Chapter 235: Chapter 48 Compensation

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Ten minutes ago.

In front of the Sea temple, the Naga Siren priest stood in front of the goddess statue with a gloomy face. In her hand, she held the scepter representing the sea goddess. She was wearing a blue robe with strange patterns embroidered on it and a mysterious whirlpool-like emblem. In front of her was a familiar-looking Naga Siren guard, Soran had also seen him once or twice. The priest looked at the guard with anger and asked, “There’s still no news of Ashrod?”

The guard bowed and said, “Yes.”


The Naga Siren priest was so angry that she grabbed a silverware and threw it on the ground. Then she roared angrily, “how dare he! How dare he ignore me? How dare you ignore the power of the sea goddess! ”

The guard was silent. After a while, he said: “the sea goddess is becoming less receptive to our prayer. Many young priests have lost their divine abilities. There have been rumors among the Naga Siren people that the sea goddess is weakening, which made some of them have other ideas. ”

“Ashrod probably will not answer you!… He had now acquired the wealth of Devil Island!…”

“The Swamp King had accumulated a lot of wealth. Ashrod is said to be recruiting men now. He had even reached for the eastern coastal areas to attract the very dangerous Eastern pirates who believe in pagan gods.”

The priest was silent.

After standing still for a while, she turned and headed out at the temple.

The guard seemed surprised. He raised his hand to stop her, but he hesitated, lowered his head and asked, “Are you really going to meet the Throat-Cutter yourself? After all, he is just a human, an outsider! ”

The priest stopped, turned and looked at the guard expressionless. “What would you have me do then?” she asked.

“If I don’t go out to meet him myself, I will lose even my last ally. We’ve lost a lot of Waresharks in the process of fighting against the Swamp King. The Naga Siren royal family began to bar my influence in the group, and the sea goddess had not been responding to my prayer for the time being. Even you, who I thought was trustworthy, still let me down in the end. ”

“Instead, it’s a stranger who has been surprising me again and again!”

“If he didn’t kill the Swamp King this time, I would be in a more difficult situation. You are useless; only watching Ashrod take the wealth of Devil Island.”

There was a trace of shame on the guard’s face. In a low voice, he said, “I’m incompetent. But after all, he is one of the three pirate kings on the south coast. With my own strength, I could not have changed the situation at that time. ”

The priest did not say anything.

She only let out a sarcastic smile and looked at him coldly.

The guard hesitated for a moment, but said, “Your honor. If you go out to meet him in person, it means that the sea temple officially recognizes his identity. His position will become the same as yours. If you add that with the fact that he had killed the Swamp King, he would become a new pirate king! ”

“This will make him even harder to control!… In the future, he would also change the situation of the south coast!…”

The priest took a look at him and said slowly, “Would the situation on the South coast not change dramatically if I don’t go to meet him personally? You all have your own interests, even you. I may have been narrow-minded in the past, but now I can see clearly that he has more investment value and potential than anyone of you! ”

“He can even kill the Swamp King under such conditions.”

“It was probably a wrong move for me to want to control him at the start; this type of person cannot be controlled, as he is powerful.”

“In any case. Would he have problems becoming a pirate king if I don’t go and see him now?”

“In just three days, he gathered nearly a thousand pirates, and more and more pirates from the whole South Coast wants to join him; because he killed the Swamp King, and proved his strength. Why do you think he is bringing the body and head of the Swamp King with him?”

“He wants to force to admit his power. He wants me to recognize his status.”

“If I don’t bow down to him now, he may become my enemy. Everything is because of my mistake. I believed in Ashrod and you. I won’t make this mistake again. Go back to the deep-seas. Since you are hesitant to give everything to the sea goddess, then go back to the Naga Siren royals. ”

The priest turned and said in a cold voice, “Next time I will not be so merciful. I’m disappointed in you.”

“My brother.”

“You should make your own choice. Do not force me to kill you!…”

When the Naga priest said this, her eyes were cold and was as if she was looking at a potential enemy. Her figure left the temple. When she raised the scepter in her hand, the temple guards guarding the temple gathered together. They were wearing heavy armor and held a trident. This was not only their weapon but also a symbol.

The crowd split like water.

More than 30 temple guards opened a path in front of the priest as she made solemn progress towards the wharf. People who saw her along the way—whether they believed in the sea goddess or not—bowed down slightly to express their awe. She represented the oldest power in port Tylon. The Sea Temple was more important than any other faction in port Tylon. The Naga Siren priest rarely appeared outside because of her race, which was why people took notice.

The priest looked at the warship in front of her with a serious expression. She saw the leading warship of the Swamp King, the sewn corpse, seven or eight large warships and a large number of clippers. Such a force was almost capable of threatening the security of port Tylon. After all, the number of guards in any city in this era would not be too large. It would take too many resources to train professional soldiers. Farmers and people who trained in their spare time that had certain fighting skills could only be regarded as militia in this world.

Even all the principality of the southern seas had only twenty thousand professional soldiers.

However, if they included all the militia, their number would grow to around two million or more men.

Port Tylon only had eight hundred properly trained men.

Throughout the south coast, as well as the west coast, there were only 35000 regular troops in many cities. Soran had gradually accumulated such a force under him and was representing the rise of a new force.

“Your Excellency!”

The priest bowed her head slightly. She could hear the cheer around her which meant that they understood that she would give the man in front of her a high reputation. If possible, the priest would not bow to Soran, but if she did not bow now, she would lose a strong ally. She had to make a compromise. Even meeting Soran in person may not be able to satisfy the man in front of her.

That was because the priest saw something in this man!

That was ambition.

Soran’s heart had great ambitions.

This discovery made the priest feel a little bitter because she felt that she had missed an important opportunity. If she had not pressed so hard at first, to show her sincerity to a greater extent, and to invest more resources in the man in front of her, maybe things would have played out differently.

However, it was too late now!

If she had given him more support, then she would have gotten her reward.

But the situation was different now.

Now the man in front of her could forcibly demand things from her. He thought he deserved everything. That was to say that, even if she paid, it would only restore mutual trust and friendship.

Soran stood on the dragon warship.

He looked at the Naga Siren priest who bowed to himself, and at the people who were talking about it. At this time, Soran looked a little better. At least the priest was not stupid and knew that at this time, she should pay a certain price to restore mutual trust and cooperation.


This was not enough.

How could Soran forget the previous affairs because the priest had come out to meet him personally? It must be clear that the pirate king “Ashrod” robbed his deserved loot and plundered all the wealth on the Demon Island. The priest coming out to see him only meant that she was willing to negotiate. If she wanted Soran to forget about what had been done to him, she had to bring out real benefits.

He was not someone who cared much about politics.

Soran’s expression was cold.

Maybe it was because he had experienced a lot in this period of time, and had improved on his acting skills; especially after encountering so many difficult opponents.

Seeing the cold expression on Soran’s face, the priest couldn’t help but feel scared.

She realized that she had to pay a heavy price this time to restore the trust of both sides. The situation now was a little difficult for the priest as she had already come out to meet Soran. No matter what agreement the two came to, Soran would have gotten the recognition he deserved: his status as a pirate king.

After some thinking, the priest clenched her teeth and handed something to Soran.

“The Swamp King had died!”

Although it pained her heart, the priest did not express it. Priests had rather good acting skills, otherwise, they would not be able to lead a temple. She looked at Soran, then glanced at the pirates nearby, and said in a holy way, “you have killed the enemy of the sea goddess! The sea goddess will be happy to reward you! ”

“Please accept this.”

“This represents our friendship and our alliance to eliminate our enemies!…”

In an instant.

Soran’s cold expression changed like the spring wind melting the snow; that was because the priest gave him an irresistible compensation. Even when she revealed the intention of re alliance, he did not hesitate to nod his head. The priest gave him control of the ghost ship—Deadman’s Voice—which was an irresistible temptation to Soran; even more irresistible than the Earl’s heiress with beauty and wealth.

Deadman’s Voice!

A legendary grade ghost ship.

After using it several times in key battles, Soran understood its potential.