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The room was a little stuffy.

Soran looked at the nautical map for a moment and stood up. He then opened the window and the cold wind blew.

It was not easy to find the right place to expand. Many large guilds of tens of thousands of people had all failed. They all had the same professions. Moreover, because of the reincarnation into the Styx River after three deaths, in their hearts, they were more afraid of death than the indigenous people in the storyline. But even if there were so many, there were still a lot of failures.

One could imagine how difficult it was to expand overseas!

He didn’t just have to deal with that, but Soran also wanted to explore overseas to seize this opportunity to grow to cope with the coming of the Avatar Crisis. Hence, the geographical location he wanted was even more special. He should not only deliberately avoid large numbers of indigenous people, but also avoid the influence of Amazonian people. Otherwise, these two powerful forces would not allow him to rise. Even if he had the identity of three Pirate Kings, it might not necessarily be useful either, because pirates could not ever defeat an army on land.

The cold wind blew for a while.

Soran beckoned and ordered, then a hostess brought in a basin of clear water. He washed his face and moved a little. Then he began to observe the nautical map. In his memory, the places where he successfully resisted the attacks by the indigenous people were marked to be established as the ports of the towns. These places had innate advantages, one or two of which had mineral advantages. Although Soran did not have long-term activities overseas last time, his memory of the locations of successful establishments at that time still left quite an impression.

“Here!… Here!… And here!… ”

Soran held a quill pen and made some changes. Seven to eight positions had been marked on the nautical map. They were basically on the coastline, many of which were more remote. The map was quite astonishing. There was no satellite positioning in the current world, and nautical charts were all drawn bit by bit through human exploration. Perhaps for Soran as one of the new pirate kings, this chart was just a matter to lay his orders, but for others, especially those businessmen who trade across the seas, this chart was worth a lot of money!

What was shown was not only the terrain of the Gulf Islands but the various safe routes as well.

At the same time, it also recorded the exploration of pirates in the deep-sea regions for hundreds of years, as well as the distribution of dangerous creatures in the nearby waters, and also recorded a small number of areas of activity for sea creatures with intelligence.

It could be said that for this nautical chart, businessmen would be willing to buy it even if it was five thousand Gold Derahls!

Soran would not sell it.

In this era, information was considered wealth. If he wanted to dominate the interests of the Overseas Islands, how could he have let the others explore? At present, the whole South Coast’s overseas trade was with the Amazonian region. They only dealt with the group of Amazonian women, so their profits were only roughly about threefold. But if they traded with the indigenous people, the profits of the trade could reach five or even more than ten times, and some simple items were likely able to be exchanged for gold from the indigenous people.

Dang dang dang!

There were slight knocks on the door, and the people outside seemed to be very cautious. They knew that Soran was thinking of some important things and were a little afraid of interrupting his thought process.

“Come in.”

Soran put down the quill pen, turned around and looked: “How did the things go?”

A sharp man with scars on his face entered the door. He had a scar on the side of his face, a scar on his forehead, and a scar on his chin. At first glance, he felt like a fierce man filled with fighting experience. His nickname was “Scar Face”. He participated in Soran’s battle to kill the Swamp King and was also the pirate leader promoted from the back. He controlled a large ship and two smaller ships and had recruited about 70-80 subordinates.

Soran was expanding the scale of his pirates recently!

He had brought together all sorts of gangsters that he could. At present, there were nearly 1500 pirates under his command, including about 560 who were under his direct command. In the current world, it was unable to gather tens of thousands of people on a whim. Because ordinary civilians were not of much use. The subordinates that Soran recruited had at least five years of militia training. The weakest of these fighters could knock down three ordinary adult men with his bare hands.

As for high-level professions, it was better not to think too much.

This world’s high-level professions were all managers of a region for powerhouses, and the worst was at least at the level of small-time leaders. Soran only had two-level four professions, and the others had the highest profession level of 12, which was about grade three strength. At present, there had been no Spellcasters recruited. These casters were usually showy and liked to put on airs. It was not easy to meet one, so Soran did not expect much of them. There were many ways for a Spellcaster to make money if they wanted to. They couldn’t pledge themselves to a gang of pirates because it was just too dangerous to be one.

“Your Excellency.”

Scar Face carefully handed over a stack of scrolls and said in a deep voice: “When I especially took some men to the City of Wealth, this was what I bought from the secret shop based on your orders. There are 27 Magic Scrolls in total. The Wizard in the shop said that since you bought so much at one go, there was a discount. It costs 26,500 Gold Derahls in total. ”

Speaking of this, Scar Face wiped his forehead a little and went on: “The goods of Snake Island have been taken off. Those crafty businessmen were willing to raise the purchase price a little and purchase at 50% of the market price because they were in awe of your reputation. So we brought back 21,500 Gold Derahls this time.”

He carefully handed over a list and swallowed his saliva.

That was quite a lot of money.

Twenty Gold Derahls was a pound. Twenty thousand Gold Derahls was a thousand pounds of gold.

He had never seen such a large amount of money before. If it were not for fearing the ruthlessness of Soran, he even wanted to steal some of it. However, this idea only surfaced for a while, and then he gave up that thought because Soran was now one of the three Pirate Kings. He thought that the future of serving under Soran was greater, and there was no need to lower his disposition in his Excellency’s mind. Last time, there was a man who stealthily swallowed the goods. When he was found by his Excellency, he was hung directly on the mast.

“Very well.”

Soran took a look at the list, and then looked at the thin man behind Scar Face. The guy shook his head slightly. A smile appeared on Soran’s face and said, “You did a good job! Take someone to go get 500 Gold Derahls. That’s for you. Go out and have some fun. We’re going out to sea in a while!”

Naturally, he would not let these men fool around. Every leader had his sights set on them.

If Soran expanded overseas, his connection with the mainland would be weakened. That was why he needed to prepare a lot of things, including the magic scrolls he needed to learn in the future. It was too expensive. It was easily hundreds of Gold Derahls a piece. If it was a high-grade scroll which was level five or more, sometimes one could be about 7,000 Gold Derahls. Although Soran was rich, he was not rich enough to just buy anything he wanted. Being able to amass around 30,000 Gold Derahls just to buy magic scrolls was already not easy.

Unless he gave up the situation on the South Coast completely, if not, he would have to transfer money around to maintain it.

These scrolls would last for a while!

Soran had not had the energy to replace any extraordinary equipment for the time being, because it was too rare and expensive. He did not need to wear any leather armor because of the need for casting spells. The demand for other equipment mainly focused on the most expensive rings, jewelry, ornaments, belts and so on. This sort of equipment easily required tens of thousands of Gold Derahls at any time. It was quite difficult to buy any of it. How would he have that much money?

There was no need to worry that money was inexhaustible!

This was still a coastal area. If you went to the Wizard City, any random Wizard on the street would have a personal wealth worth tens of thousands. Those casters who were even fiercer had even more than just that. In the Wizard City, if one went crazy on a shopping spree, one could even finish spending a few million Gold Derahls in minutes with nothing left. [One Wizard Tower.]

Soran could not head to the Wizard City for consumption. That was why he has yet to think about buying legendary equipment at absurd prices.

Scar Face could not help but reveal a trace of a surprise when he heard Soran’s reward. Although 500 Gold Derahls was not a lot, it was still a small fortune to him. Roughly dismissing his subordinates with one or two hundred Gold Derahls, then take them for around to drink and play with women. In the end, he would be able to swallow two or three hundred Gold Derahls by himself. The industry of piracy was one where the boss ate the meat and the subordinates drank the soup. The minions lived their lives in a drunken stupor. It was sufficient just ensuring that they had wine, meat and a little money to find a woman.

He nodded respectfully and was ready to turn away.

Soran put down the shipping bill, looked at the map, frowned and said: “Go visit one-eyed Jack, and ask him why has the batch of exquisitely forged military weapons I need not been delivered?”

“Have him deliver them within three days, or he will be thrown into the sea to feed sharks!”

Scar Face stopped when he heard the order. Then turned with a nasty grin on his face. He stretched out his tongue and licked his lips: “Don’t worry! I’ll go and have a look. I’ll make sure the weapons are delivered in three days. ”

Soran nodded contentedly and waved: “Very good, you’re dismissed.”

“Yes.” Scar Face nodded respectfully.

The strength of the pirates under Soran was a little weak. Although many pirates were not lacking in fighting experience and were very brave during fights, they had not much accumulation after all. It was necessary to rely on equipment to improve their fighting prowess.

These exquisitely forged military weapons were very important!