Abyss Domination

Chapter 240 - Sailing Overseas

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Time ticked away.

Soran frowned at the nautical chart, then picked up a quill pen and drew on it. “Not here, not here!… There are monsters here!… The natives here are too strong!… There are only two places left! ”

Five or six positions were crossed in a row, and Soran had only two left in front of him.

Although these two locations were not the best places, they would be the easiest places to develop towns. Soran did not have thousands of professions under him to be dispatched. that is to say, the manpower he had now was not even comparable to the small and medium-sized guilds in his previous life. After all, most of the people who expanded overseas at that time were in grade three. Soran’s men above grade three were all pirate leaders. His only advantage was their high-end combat prowess. With Vivian’s and his strength, they could crush ordinary enemies.

“Islands, routes, natural ports, coastal locations.”

Opening up overseas is not just to find a piece of land and draw a picture of reclamation. It’s a dead-end act.

The core of Soran’s development depended on maritime trade. Hence, a natural port was essential. The location had to be coastal to facilitate transportation. Then there was the route. The route had to be relatively safe to avoid dangerous areas. It was best to have islands with freshwater for replenishing purposes or a transfer station nearby or some sort.

All in all, it would take seven or eight days to sail across the seas!

After all, the Overseas Islands were still overseas. A trip back and forth would take more than half a month.

“Looks like we have to see both places.”

Soran put the nautical chart away and was ready to get up to look at something else. But at this time, there was a rush of footsteps outside, and then a panting maid trotted over and said: “Your… Your Excellency!… She!….. She’s awake! ”

Soran was stunned when he heard it and exhibited a touch of excitement.

He could not care about anything else. Soran did not even leave through the door. He directly jumped out of the window, as if his whole body turned into a shadow, he rushed into the room at the back of the courtyard.

“Big brother!…”

Soran just walked into the room and Vivian crisply called out to him. Her expression seemed a little tired. After her small figure sat up on the bed, she raised her little hands and rubbed the corner of her eyes. As if she barely woke up, she said: “How long have I slept?… I feel like I’ve been sleeping for a long time again!… ”

“Five days.” Soran inspected her carefully, then asked, “Vivian? How do you feel?”

The little girl raised her hand to cover her mouth and murmured: “I slept for so long again?…. Hmm… I don’t know either!… It’s just that I feel a little tired. I feel like sleeping again!….”

Still sleepy?

Soran looked stunned for a moment and softly said: “Did you have any dreams?…. What did you dream about?!… ”


The little girl seemed to have remembered something. The cute little face of hers showed signs of recollection. She bit her finger a little bit. When Soran frowned and took her finger off her mouth, she stuck out her tongue. The little girl would bite her finger sometimes. It was a habit occasionally happened. She tilted her head and murmured: “I dreamt of a monster that was like an Octopus!… Big brother!… That big octopus was so hard to kill! I’ve smashed it into pieces, but I couldn’t get rid of it completely! ”

“Oh!… In the end, there was no way!… I could only cook it and eat it!”


Soran’s expression was a little dazed, but he recovered soon.

The dream was just the struggle of the evolution of Divine Will. Vivian did not eat Dagon’s divine consciousness, but during the process of fusing and consuming, it manifested the eating dream. However, it seemed like the little girl had grown up a lot. From the perspective of her ability to integrate a foreign divinity herself, her potential was really beyond estimation!

How much divinity did the Swamp King possess?

According to Soran’s estimation and the effects of the data statistics, the divinity of the Swamp King should not be as high as that of the Son of Fear. After all, the latter had a real bloodline of the Son of God. The Swamp King just had a little divine gift through the limited Abyss Demon Lord [Dagon]’s blasphemous ceremony. So if the Divine Points of Son of Fear was around 3 points, then the Divine Points of the Swamp King must be below 3 points, but it was only because he had a longer life, and his strength was higher than Son of Fear.

Then, the Divine Points of the Swamp King should be around 1 to 2 points, and the possibility of it being 2 points was very high!

It took Vivian less than a week to complete the integration of two Divinity Points worth of divinity, which was not slow compared to many demigods. Even if someone succeeded in killing a God in the future, it was impossible to absorb and integrate the divinity faster than her. Divinity was the most difficult part of a God’s power to integrate because it was hardest to be stripped off. But other God’s powers, such as the shard of divinity, were very easy to integrate. In the future, many new Gods relied on the Shards of Divinity to ascend into Godhood.

Their divinity was at most at the [Lesser Divinity] level.

A Shard of Divinity was a power that could be easily controlled. Even if you killed a God reincarnated Saint, you could attain some pieces of a shard of divinity. If you controlled some unique abilities and even understood a God’s power of the law, you could attain a complete Shard of Divinity. In Soran’s memory, there was a person who once integrated a [Lesser Divine Power]. The so-called [Lesser Divine Power] was the Lesser Shard of Divinity. The Divine Power was only the energy stored within the inner parts of the Shard of Divinity.

A huge part of the level of Divine Power was dependant on the level of the Shard of Divinity.

Because Divine Power had a power value, believers’ prayers would convert into a Divinity Points, which was the same as Mana after the collapse of the Magic Network!

After finishing what she had to say, Vivian could not help but stretch.

The little girl shook her little arms and legs, then dived into Soran’s embrace. Her little head arched in Soran’s arms, then she closed her eyes again. Within a few seconds, she went to sleep again. It seemed that after defeating the Ancient Abyss Lord [Dagon], her divine consciousness had over-consumed too much energy. She fell asleep so quickly.

This time, Soran felt a lot more at ease because Vivian was no longer in danger now. She was just too tired after the spiritual battle.

This time, she slept for two days.

By the time the little girl recovered from her spirit exhaustion and came to her senses, Soran had already arranged everything and was ready to set off for the Overseas Islands.

Soran made many preparations for the trip to the overseas islands this time. Including the food supplies and medicines of two large ships, weapons and tools of one large ship, as well as about 300 slaves. Some of these slaves came from the mainland, some from overseas, and some were even the children of those slaves. Although Soran’s plan required a large number of slaves to fulfill, the first step to expansion was never to bring too many slaves over. It was because they needed to consume food, and they needed to have people manage them.

If there were any diseases or accidents, when these slaves died, they would die heaps by heaps, which would cause a great loss to Soran!

This was the first batch of slaves.

As the manual labor of Soran’s overseas development, he would not bring over the second batch of slaves until the overseas expansion was fruitful.

For this operation, Soran had mobilized three large warships, three large cargo ships, and a ghost ship. However, the ghost ship was following, hidden beneath the seas. The others did not know the existence of this ship. Soran had not yet decided to publicize his mastery of the ghost ship everywhere. Only those pirates who had experienced the battle of the Swamp King would occasionally say that they saw the Throat Cutter summoning the ghost ship.

These sorts of things needed to maintain their mysteriousness anyway!

Port Tylon.

Soran stood on the bow and looked out into the distance. Then he ordered the fleet to set out. With the leaders shouting, six large ships set sail. There were a lot of onlookers near the harbor. Some were curious. Some were happy. Some were relaxed. Some were even rejoicing. Regardless, towards Soran assembling a fleet to head out to sea, many people were still inevitably curious.

Regarding these, Soran was not a tad bit concerned.

Because in the future, whether he could rise during the Avatar Crisis, would depend on whether this bet was fruitful or not!