Abyss Domination

Chapter 233 - Divinity Integration

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Time Stop.

One of the most unnatural spells of the Wizard—a legendary spell that could crush other non-spellcasters. Its magic effect was very simple: it stopped time for a certain range, and then only the caster would be able to move freely at this time. Generally speaking, the duration of this state could last between 15 seconds and 60 seconds. At this time, other people would be in a completely frozen state, while the caster would be free to move. However, during this time, if the caster casts another spell or does physical damage to an enemy; the effects would only come about after Time Stop had finished.

That was why!

The Swamp King was chopped into pieces after Soran had retreated with Vivian.

Because Time Stop spell was too absurd, many people had studied ways to deal with it. The first and simplest was the monk. The legendary monk ability “Umbra Force” would make the user immune to any time-related spell effects. Even the god who controlled time would not be able to affect them. However, it was very difficult to learn and was a unique skill of monks. There were not many monks in the legendary realm and even fewer that had the ability.

The second way would be to escape the spell at the correct time.

The spell didn’t have a high range. Anything inside its effective range would be stuck; thus if a person could predict in advance the timing of the spell, then the person would be able to dodge the spell. Soran was most familiar with Shadow Plane teleportation; if he could enter the Shadow Plane at the moment before the spell, then he would be excluded from the spell. Soran’s body would enter the shadow plane; after the spell was over, he would come back to the material plane once more.

There were also many such abilities.

However, the key point would be to leave the current plane or current space temporarily, to avoid the effect of Time Stop. A Wizard’s Banishment, Chaotic Rift, and so on could achieve this effect, but they must have good judgment and very good luck. Even Soran had less than a 30% chance of success in predicting the spell.

That’s how scary spellcasters were!

If none of the above worked, then one could only rely on their own resistance. That person would have to prepare Spell Trigger Activation, which could trigger protective spells after it detects the spell. It was hard to say whether the person could survive Time Stop using this tactic.

Furthermore, it was useless to rely only on combat skills alone; a special ability would be needed as well, that was, ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Extreme Sixth Sense’.

[Note: even at Soran’s peak, he only got the ability “Sixth Sense”. He never got the more advanced ability “Extreme Sixth Sense”. ]

This was a harder ability to master compared to “Danger Sense”; not only did it need great Wisdom, but also other special abilities.

Because the effect of Time Stop was too overpowered, many people tried to simulate and solve it; some even tried spiritualizing themselves in advance, having multiple Spell Trigger Activation and so on. However, there was only one recognized way to achieve the best results, that was, to turn oneself into a demigod. From demigods to gods, all were immune to the spell Time Stop. Since they had their own domains, most of the time-related spells were useless against them.

That was why.

Time Stop was a crushing legendary spell to any creature that was not a demigod!

The Swamp King was dead!

Soran saw a strange aura emerge, which was not flying toward Soran, but it gradually integrated into Vivian’s body. A trace of divine brilliance appeared; it seemed that some mysterious and unknown power had been lost from the body of the Swamp King. Vivian’s beautiful eyes flashed a strange brilliance, which was as awesome as a god’s. The strange phenomenon only lasted for a while, and then he saw the little girl’s expression becoming sleepy. The little girl then looked up at Soran and said in a sleepy voice: “Big brother, I’m so sleepy.”

Immediately, she fell into a deep sleep.

Soran hugged Vivian’s petite body while dodging the javelins thrown by the enemy. As the Swamp King had died, the enemy soon began to break up, especially the enslaved Kup Toa, who almost immediately fled. However, there were still enemies left to fight, that was, the mixed-race descendants of the Swamp King. Soran leaped and landed on the ghost ship; he then put Vivian, who was sleeping, in a safe place.

The divinity on the Swamp King had been absorbed by her!

As the Favoured Soul of the demon lord of the ancient Abyss [Dagon], the Swamp King had divinity from the demon lord. Although the divinity was very weak and was given in a blasphemy ceremony; Soran was still a little worried about whether Vivian could successfully integrate it. He began to control the animated ropes on the ghost ship, killing the enemies who were still resisting one by one. When the battle finally ended, the sea was already bloody red.

“Your Excellency!”

The first mate came with the pirate ship. His expression was very excited. He had scars on his arms and abdomen. He said excitedly, “we won! The Swamp King is dead! You are now the new pirate king! As long as the news gets out, many pirates in the nearby waters will come to join us! ”

Soran was not very excited, he looked at the deck and asked in a low tone, “Casualties?”

The first mate was slightly sad and answered, “more than half are dead or injured. The second mate has died too.”

Many died.

More than half of the pirates Soran brought to battle had died or injured! These were all men he had just subdue.

However, the battle results were also very good.

Soran sank a pirate ship, captured two ships, but some of the enemies had escaped. Soran had no spare power to pursue the enemy; among them, were the Kuo Toa and humans. One warship had sunk to the bottom of the sea, and the other one had been pierced through the hull; it probably would sink soon. The only ship in good condition was the warship of the Swamp King. This huge warship was basically in good condition, but there were not enough people to sail it back.

That was why they could only tow it back with the ghost ship!

The night was deep.

Soran held Vivian and looked up at the skies; the stars were dim.

Soran then checked his data and went into deep thought.

“Activated Beheading attack!”

“Beheading successful!… Target killed!… You’ve gained experience in battle!…”

“You’ve gained more information about Sword Form — Behead.”

“In this battle, you’ve further mastered a battle skill. Sword Form — Behead!…”

“Activated Waist Chop!”

“Waits Chop successful!… Target killed!… You’ve gained experience in battle!…”

“You’ve gained more information about Sword Form — Waist Chop.”

“Experience of battle!”

“After countless battles, you’ve become more proficient in battle!”

“You’ve gained more information about Dual-wielding.”

In this battle.

Soran directly grasped [Sword Form — Behead], and obtained the information of [Sword Form — Waist Chop] and [Dual-wielding] for the second time. That was to say, Soran would be able to master two powerful abilities at the same time if the notification appeared again. Among them [Sword Form — Behead] Soran had become very skilled at it, while [Dual-wielding] still required some experience. If he could master [Dual-wielding], Soran would directly use the Ability Points obtained by leveling up to further master [Greater Dual-wielding].

In the future, Soran still had to somehow master [Legendary Dual-wielding].

By then, his attack speed would reach a staggering level when he uses two weapons to fight. It would be even possible to block bullets with swords if he pumps the correct attributes.

A day went past.

Just when Soran thought that Vivian would sleep for a long time after absorbing the divinity of the Swamp King, the little girl woke up the next morning briefly.

At dawn.

Soran was awakened by the little girl in her arms. Vivian opened her eyes and saw Soran. A sweet smile appeared on the corner of her mouth then she whispered, “Big brother. I had a dream. ”

Soran was happy that she woke up and asked, “What did you dream?”

“I dreamed of the Swamp King.” Vivian raised her little white hand and rubbed the corner of her eyes. She then continued, “that monster still wanted to fight with me, but I killed him again soon.”


“But after I killed it, there was another bigger monster!… It was like a giant octopus, but its head was strange like a strange fish. ”

“Hah!…I’m so tired…big brother…Should I also kill that giant octopus?…”

Vivian didn’t finish asking and went to sleep again.

Soran’s expression was rather surprised because he realized that Vivian seemed to be eliminating the consciousness of the divinity, which had never happened before.

In the past, Vivian would only wake up after Soran had destroyed the divinity’s consciousness.

This time, she was able to wake up after eliminating the divine consciousness. However, she seemed to have only eliminated the residual consciousness of the Swamp King, and not the remnant consciousness of Dagon.

This made Soran somewhat worried!