Abyss Domination

Chapter 229 - Chapter 42 Swamp King

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Stars filled the night.

For some reason, the stars in the sky had become dim recently, which made many people feel worried. The stars in this world represented the gods, and the realm of gods was connected to the stars in this world. The whole multiverse could be connected by the star system. If one or two stars were dim, it may be caused by a struggle between two gods. However, since all the stars were dim, it made people panic.

However, only special people could notice this fact—ordinary people just continued with their lives.

“Your Excellency!”

The first mate of the pirate ship came over and said in a low voice, “we have entered the deep sea area. This is the territory of the Swamp King. He might attack us because we entered his territory!”

Soran gave him a cold look and said, “Continue on.”

The first mate was obviously shocked by his stare and immediately ordered the crew to continue sailing. At the same time, he prayed silently that they would not encounter the Swamp King. This pirate king had existed for a long time. With their strength, they couldn’t face the pirate king yet, let alone the legendary monster he controls.


The look-out shouted in panic, “There are ships nearby!…pirate ships!… Three ships!…No!…Five ships!…Its…It’s the Swamp King!… He’s surrounding us!…”

The deck went into a panic.

Soran, however, looked at Vivian and said in a low voice, “He’s finally here!”

His intention was to attract the Swamp King.

It was not Soran’s style to be passive, let alone when he now has several cards in his hand. If he killed the Swamp King, he would completely open the route connecting the outer islands, and at the same time, he would qualify to become a new pirate king. Although the south coast was only a corner of the world, it would still be a step up for him; as he would qualify to compete with the gods and temples.

“Prepare for battle!”

Soran’s authoritative order startled his crew. Then they began to move in a panic. It seemed that the authority he had accumulated over the past period had a good effect. The legends of the pirate kings were all over the south sea; they were not ordinary people, but monsters, mixed-race creatures, or legendary figures. Ordinary pirates would not have the courage to fight with them.


Soran took a look at the little girl who looked a little nervous. Not sure if it was true, after a few seconds, Soran thought that the little girl looked calmer, and there was an excited smile on the corner of her mouth. It seemed that she could not wait for the appearance of the enemy.

Her small body floated into the air as she said, “No problem big brother. Leave this trash to me!”

“Boom, Boom, Boom!”

There was continuous gunfire, and the sea around the pirate ship was splashed up. Only one shell managed to hit the ship, but it only grazed the deck. The pirates were still very chaotic. The lookout had already climbed down and someone nearby shouted in horror, “in the sea!… There are monsters in the sea! ”

Soran looked at the sea around them and gave an order.


A great cloud of fog appeared!

Not far from Soran, was a huge dragon head warship. The Swamp King let out a cruel smile as he stood on his warship; he was a giant mixed-race monster, he was half Swamp Giant and half Lizardman; that’s why he looked like a giant lizard monster, with scales growing on its body while having a humanoid form. Around him were a group of eerie looking lizardman, as well as other unrecognizable marine species.

The Deepsea Demon Lord [Dagon] loved to cultivate believers who had tainted blood; that was why his believers were mostly odd-looking creatures.

They were also somewhat dangerous!

“A load of trash!”

The Swamp King picked up a heavy anchor, which was the weapon he used. His body was strong, because of the demonic powers he received. He had the strength bonus of the giant subspecies, the agility, and protection bonus of the lizardman; thus even if he wore no armor, he still had very high defense. The weapon he used was a heavy ship anchor, which had crushing effects against any warrior.

In the whole south coast!

Not even the best Naga Siren warriors would dare to fight him head-on.

The Swamp King was a fighter.

However, it did not mean that he had no spellcasting abilities. Along with his special fighting skills, he also had demonic spell-like abilities. He was a dangerous enemy, and his only weakness was going into chaotic mode. He had inherited the chaos and evil of Dagon, thus killing would only make him even more insane. Even his subordinates would always have to keep a safe distance from him; because when that terrible weapon was swinging around, it would kill anyone who was close to it.

“Lizardman enter the waters!”

The Swamp King was not without tactics; after he saw the appearance of the fog, he ordered, “Let out the Stingrays, and Deepsea Lurkers

He was someone trained by the great Dagon.

The Swamp King had no divinity, but he could control some sea monsters. With the sound of water splashing, the lizardman dived into the sea. They were amphibious animals and had adapted to the sea environment. These Lizardman were important subordinates of the Swamp King.


The Swamp King looked at another battlefront and said in a deep voice, “why isn’t this trash attacking? Aren’t they afraid that I’ll eat them too? ”

This pirate king loved to consume living creatures, especially intelligent creatures.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Screams were heard, but it was not from the pirate ship on the opposite side, it was from the Lizardman that had just gone down. One of the Lizardman got up from the sea tremblingly, climbed up to the deck and said in a trembling voice: “below!… There’s something down there!… Monster!… There’s a monster down there!… ”

It definitely was not some simple creature.

On the other side.

Soran’s ship was also filled with frightened pirates. From time to time, pirates shouted: “Lizardman!… It’s a Lizardman!… Ah! Kuo-Toa!… Be careful! They’re close! ”

“What!… What is this!?…”

A roaring sound was heard. Suddenly, the seawater beside Soran’s ship separated from both sides. Then a dark mast rushed out from the bottom of the sea. In an instant, a warship of death appeared on the right side of Soran, covering part of the attack. The warship had creatures whose faces were more ugly and weird than the Lizardman; they were covered with algae and the smell of death. They attack pirate ships on all sides and sunk a warship directly.

“Ghost…ghost ship!…”

The pirates on the whole deck were stunned for a moment. When they found that the ghost ship was attacking the enemy, they immediately focused on Soran.

Soran nodded gently, then carried Vivian to the ghost ship close by.

A row of cheer was heard!

The first mate’s face was red and his eyes were full of uncontrollable excitement. He shouted to other pirates, “prepare to fight! Prepare to fight back! You trash!… ”

“Destroy them!”

“From today on we’ll be the strongest pirates of this sea!… His excellency will become the new pirate king!…”