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Soran battled while also checking on Vivian’s condition.

Although he knew that Vivian might be stronger than himself, he still felt uneasy in his heart and would focus on the little girl from time to time. At first, her fighting style made Soran frown because the little girl just threw out spells out in a swarm; relying on her powerful casting ability and magic strength to crush the enemy. But then her fighting style changed again; after using the spell ‘Death Cloud’, her fighting skills began to become remarkable.

Soran thought it was a girl who quickly mastered the fighting techniques; little did he know that control of that little body had been exchanged several times in just a moment.

To the somewhat reckless girl, magic was just a machine gun.

The battle continued.

With a slight collision, a huge dragon head warship appeared near the ghost ship. Many Lizardman with a much stronger physique appeared, fighting with the Drowned on the ghost ship. There also seemed to be some strange looking Lizardman priests, who sang a strange demonic language.

“Turn undead!”

This was a basic skill of priests, any priests would be gifted this ability.

Turn undead had different effects according to the priest’s strength; it could directly kill the undead, frighten the undead, or deal damage to them. The Drowned were a special type of undead, so the spell only caused a little damage to them. However, some of the weak spirits were killed instantly. Turn undead could be used continuously, but Soran would not allow the priests the chance to use it again. Immediately, he activated his abilities.

“Greater Invisibility!”

“Slaughter form!”

Soran’s figure gradually disappeared, and then appeared behind an enemy in a flash, while his sword went through a Lizardman’s heart. The enemy, obviously experienced in combat, began to shrink the formation to protect the spellcasters. They gathered in a certain range to prevent Soran from approaching. It seemed that there were hybrid creatures of Kuo-Toa who were able to see traces of Soran, but even this could not prevent Soran from approaching.

“Dire Charm!”

A strange light appeared in Soran’s eyes. The legendary red cloak Soran acquired was activated for the first time in the battle. In front of him, a mixed-race fighter was confused for a while. Then, the fighter turned and slashed the priest who was rapidly casting spells. This attack not only interrupted the priest but also cut off half of his palm. The mixed-race fighter controlled by Soran attacked randomly, cutting down numerous of his companions—creating chaos.

“Evade Sight!”

“Shadow Jump!”

Soran was still very worried about the spellcaster. His figure disappeared and then appeared directly from the distorted shadow. In a flash, he killed the priest who was close to grade 3. Because the enemy couldn’t see his position clearly, it was difficult to aim at Soran.

Countless slashes were seen!

The mixed-race fighter who was affected by Dire Charm attacked his companions. Soran killed almost seven or eight enemies without much effort. At this time, the mixed-race warrior who was enchanted by magic was also hurt. Soran directly swung his sword and cut off his head. It was at this time that the figure of the Swamp King appeared. Although Soran had never seen him, he immediately recognized him at first sight.

“Finger of Death!”

Vivian, who was quicker then Soran, shot out a beam of red light from her finger.

The Swamp King got shot, but his figure only shook a little. Then, he slapped himself on the chest as if nothing had happened and let out an angry roar!

Soran shook his head. Vivian still didn’t have enough combat experience. Legendary fighters had very high resistance; so unless there was an absolute spell to suppress them, spells that activated the Test of Death were useless on them. Sure enough, the Swamp King was not affected at all. He was born with high resistance to magic and at the same time, was buffed by the Demon Lord Dagon; any death spell would hardly work on him.

“Blasphemous Aura!”

“Blasphemous Language!”

An evil field of energy spread, as the Swamp King grinned and opened his mouth to utter a blasphemous language, which seemed to have a special magic power. When Soran heard it, he was stunned, and a little lost. At the same time, a large amount of data appeared:

“Affected by Blasphemous Aura!…”

“The enemy has been blessed by the Blasphemous ritual; With the range of Blasphemous Aura, your spell immunity has -2!”

Affected by Blasphemous Language!…”

“Test of Will activated!… Test of Will successful!… You’ve resisted the shock effect!…”

Even though Soran was not affected by the spell, he was still delayed for half a second.

The huge anchor that the Swamp King held swung towards Soran; even Soran had no time to evade it and could only use his swords to block the attack.


Soran was pushed back.

Even though he had transformed and gained the buff of Draconic Strength, he was still pushed back by the Swamp King’s attack. Soran broke the wooden fence when he landed, he spat out blood and jumped up again.


The huge ship anchor was thrown out by the Swamp King. It turned out that there was a chain on the ship’s anchor, which was twined and connected to its body.

“It is too dangerous to go head-on against a Giant type monster!”

Soran gritted his teeth as his figure landed on the mast. He then turned into a shadow and rushed down. The Swamp King swung the chain and pulled back the anchor. Then it roared and rushed toward Soran. Soran’s figure twisted a little in the middle of the air, and he was able to step on the Swamp King’s arm to dodge his attack. The Swamp King was too big so he had bonus strength, but it also made him a little slow.


Fresh blood shot out.

Soran’s two swords crossed the Swamp King’s neck. However, it felt like cutting on tough dragon skin.

“Big brother!”

Vivian’s sharp voice rang out. When she saw Soran spitting blood, her pupils turned red immediately. Then a pair of small demonic wings appeared behind her. At the same time, a tattoo appeared on the side of her face. She suddenly opened her mouth and let out a sharp howl. All creatures nearby who were hit by the howl were all bleeding, many were even killed on the spot.

The terrifying sound waves spread out in all directions!

Vivian suddenly raised her hand and pointed to Soran’s back, only to see a strange black shadow behind Soran ready to stab him in his back!

“Maze spell!”

A strange dimension appeared.

The shadow that suddenly appeared behind Soran was swallowed up by the distorted space before it could make a scream, and then it was sent to a different dimension.


“Time Stop!”

Everything within 30 meters around Vivian—including Soran and the Swamp King in front of her—was frozen. The little girl’s eyes flashed red, and her expression seemed to be very angry. She growled in a sharp childish voice, “bastard!… How dare you hurt my brother!… I’m going to kill you! ”

The little girl’s expression was so angry that her eyebrows were almost at a ninety-degree angle.

Vivian raised the Sword of Annihilation that was as high as her, and directly slashed toward the Swamp King. As if not satisfied with a single slash, the little girl continued to slash at him seven or eight times. She gasped for air after attacking so many times; considering her age and physic, it was a tiring task for her to swing the sword so many times.

Time had recovered!

Soran seemed to have felt as if something had just happened, but when he was ready to continue to attack the Swamp King, he noticed that Vivian was standing in front of the Swamp King!

“No! She’s in danger!…”

Without even thinking, Soran rushed to her. He quickly grabbed her and retreated to the back.


Something heavy fell on the ground.

What happened was beyond Soran’s expectations. The Swamp King, who was rather tricky to deal with, was now divided into many parts. His body was covered with sword marks, but the sword marks did not exude any blood, because the blood seemed to have been broken down by some powerful force. The Swamp King’s huge body fell to the ground, and in the process of falling to the ground, it split into many pieces of meat.

How is this possible!

Soran was frightened by the situation; because, for him, it had only been one second, but for Vivian, it had already been 30 seconds.

The situation was beyond Soran’s understanding!


He quickly realized that only a spell could create such an effect: Time Stop.

Vivian had eliminated the Swamp King!