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Ashrod smiled gleefully and said in a deep voice, “How could I disobey the order of the priest? I’m going to Demon Island now! To take down the stronghold of the Swamp King! ”

“There’s ample wealth there! This will strengthen us further!”

“Aren’t I weakening the enemy too?”

“Rest assured. With the help of the ghost ship and Waresharks, they should not be defeated so quickly! We’ll come back to help them after we’ve taken down Demon Island! ”

Ashrod then let out a cruel smile.

He had long been dissatisfied with the new character. Now that the Swamp King had moved all his forces out, Devil Island should be empty. After taking down Demon Island and taking the wealth for his own, he would then turn around and clean up the Swamp King who would be weak. He couldn’t face the Swamp king right now, but he was sure he could deal with the Swamp King after he had heavy losses.

It fact, with that ghost ship there, even the Swamp King would find it difficult to deal with!

By then, he would have taken all the wealth in Demon Island, and killed the Swamp King.

With that, he would have made a great contribution to the whole sea temple. At that time, the priest would not even dare to punish him. Instead, she would have to reward him.

Ashrod squinted his eyes and murmured, “It’s time for that idiot priest to suffer! Otherwise, she will not pay any attention to me. ”

In the chaos of slaughter.

There was little tactic to speak of in this kind of sea battle at night.

The appearance of the Wareshark lessened the pressure on Soran. However, the group of sharks and Waresharks would not be enough to defeat the Swamp King’s men. Soran’s face was very gloomy, for he was sure that he had been played. Soran wasn’t sure whether it was the arrangement of Naga Siren priest or the other pirate king who wanted to take this opportunity to kill him. He didn’t think it was the priest. After all, the ghost ship and the Waresharks had appeared; so it was most likely that the other pirate king did not want to see him rise.

In any case!

Soran was now filled with anger and killing intent.


Soran ordered the ghost ship to move forward at full speed, pulled out two swords at the same time, and said in a deep voice: “Vivian! Get ready to fight! Protect yourself! We must kill the Swamp King! ”

A cruel smile appeared, but it was covered by darkness. She then said in a clear childish voice, “Big brother! Let’s kill all these nasty guys! ”


“Greater Magic Weapon!”

“Draconic Strength!”

Continuous rows of magic appeared. Some were on Vivian while others were on Soran.

The little girl was very fast in casting spells. She had added a series of buffs almost in an instant. The knowledge that Gloria had taught her at the beginning had come into play. At the same time, she had also added several buffs onto Soran.

The two flew up.

A row of data appeared in front of him!

“Affected by the Haste!… Your movement speed has been increased!… Your attack speed has been increased!…”

“Affected by Greater Magic Weapon!… Your curved swords have a +1 magic effect!… Weapons have extra energy damage!…”

“Affected by Draconic Strength!… You have gained +5 Strength, +5 Constitution, +5 Charm!… Your basic defense has a +4 Dragon Skin bonus!… You will be immune to sleep and paralysis effects!… ”

That was why a high-grade spellcaster was so powerful!

Vivian knew that it was impossible to deal with these enemies with only magic because there was a large number of them. Killing them through spells would be impossible. In this kind of battle, the real lethality would still be the melee attackers. The more powerful the enemy was, the less damage the spellcaster would be able to inflict; unless she was sure she could kill the enemy in an instant with ‘Finger of Death’ or ‘Wail of the Banshee’.

Soran’s battle capabilities were now off the charts!

Vivian’s “Draconic Strength” buff had directly provided him with 15 attribute points. With the help of Haste and Magic Weapon, Soran’s combat power almost immediately reached the state of his Slaughter form. If he transformed right now, he was confident he could take down enemies which were legendary or above.

“Sword of Annihilation!”

The next spell the little girl chanted made Soran’s eyelids jumped. He saw that the little girl reached out to the void, and then there was a crack in the space in front of her; just like a cut in space, she raised her white hand and drew out a black sword. The weapon was not a weapon of substance, but a weapon that twisted space and time. Vivian gently waved it and seemed that she was not used to it. She pursed her lips then said, “as expected, I still don’t like using a sword!”

“Big brother.”

“I’ve learned about battle techniques you know!”

A slash of darkness.

Vivian slashed toward a nearby Lizardman; in an instant, the weapon the Lizardman held turned into powder, then the armor on his body turned into powder, and finally, his whole person turned into powder.

It was almost like the spell, Disintegrate—the Lizardman had been completely faded away!

“This is a legendary spell?”

Soran couldn’t help swallow his saliva, then his figure flew out; waving the two swords he blocked most of the arrows that were flying toward them. Vivian’s sword seemed to have attracted a lot of the enemies’ attention, and many long-range enemies took her as their target.

“Tang, Tang, Tang!”

Soran had blocked eighty percent of the arrows with his swords. He was now capable of blocking long-range attacks with his sword.

Some of the attacks fell on Soran, but they were blocked by the spell Stoneskin. Some of the attacks fell on Vivian, but none even came close to her since she had already added an invisible energy shield. Because of anger, Vivian raised her white fingers, and then a series of spells flew out.


“Fire Bolt!”

“Acid Arrow!”

“Arcane Missile!”



A dazzling amount of spells were cast and one of the warships directly turned into a sea of fire. The little girl threw out more than ten spells, killing a large number of enemies in a flash. Because grease would not burn on its own, adding a fire spell would turn the whole ship into a ball of flames.

The power of a spell caster was shown in its full glory!

While Soran was skill killing enemies one by one, Vivian had taken down a whole pirate ship in one shot.

“Ah oh!”

The little girl put her finger on her lips then picked up the Sword of Annihilation again. She then murmured, “I’ve used up all my low-grade spell slots!… I was just about to have some fun! ”

The glow of a Dispel Magic was seen; it seems that the enemy had a spellcaster as well.

The little girl frowned and cast an AOE spell out.

“Death Cloud!”

A strange smoke appeared, and all the creatures in the area suffocated. Immediately some died because they could not pass the Test of Death brought upon by the cloud. Some enemies with high Constitution responded and rushed out of the range of the spell. The enemy spellcaster reacted too slowly and was also killed by the cloud.

It seemed that their Constitution was not high!

The spellcaster didn’t even have to chance to cast any spell and was killed immediately.

Constitution was important for any class.


A dull sound was heard, and then a huge dragon head warship emerged. It seemed that the warship had heavy iron sheets wrapped on the outside. On this huge and bizarre dragon head warship, stood a giant; it held a heavy anchor and looked at Soran with killing intent.

It was the Swamp King!