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Pirate king.

It was a title that shook the hearts of people.

If Soran defeated the Swamp King, he would be the new pirate king. In the future, this sea would be his territory, and many of his men would be promoted. Some may even have their own pirate ship in the future. Pirates were not a group who was afraid of death. On the contrary, they were a very fierce group of people; however, they would not fight battles they could not win. They knew how powerful the ghost ship was, and was more confident now that they saw it.

No one knew how this battle would end now!

However, if they won! Then they would become the most powerful pirates of the region!

Wealth, status, and power.

In the future, some of them may even be as powerful as the Seawolf, Narwhal and Killer Whale. Becoming a strong pirate, as long as they still obeyed the orders of the pirate king Soran!

Rows of cannon fire were heard.

The appearance of the ghost ship made these pirates braver. Although they couldn’t compete with the enemy in battle, they still fought back and killed any sea creature that came close.

On the other side, Soran was now in control of the ghost ship. This was something he traded with the Naga Siren priest.

There were many enemies around!

The Swamp King, of course, had many men under him. There were numerous enemies. This was not an easy war, because the fight between them had just begun. Soran stopped Vivian, who wanted to start killing, and said, “keep your spells! Spellcasters must not use up their spells in combat! You should only use them at critical times! ”

Vivian had many spells.

However, this was not her battle; plus Soran was not comfortable putting Vivian in so much danger.

“Animate Ropes!”

“Fire cannons!”

Soran ordered his undead to fire continuously, and at the same time, he controlled the ropes on the ghost ship. He entangled all the nearby Kuo-Toa and then pulled out his swords to kill them all. One of the most powerful things of the ghost ship was these ropes; they flew out like poisonous snakes and dragged the enemies nearby.

Soran had accumulated a good amount of Slaughter EXP!

If not to level up his abilities, he would have leveled up his Profession Level already.

But he still needed to wait some more.

Soran still had a few abilities which were on the brink of the max level. A little more patience and his powers would be maximized.

“What is that?!”

There was a little movement in the distant sea, then sharks came close at full speed. Strong Waresharks were also coming to the battle. They rode on huge tiger sharks and roared; then they dived into the sea and joined the battle against the Swamp King.

“Finally, reinforcements.”

Soran was relieved slightly and muttered, “Where are the Naga Sirens? The Waresharks won’t be able to defeat these pirates!”

Monsters that had many tentacles appeared; they seemed like mutant octopuses.

These monsters fought with the sharks in the sea. In an instant, blood spread in the sea. More and more enemies joined in the battle while many strange creatures controlled by the Swamp King also began to approach. At the same time, the voice of humans also came from afar. The Swamp King had many followers; these people were notorious criminals or pirates that no one could tolerate. They were more powerful than ordinary pirates, but also more cruel and dangerous.

“Damn it!”

Soran looked around and frowned, “why didn’t the Naga Siren reinforcements show up? What about the other forces promised by the priest? Where is the pirate king supported by the Naga Sirens? Isn’t he going to fight, too? ”

Soran was filled with anger!

Not because he couldn’t defeat the Swamp King, but the fact that he had been played!

Vivian seemed to have a repressed her desire to fight. She stuck out her little tongue and with a strange voice, she said, “Big brother! There’s a big monster over there!… Let’s kill it! ”

Soran who was still angry at the missing reinforcement did not notice Vivian who was acting somewhat strange.

In fact.

There was a trace of killing intent in the eyes of the nine-year-old girl. Her expression was rather strange; it seemed that the current scene made her feel excited and joyful. She took a deep breath as if she was very satisfied with the smell of blood, and then her little body flew up.

“Lilian! Don’t be reckless!”

Another voice rang in the little girl’s head and said anxiously, “you will be exposed like this!… Wait! You must learn to restrain yourself! ”

The little girl came back down to the deck and seemed to kick the ground discontentedly, muttering, “I hate this!… I want to kill all this rubbish! ”

Temple of Sea.

In front of the priest rose a seawater mirror, in which a picture of a battle emerged. The view was centered on the ghost ship. Her expression was bad, and she growled, “where is Ashrod? Why didn’t he join the fight! ”

The angry roar of the priest shook the temple.

The priest was filled with uncontrollable anger and killing intent. That was because all the work she had done was for nothing.

She had spent so much effort on Soran!

But at this critical moment, Ashrod, one of the most important reinforcements, did not join the battlefield. This was undoubtedly a betrayal for Soran, and all the agreements and solicitations at the beginning had become a joke. The priest was sure that Soran would be dissatisfied with her now because, at this critical moment, a reinforcement that she had guaranteed was nowhere to be found.

She was angry.

Very angry!

The priest was so angry that she growled, “damn you! Ashrod!… You dog of the royal family! How dare you disobey the orders of the temple!… I must punish you! I will kill you! ”

Everything was too late now.

She didn’t expect Ashrod, one of the three pirate kings, would betray her. Now she could only hope that Soran could defeat the Swamp King. Otherwise, she would not only lose someone she was trying to attract but would also lose plenty of Waresharks.

Her heart was filled with killing intent.

Not only toward the pirate king Ashrod, but also the Naga Siren royalties who supported him.

In another area.

A huge warship sailed. Standing on the bow was a tall man with scales on his face. He sneered and muttered, “that idiot priest! Did she think I would follow her orders? Supporting another guy to replace me? Or does she want to complete control of the seas? ”

Why would he help some stranger to defeat the Swamp King?

If the Swamp King was defeated, a new pirate king would be created; this was, without doubt, a new challenger.

“Only that idiot priest would think that everything is under her control.” Ashrod smiled and his eyes glowed. The goddess of the sea had not answered the prayers of her believers for a long time. This silence was an opportunity for many people.

On the warship.

A Naga Siren guard who looked afar asked anxiously, “What are you doing Ashrod!? Are you not afraid of the punishment for betraying the priest?”