if it were a Good Spiritual Light Priest, they would not help others without something in return. Because there were just too many people in the world who were suffering and they just could not finish helping them all.

“Show me!”

Towards this batch of slaves, Soran was still more concerned about them. These slaves were the main labor force for his expansion overseas. If the entire ship died due to the spread of the infectious disease, it would have been troublesome. As his voice was heard, a sailor immediately bowed and lowered his head then led him down. The slaves were locked in the cabin. As soon as he entered the cabin, Soran smelled a foul smell, which made him frown slightly. Then he saw a large group of slaves locked in the caged cell. They were crowding in a pile. Their sleeping place and their excrement. The whole place was too smelly.

As slaves, their living environment must have been tragic. But in this sort of environment, it was no wonder that people were falling sick.

“Your Excellency!”

The supervisor who was dealing with the matter immediately bowed his head respectfully when he saw Soran, then raised his feet to kick his subordinate next to him. He smiled and said: “Having disturbed your Excellency! This little one deserves death!…. ”

“But there is a slave here who caught a disease. I’m afraid he will infect the others. Originally, this little one was going to throw him into the sea, but another slave said that his disease would not be transmitted. That lowly guy kept protects him from us, not letting us go over. At last, we could only teach them a lesson. Since your Excellency is here, this little one would like to ask your Excellency, what should we do with them. ”

These slaves were all of Soran’s assets.

The supervisor in front of him was just helping him transport them over. He was the representative of the Chamber of Commerce that came to flatter him.


A strong looking male slave raised his head. He looked like he had some Northerner’s bloodline, and pleaded in a dialect, “Sir! My brother didn’t get the plague!… He’s just a little sick!… He will never infect anyone else!…. I’ve taken care of him for three days before we got on the boat!… It’s just that it wasn’t as serious at that time as it is now!… You see, there’s nothing wrong with me now!… He won’t infect anyone else!… Please don’t throw him into the sea!…. ”

Bang bang bang!

The male slave, who looked like a Northerner, kowtowed quickly. Blood soon appeared on his forehead. However, his arms were still protecting the young man beside him. It seemed that he was afraid that they would take the young man away and throw him into the sea. There were no doctors out at sea. At most, there was only one man who had roughly studied medicine. They were short on means to deal with these diseases. Most of the time, when people on a sea voyage encountered diseases, they could only carry out simple treatments, and then rely on their immune system to resist anything.

As for everything in front of him.

Soran had no sympathy shown on his face. He was not a man full of compassion. He glanced at the Northerner slave in front of him and then gestured to the people next to him to break him off. The slave seemed to be a little afraid of Soran, but he still clung to the young man beside him. Soran roughly looked at him a little and saw that the young man that he was holding had seemed to have passed out. The young slave’s face was very pale, and he looked devoid of blood, and his breath was very weak. His lips were sickly red, and he seemed to have a high fever. On the surface of his skin was unnaturally dark blue.

“Take off his clothes.”

Soran frowned as he looked, then ordered the rest.

The two sailors at the side hesitated for a moment. Then cautiously proceeded closer. That slave seemed to want to stop them but was directly kicked down with a foot. Subsequently, they stripped the sickly slave’s clothes off of his body. Once his clothes were off, they were so shocked, they backed up a few steps. Because the slave’s back had ten over pustules that were the size of a fingernail. Some of these pustules had even rotted and even appeared to have dark yellow pus inside. There were other such small abscesses on his body, but the sizes were not as obvious as those on his back.

“Mang plague?!”

The supervisor jumped in fright, then stumbled five to six steps backward then stopped with an ashen face. He loudly shouted: “Quickly throw him down! Send people to get some lime! Hurry up and sprinkle some lime here!…”

“Faster!… What are you doing standing there!…. Faster get this guy!… No no no!…. Get both of them thrown into the sea!”

This supervisor seemed to have been too frightened.

After a while, he remembered that Soran was here too. He quickly lowered his head and bent his waist and wiped off his cold sweat then said: “Your Excellency! It seems like that slave has caught the Mang plague!…. It is a terrible type of plague!…. This disease is contagious!… Unless there is a priest who could perform divine spells, ordinary medicine can’t cure this disease!… If anyone caught this, their whole body would rot in the end. They would die a tragic death!…”

His words made the sailors nearby nervous, as most of their eyes turned to Soran.

They seemed to be waiting for his orders.

On the other side.

Vivian’s little figure came out of the cabin. She was wearing a snow-white princess skirt, and she raised her little hand to rub the corner of her eyes. Then she stretched out greatly and looked at the red-haired pirate beside her. She asked: “Where’s my big brother? Why don’t I see him?”

“His Excellency is on that ship,” Adele replied, bowing slightly.

As the head of the pirate leaders under Soran, she naturally knew the disposition of the little girl in Soran’s heart, and even other pirate leaders knew that she was very important in the eyes of the Throat Cutter. So no one dared to neglect her. Let alone when Vivian herself cast magic occasionally, it made them feel that she was unfathomable.

“Is it there?”

The little girl looked up at the sun, then tied her hair up. Subsequently, her lips moved a little, then her little body flew up and landed on the deck of the opposite cargo ship.

At this time.

She just heard crying pleas coming from the cabins.